History Bites: Postscript

Though the technicians noticed the new crate in the freezer, a quick check of the accession number in the database showed the contents to be "Mastodon mummy, frozen, possibly contaminated. Do not thaw. Seriously, dudes." So they left it be, content to let the cleanup be someone else's problem.

And so it remained, the mastodon locked in its prison of ice, forgotten in the dark.


A crack.

Light. Light in the endless dark and cold. And noise. Whirring, and metallic. Glowing eyes in the dark.

"Kraang is correct. The stasis cannon is successful in the preserving of live test subjects for further tests."

"Kraang is correct that Kraang is correct. Kraang must now do that which is known as 'paying up.'"

"Kraang can do that which is known as 'bite me.'"

And as the robots continued to argue, a soft, high-pitched giggle drifted through the ice.

He would finish his thesis someday, and carve the citations into those turtles' shells. Because doing it on a computer was just so mainstream….