My first Resident Evil FanFiction. This is a Claire/Kmart story about sisterly love. Might continue. Set before Extinction. My take on how Claire and the other found Kmart. Enjoy! Please review!

Dahlia, at fourteen years old, has been on the run for five days. Her family had been killed by zombies. She managed to escape by climbing out of the bathroom window. She was now running for her life. The undead were slowly chasing her through the desert streets of Nevada. She ran with a limp because she had a gash on right leg from hopping over a barbwire fence. It continues to bleed making her feel weak and also attracting the undead. Dahlia looked ahead and saw a K-Mart store half buried in the sand. She needed to hide and figured this would be a good place. The sliding doors were closed. Dahlia started to panic because a few yards away, the undead were approaching. She was able to slide her fingers in between the cracks. With whatever strength she had left, she managed to open the doors. She slid inside and ran through the store leaving a bloody trail. She need to find a small space, somewhere to hide. She enter an 'Employees Only' room and found a small cabinet. Taking everything out she squeezed inside and shut the doors. She felt lightheaded and dizzy from lack of food and water. Her leg still bled and she thinks her ribs are broken from god know what. She's fallen so many time while on the run. Focusing on her breathing and closing her eyes, she hears the undead shuffling through the store, and she know this in the end.

She must have passed out because the next thing she knew, gun shots were being fired. She heard voices in the background and knew there were people out there. Dahlia slowly made her way out of her hiding spot. Opening the door she saw a woman on the ground fighting off the undead which were on top of her. Dahlia saw the gun on the ground. Picking it up she yelled. "HEY!" When the zombie looked up she fired. Hitting it in the head. The woman on the ground got up and ran towards her. But before she got there, Dahlia empty what little contents were in her stomach.

"Are you ok?" the woman asked. She brushed the hair from the girls face. "Are you bitten?"

"No, I'm fine." Dahlia replied. She followed the woman outside and joined two other men.

The darker man turned towards them. "Is that the only the survivor?"

"Ya! Little shit has a good aim. Took down an undead."

"Good job," the other man said. "I'm Carlos. This is LJ and that's Claire." He pointed at the women by her side. "What's your name?"

"I never liked it." Dahlia replied.

"I never liked my name either." LJ said. "Well lets see. How bout Kmart?"

"I like it!" She smiled. Kmart. That's perfect.

"Great! We better hit the road. Those motherfuckers could be back." LJ said.

"Alright! Let's go. Kmart got join the others on the bus." Claire demanded.

"No! I want to go with you." Kmart hugged the woman. She felt safe with her and didn't want to leave.

"But..." Claire went to respond.

"Ya Claire, she wants to go with you." LJ laughed. Claire never had anyone be attached to her. She rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Ok, you can come with me." She saw the girl smile. Everyone made there way to their vehicles and drove off. Claire kept looking at the girl in the passenger seat. She was quiet. After driving for a few hours, the group pulled over to sleep for the night. Claire got out and did her usual routine. Have Mickey and Carlos set perimeter, have LJ start a fire, and check to see how much gas was in the tank Chase was towing behind his truck. She made her way to Otto's bus where her handed out food. "Hey got some cream corn?"

He shook the cans. "Here you go."

Claire opened it and saw it was cream corn. "How do you do that?"

"It's a dieing talent." He continued to hand out food.

Claire made her way to her companion in the hummer. "Hey Kmart, I hope you like cream corn!" She opened the passenger door and Kmart fell out, unconscious. "Oh Shit! Carlos! Betty!" She yelled. Claire help Kmart back into the car and noticed her leg was this ugly purple and green color. Carlos and Betty came from behind.

"What happened?" Carlos said.

"Her leg. It's infected." He gave her a worried look. "No I mean from the cut!" She went to the back of the hummer and opened it up. She then had Carlos lay her down so Betty can look at her leg.

"It's infected." she concludes. Claire's heart dropped. "But don't worry, it's not bad. I have the stuff to fix it." She went to the ambulance and came back with a bag. She went to work on Kmart's leg.

Claire was pacing back and forth and Carlos was observing her. "I guess you have a soft spot for her."

Claire glared at him. "No I don't!" He didn't believe her. "Fine! Yes. She grew on me. I never had anyone look up to me. So ya, I care for her."

Carlos smiled. "Well it looks like you have a little sister." He gave Claire a pat on the back. "She'll be fine." He turned back to camp.

Betty finished and packed her things. "She's lucky we found her in time or she wouldn't have lasted." She went back to her car.

Claire moved Kmart into the backseat when she started to wake. "How do you feel?"

"Uhhh...My leg hurts. What happen?" She looked at her leg which was propped up in between the front seats. It was wrapped up in gauze and had blood stains.

"Your leg was infected because of that cut. Why didn't you tell me? I could have lost you!"

"I'm sorry." she started to cry. Claire panicked.

"It's Ok." She whispered. "It's Ok." She rocked her back and forth to calm her down. "Hey, I got you something!" Claire reached forward and grabbed the cream corn. "I hope your hungry." She saw Kmart give a huge smile and took the can. Claire watched as she scarfed down the food. After a while, Carlos came by and said everyone was heading to sleep before he too left. "Well, I think you should rest."

"I can sleep!" she cried. "If I do, those motherfuckers will come."

"Ok first off, watch the language. And second I'll stay right here and make sure your safe." Claire moved so Kmart was resting against her chest.

"I love you sis!" Kmart said before falling asleep.

Claire smiled and actually let a tear fall. "Love you too...sis!" She kissed the top of her head before drifting off to sleep.