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1942 Zulu
Bethesda Naval Hospital
Bethesda, Maryland

Harriet walked over sitting down in the chair next to Mac; she placed her hand on her back. Mac looked up her when she felt the warm hand on her back.

"Oh Colonel, I am so sorry when the hospital called us we didn't know what to think, we just dropped everything and ran here. Bud is parking the van and will be in shortly. He called the Admiral to let him know what has happen."

"Thank -sniff-you Harriet." Mac said trying to bring her tears under control. "Oh Harriet everything just happen so fast,-sniff-we were just walking home-sniff-from the park. We thought the fresh air-sniff-would do us all some good. I didn't see the car, Harm did he pushed us….Oh God Harriet, what if he doesn't make it? How am I going to raise this little girl without her daddy, how am I going to go on without Harm. I love him so much. (Mac was crying harder than before)

Harriet took her friend in arms and just let her cry; she had been through a shock and needed to let everything out. That's how Bud and the Admiral found them. The Admiral took the seat next to Mac and Bud took the one next to Harriet.

"Mac have you spoken to Harm's parent's yet?" The Admiral asked so he would know what he needed to do next to help out Mac. Mac looked up not even realizing Bud and The Admiral were there.

"Umm…No Sir…I haven't called them yet…I should probably do that now." Mac started to get her phone, but then she realized she didn't take hers with her when they left the apartment, Harm had taken his with him.

A Nurse entered the waiting room area carrying a hospital bag in her hands.

"Excuse me I'm looking for Mrs. Harmon Rabb." Mac looked up towards the Nurse.

"I'm Mrs. Rabb."….The Nurse walked over to Mac and handed her the bag..

"These are your husband's personal effects Ma'am." Mac looked at the bag.

"Thank you." Was all she could manage to say, she opened the bag taking out the contents. Inside the bag was Harm's Wallet, his dog tags, cell phone, his Naval Academy Ring and his Wedding Ring. Mac attached the wedding ring to his dog tags and slipped them around her neck.

"Mac my I check Harm's phone and see if I can get his parent's number out of it." The Admiral asked Mac who was just clutching the dog tags and wedding ring.

"Yes Sir, that's fine Sir." She handed the Admiral Harm's cell phone. The Admiral took the phone and walked out to the hallway. Mac was snapped out of her haze by the sound of her daughter crying. She reached into the crib and picked her up, realizing that she needed to change and feed her. Mac looked into her dipper bag and pulled out a fresh dipper, baby whips and a changing pad. She moved over to the sofa and laid her little Rosie down and changed her dipper. She asked Harriet to look into the bag and get out the last bottle she had in there. Harriet pulled out the bottle and handed it to Bud telling him to see if he could find a Nurse to warm it up.

"Thank you Harriet for everything tonight, I'm sorry I didn't even ask you were little A.J. is?"

"Micky is in town, so we left A.J. with him. Ma'am I'm sure the Commander will be ok."

"He has to be Harriet, he has to be." Bud walked back in with the baby bottle in his hand, he handed it to Mac. She picked up Rosie and fed her. The Admiral walked back in to the waiting room.

"Mac I spoke with Harm's mother, she and Frank are going to be on the first flight out in the morning. She wants you to call her as soon as you have spoken to the Doctor."

"Yes Sir, Thank you for calling her for me Sir." Mac finished feeding Rosie and laid her back down in the crib. Mac sat down in the chair next to her daughter, right now she was the only connection she had to Harm, she stroked her little cheek with her finger.

Commander Williams walked into the waiting room; he walked over to Mac she was sleeping in the chair next to Rosie. He gently woke her up.

"Mrs. Rabb I need to speak with you about your husband's surgery." As soon as she heard his voice she was awake.

"Is he going to be ok Commander Williams?" Mac asked…

"First I need to know if it's ok to speak in front of the others in here."

"Yes yes it's fine they are family, please contiue." Mac was desperate she needed to know about Harm.

"I want lie to you, it was touch and go there for a while. We had to remove a small part of the spline in order to fix the tare. The broken arm we set with pins and placed in a cast. As for the concussion I want know anything until he wakes up, but I am very hopeful. He has been moved to recovery and should be waking up in about 30-45 minutes. I do expect him to make a full recovery. He was very lucky it could have been a lot worse.

"Can I go see him now Commander?"

"Yes you can go sit with him till he wakes up if would like to Mrs Rabb."

"Don't worry about Rosie Ma'am, we will watch her for you. You go take care of the Commander."

"Thank you Harriet, if she wakes up please come get me I will need to feed her."

"Yes ma,am I will." Harriet looked over to sleeping Rosie..

Mac fallowed Commander Williams back to the recovery room where Harm had been taken to. She walked into the room and over to the bed. She took in the sight of her sailor, he was so pale and looked so tired even as he slept. Mac noticed he had a cut over his eye, she lend over the bed to place a kiss on it. He was cold to the touch, she took his free hand in hers, and place it on her heart.

"You gave my quite a scare tonight Sailor, you aren't allowed to do that. See I have plans for us, remember we talked about a house, a puppy for Rosie. Oh and a big bathtub for just us. But I need you to wake up and come back to me. To remember everything, just open your blue eyes for me. That's all I'm asking Harm just wake up. Come back to us, open your eyes.

Harm could hear a voice telling him to wake up, he slowly opened his eyes and found himself looking into the eyes of his Sarah.

"Sarah where am I?"

"You are in the Admiral's office Harm, you fell backwards out of the Admirals chair. Let's get you up off the ground."

Mac helped Harm stand up and sit back down in the chair.

"Sarah how long was out for?"

"Just a few minutes, Harm are you sure you're ok? You keep calling me Sarah."

"Well that's your name Sarah Rabb."

"Harm why would you think my last name is Rabb for, we aren't married."

"Yes we are and we have a daughter named Rosie."

"Harm are you sure you're ok?"

"Yes apart from a headache, I'm fine Sarah."

"OK Harm I want you to listen to me very carefully, we are not married and we don't have a daughter named Rosie."

Harm was confused had everything just been a dream, or was it a glimpse at what his life could be if he would open up his heart to Mac. He knew how it felt to have Mac in his life, and he wanted that now more than ever. He remembered it all.

"Harm… Harm…" Mac was worried about Harm, he seemed so far off, and why had he thought they were married and have a daughter. They had just been talking about the Willington case. "Harm I think I'm going to take you home."

"Yeah that sounds good to me, I think I need to rest and clear my head."

"Ok Why don't I meet you in the parking lot.. ok." Mac wanted to make sure he understood.

"Ok I will meet you down there." Harm said, he watched Mac walk out of the office, had it really all been just his mind playing a joke on him, but it all seemed so real to him. He knew one thing for sure. Now that he knew what it felt like he was damn sure going to get his life with his Marine.