Hey Y'all! Sorry it took me so long to update. With finals coming up, it's been crazy. So anyways, here's another story about Claire and Kmart. It's still set before Extinction but probably in the next few chapters later on I'll catch up with the movie and bring in Alice. Enjoy and Please Review!

Description: Checking to see if the rest stop is clear, Claire finds herself in trouble. When she falls and hits her head, she find herself in a place that she doesn't want leave. Will she stay or will Kmart convince her to come back?

Driving, driving, and look, more driving. That's all they ever did. Claire and Kmart sat in the hummer and lead the convoy to another rest stop. Kmart was in the passenger seat playing with her sling. It has been about a week, give or take, and her dislocated shoulder hasn't fully healed. She looked at Claire and decided to break the silence. "Do you miss you family?"

"What!" Claire gave her a questioned look. "That's random. Why do you ask?"

"I don't know, I miss mine." Kmart looked down at her lap. "I wish I could she them again."

Claire's heart broke. She felt sorry for Kmart because she had witnessed and lost her whole family. Claire sighed. "I miss mine too. If I had a chance to be with them again, I would do it in a heartbeat. I wish..."

"Claire, come in." Carlos said through the talkie.

"Ya Carlos, what is it?"

"LJ was looking through the binoculars and saw a spot with about 3 stores. You see it, up ahead?"

"I see. You guys want to stop there?"

"We don't know when there's another stop and it's getting dark."

"Alright. Let's go!" Claire turned and headed for the stores which were a Burger King, 76 Gas Station, and a Liquor Store. They pulled up and stopped about 100 yards away. Claire grabbed the talkie. "Ready to check it out?"

"Ready!" Carlos, LJ, and Micky all responded.

Claire loaded her gun and turned to Kmart. "Keep quiet and..."

"Stay her. I know, I know."

Claire smiled and kissed her forehead before exiting the hummer. She and the others slowly make their way to examine the stores. Carlos took Burger King, LJ and Micky went to the Gas Station, and Claire went to clear the liquor store. She went inside and heard shot coming from the others.

"Clear in here." Carlos said.

Claire walked up and down the few isles there were and found nothing. She was about to claim this place clear until she heard something on the roof. She figures that someone manage to trap one there. She exited the store and saw LJ and Micky. "I think there's one on the roof." She pointed. "I'm going to go see." She found the ladder and climbed up. She reached the top when 3 zombies ambushed her. "Oh! Shit!"

"Claire!" Carlos yelled. He motioned LJ and Micky to join him.

Claire dropped her gun in the struggle. "Dammit!" She backed up until she was on the the edge. She saw Carlos.

"Claire!" He shot one undead. But he wasn't fast enough because Claire was tackled by a zombie and fell over the edge. "CLAIRE!"

Kmart looked out the window when she heard Carlos. What she saw made her heart stop. "CLAIRE! CLAIRE!" She jumped from the vehicle and ran to her sister.

When Claire fell, she landed, hitting head first, on a broken down car. She rolled off and fell on the ground.

Kmart cried and slid on her knees next to Claire. Using her good arm she turn her over. "Claire! Claire!" She sobbed. "Claire! Pl...Please wake up!" She was shaking her shoulders.

Carlos joined Kmart. "Oh God!" He bent down and checked her pulse.

"Is...Is she..." Kmart whispered.

"No. She's alive." He turned Claire's face so it faced him and saw a gash on her forehead. Thunder came from the skies making him look up. "We need to get inside and set up camp." He scooped up Claire and took her into the gas station. He set her on the cleared off counter. He felt Kmart shove him over so she can be next to her. LJ and Micky came in. "LJ, help Otto get everyone settled. Micky, I need you to get Betty." He ordered.

Betty came inside with her medical bag. "Oh know!" She came up behind Kmart. "Sweetie, I need you to move so I can check her head." When she saw Kmart nod, she took out her supplies and began working on Claire.

Claire opened her eyes. Her vision was blurred and her head was killing her. "Uh...What happened?" She moaned.

"You tripped over the rug and fell." A woman said.

Claire shot up. She knows that voice. She took in her surroundings and saw she was home. Her home. She turned to the women sitting on the coffee table. "M..Mom?"

"Hey Claire. How do you feel?" She brushed her thumb against Claire's cheek.

"I...How...Where am I?" She's still confused.

"You're home. You came to visit and you were walking when you tripped. You've been out for a while."

"Honey, where's the...Oh, Claire. You're awake." Her father came from the kitchen.

Claire jumped to her feet and backed away. "This...This isn't real!"

"Claire, sweetie. What's not real?" Her mom said, worried.

"I...There was an invasion. The undead." She tried explaining. Then she remembered. "Where's Kmart?"

"Kmart!" Her father asked.

"She's...She..." Claire felt dizzy. Was everything a dream.

"Claire," Her mom said."Kmart is a store, not a girl. And it's on main street."

"I think my little sis has gone crazy."

Claire turned to the front door. "Chris?"

"The one and only." He closed the door. "So, what happened to Kmart?"

Claire had no idea what the hell was going on. The convoy, the undead, Kmart, never seemed to happened. Right now, she doesn't care. She was home, with her family. "Never mind. I just had a crazy dream." She laughed.

