A Glimpse into the Future.

*I don't own Jag or Harm or Mac *( If I did they would have been together a long time ago ) I got this ideal when I was watching Retreat Hell a few days and I could not get it out of my head.

0915 Zulu
Admiral Chegwidden's Office

Harm was filling in for the Admiral while he out of the country with the SECNAV. He looked up when he heard Petty Officer Tiner walk in to tell him that Col Mackenzie was there to see him.

"Send her Tiner."

" Yes Sir".

Mac walked in. 'You got a min Harm?'

" Sure Mac what's on your mind?" "

It's about the Willington case?"

"Ah what about it, I mean it's a straight article 32 right?"

"Yeah but, Bud wants to deal and there's more the enough evidence to take it to court martial."

"I think Bud knows that there is and just wants to see what you will offer him Mac."

Harm leaned back in the Admirals chair and it flipped out from him causing him to fall backwards to the ground, Mac was up and around the desk trying to see if Harm was ok.

"Harm, Harm can you hear me?"

Harm opened his eyes and shook his head. He saw Mac leaning over him.

"Oh Harm you gave me quite a scare there for a min; I thought you were really out cold."

She took his hand to help him stand up, Harm's eyes grew wide when he caught a glimpse of Mac's abdomen.

"Ah Mac when did this happen?"

"When did what happen?"

"This?" he said gesturing to her middle.

"Oh the baby come on Harm don't act all shocked you know good and well when it happen."

But Harm looked more confused, and started to rube his head.

"I guess I hit my head harder then I recall Mac."

"Here let me look."... She walked to the backside to look about his head... "Well husband dear it does look like you have a knot on there, maybe we should take you to the hospital and have it checked."

Husband dear had Harm heard her wright, when did they get married .He looked at his left hand and it was true, he is wearing a white gold wedding band. Mac walked over to the door and told Tiner to go get Harm an ice pack and some aspirin. She walked back to him.

"Harm honey do you feel dizzy or light headed?"

"No just a bit confused, Mac when did we get married and when did the baby happen?"

"Harm we have been married a little over a year, it happen after Australia, on the ferry we finally where able to admit how we felt about each asked me to marry you at the surface warfare ball,with a single red was beautiful you gave me your grandmother and mother's engagement ring. We were married 2 months later."

"Um Mac how far along are you?"

"8 months, Harm are you sure we don't need to go to the hospital? You are really starting to worry me?"

Tiner walked in with the ice pack and aspirin.

"Here you go Ma'am."

"Thank you Tiner,I will take care of the Commander from here. Close the door Tiner,"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Mac I'm fine really just a bit confused about some stuff that's all."

"Harm I think we should go have your head looked at. I mean you don't seem to be able to remember our wedding, me getting pregnant."

" Ok fine Mac we will go to the hospital if it will make you feel better, I don't want to worry you." "Good flyboy I will go get the car." She gave him a lite kiss on his lips and turned to waddle out of the office.

A few minutes later Tiner appeared,

"Sir Col Rabb asked me to make sure you went downstairs so she could take you to have your head looked about."

"Did she Tiner!"

"Yes Sir, but if you would prefer that I remain here Sir you can order me too."

"Thank you Tiner, go back to your desk. I think I can walk downstairs on my own."

"Yes Sir I'm sure you can Sir."

"Now Tiner go."

"Yes Sir Aye Aye Sir."... Harm stood and picked up his cover and head down to the parking lot.

1100 Zulu
Bethesda Naval Hospital
Bethesda ,Maryland

"Well Commander it looks like you have some slight swelling around knot but I'm not too worried. You will have some short term memory loss. But it will return in time."

"Thank you Doc,' Harm replied.

"Doctor is there anything we can do to get the memories to return faster?"

"Well Col you can talk to the Commander about the past show him pictures. That always helps."

"Thank you Doctor." Mac said...

"But Commander if the headaches continue or get worse I want you to come back and we will run the tests again to see if we missed anything. Just keep taking aspirin for the headache the knot should go down in a few days."

Harm and Mac walked out of Bethesda hand and hand.

"Mac I'm sorry I worried you, you don't need stress right now."

"Don't worry Harm myself and baby Rabb are fine, we are just worried about daddy."

"So I take it we don't know what the baby is?"

"No we don't, we decided to wait. But we do have names picked out. Harmon Matthew Rabb after your dad and my uncle Matt and Sarah Rose Rabb after your grandmother and we decided on the rose part, cause we met in a rose garden."

"I like the names, we did good."

Harm and Mac reached Harm's Lexus, before they got to Harm pressed Mac against the side door and took her into his arms and kissed her .As they broke apart Mac looked into Harm's eyes.

"Hey sailor what was that for? My own way of saying I'm Sorry for worrying you."

With that they got into Harm's car and headed back to Jag.