Rory's face suddenly feels the cold, hard concrete. There was a loud constant beating in his mind as he tries to recover and comprehend what happened a few seconds ago. He groans and attempts to push himself off of the ground, but the pain of the impact restricted him from doing so. He gives up and lets him arms go limp and looks up towards the night sky. The stars and his memory begins to surface as he looks towards the sky.


The Doctor.

Oh god no Amy.

His heart begins to pound faster and tears crawl their way up to his eye. There's even some sort of light beginning to shine. Extremely bright light, he adds before he turns his head and sees a car speeding towards his head. Rory barely manages to call for help when suddenly a figure in a brown coat quickly picks him up and Rory suddenly passes out with shock.

His eyes slowly open and he finds himself in the TARDIS. He sighs with relief and realizes it was only a nightmare. He moves his arms and legs with ease and leaves his bedroom he usually shares with Amy. Speaking of Amy... He continues walking until he reaches the control room. He takes a step back and figures that The Doctor must have done a renovation when he was asleep. He whistles at the beauty of it as he admires the work. He suddenly hears a voice that he can't pinpoint the source from. He turns around and spots the man in the coat he saw in his dream. Now that he could see him clearly, he glances at him top to bottom. He takes a mental note to ask the man what hair product he uses on his hair. It was fantastic.

"It's nice isn't it, bigger on the inside they always say." the man in the brown coat says with a big grin on his face. Rory was suddenly puzzled about everything. He manages out a jumble of words that were severely out of order, "The Doctor he where is?" The man pouts a little and approaches him until there is only about a couple inches between the two. He takes out a little silver tool that makes the sound that sounds extremely familiar to the sonic screwdriver The Doctor usually carries. The man scans him with this device and shares the look of confusion Rory has on his face. "Okay, to be honest. I've seen loads of faces when I travel. I can remember some of them, but you. You seem to have the energy that someone who travels in the TARDIS would have. This is odd. I've never seen you in my entire life. Oh and I'm The Doctor, if you were wondering where he went. He's still here." He points to himself as he says this.

Rory watches as the so-called doctor runs over to a drawer and pulls out some glasses. The lying doctor turns around and comments, "I need these glasses. Glasses are cool." Rory's mouth drops as all the wires in his brain connect.

Oh god it's actually him.

He finally gathers up his inner Roman and speaks up, "My name is Rory Williams. Um. Well, I have traveled in the TARDIS with The Doctor. Except that he looked different than you. Did you regenerate or something? Did you not like your chin, or was it the bowtie?" The Doctor looked taken aback and motioned for him to continue. Rory sat down on the nearest chair for support and continued his story. "I was with Amy. Amy is my wife. I don't know where she is in the moment. The last thing I remember was her, I didn't even say good bye-"It was then that Rory began to tear up and was quiet. The Doctor made some calculations in his head and then placed a hand on Rory's head. He could relate to this poor Rory. Freshly engraved in his hearts was the departure of Rose. Not even he had a chance to explain his complicated feeling for the lovely Rose. However, he must put this behind him and help out Rory, maybe even the both of them could benefit from this.

"Assuming that I cannot recall any of these adventures, it seems that you are describing a future incarnation of me. I'm sure that my future self and I are figuring out how to take you back to your Amy at this moment. Meanwhile, as I wait for a signal or indicator of some sort, perhaps a trip to the mountains of Ixyopile? Such lovely atmosphere there! Everyone there is quite nice towards me as well. Come on, it'll take your mind off of things. They also make brilliant drinks of some sort. It's almost like plasma..." As The Doctor began rambling Rory decided to take his mind off the situation that he was currently in. The Doctor always solves problems like this on a daily basis doesn't he? A drink does seem awfully pleasant in the moment as well. He gets up and pulls himself together. He puts on a shy smile and stops The Doctor mid-sentence, "Why not? Let's go. It seems like a friendly place."

The Doctor grins once again, warming Rory's heart as he yells out, "Allons-y!"

Rory laughs at the exclamation, yet he figures it somewhat of a change from the constant "Geronimo!" he often hears in the TARDIS.

Oh more information on the setting. This takes place after Rose is stuck in the parallel universe, but without Donna barging in. This doesn't happen quite yet. Thank you for reading this! Reviews would be lovely!