Back in the desert, Betty had finished stitching Claire's head. It's been 3 hours and Claire had no signs on waking up. Betty's concerned that she's in a coma but would not tell Kmart, who is taking Claire's accident the worst.

Carlos came in after checking on the rest on the convoy. He saw Kmart sitting next to Claire. She held her hand and was staring at her. Just staring. In hopes that Claire would open her eyes. "K, you should get some sleep." He said in a calm voice.

"No! Someone needs to take care of her." She gripped Claire's hand tighter. "I...I can't...She...has to wake up!" She let her head fall on Claire's stomach and sobbed. "Please. Please wake up!" She cried.

Chris and Claire were wrestling in the living room. Acting like little kids. "I'm gunna kick you ass, bro!" Claire laughed.

"In your dreams sis!" Chris joked.

The continued to play around until Claire her a voice in her head. "Wait stop." She ordered her brother.

"Give up?" He smirked.

"Hell no!" She concentrated on the voice. "Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"That voice. Someone's talking." Great another one of her episodes.

"Are you sure you're OK?" Chris asked.

"I don't..." She looked at Chris and saw her parents come from behind him. She zoned out and concentrated on the voice in her head.

"Please wake up Claire!" Kmart cried. "You have to come back. You can't leave me. You promised. YOU PROMISED!" She yelled.

"Kmart!" Claire said to herself. "Fuck! This is a dream!"

"Claire?" Her mother said.

"This isn't real!" Claire pointed out. "All this. You, dad, Chris, it's all a dream. Dad, you and mom are dead. You were killed in the invasion. And Chris, I don't know where you are. You went missing." She started to cry.

"We know." He dad said.

"You knew!"

"Yes, and we want you to stay, with us. We can live her, together." He mom begged.

"I..." The voice came back.

"I love you sis." Kmart sobbed. "I love you. I love you so much. You're the only family I have and I don't want to lose you too."

Tears fell from Claire's face. "I have to go back." She told her family. "If I could, I would stay here forever, but there's someone I need to get back to." Claire grabbed her mom's shoulders. "I made a promise. I have a little sister to take care of now."

Her mom smiled. "You were always good at keeping promises." She hugged her daughter. "You keep her safe."

"I always do!" Claire hugged her dad and Chris and said goodbye. She stood in the middle of the room and looked at her family one last time. She closed her eyes, ready to go back to reality.

Kmart had fallen asleep against Claire's shoulder. Her hand still tightly gripping hers. When Claire opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was light brown hair that was in her face. She let out a little chuckle. She lifted her free hand and stroked Kmart's cheek causing her to jump.

"CLAIRE!" Kmart smiled and cried. She tackled her red headed friend in a hug. Her shoulder started to hurt but she didn't care. "You're back." She sobbed. "Your back."

Claire sat up and hugged Kmart back. "Of course I'm back. I promised you. Remember?" She saw Kmart lift head and smile.

"What happened to you?" Kmart asked.

Claire moved and slide off the counter. With Kmart's help, she sat on the floor and leaned against the wall. Kmart sat next to her, her head resting on her shoulder. "Well," Claire answered. "I was home." She laughed when she saw Kmart's confused face. "Not really home, but in a dream. My family was there." She let a tear fall.

"And you didn't want toleave?"

"No, I didn't." Claire moved and faced Kmart. "But, I heard your voice. In my head."

"Yo...You heard me?" Kmart said.

"Ya. And you were very annoying." She giggled.

"Hey." Kmart's smiled suddenly faded. "I...I was scared that you were going to die." The tears came back and started to fall.

"K, look at me." Claire grabbed her chin. "You are the reason I came back. I wanted to stay so badly, but I know and accept that my family is gone. You, Kmart, are the only family I have too, and it's my job to protect you." She hugged crying Kmart. "I mean, isn't the big sister suppose to look after the little one?"

Kmart nodded and laughed in Claire's neck. She pulled back and fixed her sling around her arm. Claire wiped K's tears with her thumb. Suddenly her eyes grew very heavy and she started yawning.

"You tired kid?" Claire asked.

Kmart nodded. She grabbed the blanket Carlos left her and laid down next to Claire. She burred her face in Claire's shoulder and fell asleep.

Claire wrapped her arms around Kmart and she to went to sleep.

The next morning, Claire opened her eyes and saw Kmart still in her arms. She turned her head when she heard someone entering the store. "Carlos?"

"Claire! You awake." He smiled. "I see Kmart finally went to sleep." He pointed.

"Ya. Are we heading out?"

"Wheels up in 5."

Claire woke up Kmart and packed their things. When they left the store, Claire was greeted by everyone asking how she is or, saying they're glad she's OK. After that, they got into their vehicles. "Nope." Claire stopped Kmart. "I seem to have a concussion and doctors always say not to drive."

"Oh my god! Really!" Kmart jumped up and down in excitement. "Wait, I only have one good arm." She pointed to her sling.

"You can do it!" Claire said. Kmart gave her a skeptical look. "I trust that you can." Kmart smiled. She jumped into the driver's seat while Claire got in to passengers. "Alright, speed limits 55 but I'll let you go 60." She told K. "Keep your eyes on the road." Claire smiled. "Ready?"

"Yes sis. I'm ready!" She answered. Kmart put her hand on top of the steering wheel and used the hand in the sling to support the bottom.

"OK." Claire grabbed the talkie. "Alright everyone lets move out!"