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The silence was a confirmation of his leap into pure darkness. Just to make sure things were in check he took the moment of silence to look back for any sign of approval. The Doctor looked dumbstruck, but he wasn't quite sure of that was because of his own face.

The silence was interrupted by a clicking noise within the TARDIS.

The Dalek looked towards Rory and began to talk once again,"I THINK YOU SHOULD CHECK THE SOURCE OF THE SOUND DOCTOR"

"Was this dalek that idiotic to allow the escape of us two?" he thought.

"Right you are there. I'll just...walk in the TARDIS and check her out then.. Rory I recommend you come along.."

Motioning the Doctor inside, they began to walk towards the blue box, looking back every so often, expecting the blast of death and the usual.

He whispered as they neared the source of the sound, "Odd. This is odd. Not usual dalek behavior. Even more odd is the fact that we are listening to this dalek."

"Yeah.. Doctor.. you do know the danger in that? Why are you even taking a chance here?"

He placed his hand on Rory's shoulder and said with pure confidence, "Everybody deserves to be listened to."

Suddenly his voice was raised ten times of what they were previously speaking and took a peek back at the Dalek, "Oi Doctor, this sound is sure getting louder. Wow! I might need a hearing ai-"

Pulling the Doctor back inside, Rory let out a sigh of frustration before he went along, "That's enough now Rory, i'm quite sure no one exaggerates like you."

As they caught sight of what was making the noise, Rory experienced the sense of deja-vu as he nudged the Doctor, "That's the lever. The blue one."

"I believe you mean lavender."

"Look now is not the time to have a battle to the death over your poor interior design."

"Poor? If you want poor look at that nose of yours!"

Rory sighed as he pulled the lever once again. The TARDIS shifted violently and threw Rory to the other side of the control room. The pain was intolerable, but by the time he got himself together, he caught sight of a familiar hand. Luckily, it was his own.

There was no time for celebration for they were interrupted by the memory of the reason why they are back to their normal selves.


Now that The Doctor was in full control of the situation, he turned towards Rory and edged to the door as they both began to walk out. Every so often looking back at each other as they both tried to comprehend Rory's sudden, yet correct guess of the actual key and how exactly to respond to such a statement.

When they reached the door the Doctor peered outside and gave a quick smile to the dalek as he stepped out, fiddling with his thumbs as he walked closer to the Dalek.

It was an average Dalek in size, the usual protruding eye socket, usual protruding gun that could kill both Rory and The Doctor at a moments notice. What was curious was that the Dalek did not seem on the verge of extermination. It stayed silent as The Doctor walked around it a few times.

Rory, however, felt like the leader in this situation due to how well he had the situation in control when he walked in The Doctor's shoes. He walked closer to the Dalek as well and lowered himself a little bit in order to see eye to eye socket with this Dalek. This Dalek actually asking for human help.

He collected himself before speaking, "Why are you here? What is this key? Why are you the key?"


The Doctor stood behind Rory and tilted his head a bit before he took charge of the 20 questions game unfolding,

"Dear Dalek, would you like to assist me in telling me what you would be used to open?"

Rory flung his arms in the hair, "That's exactly what I said! Just restated in some formal tuxedo time lord grammar!"

"Rory now is not the time", The Doctor whispered as he waited for the mystery to unravel.


The Doctor furrowed his eyebrows a bit as he stepped back and sat down at the pillar base closest to Rory.

"Why would one of their own species hold a key to Time Lord "conquest"?"

Rory took an opportunity to answer this apparent rhetorical question,

"Has that Dalek been in battle with you?"

The Doctor's expression lightened up in an instant, "Yes of course, having engaged in contact with me must have gotten the Daleks ruffled up about any sort of knowledge about me."

He got up and patted Rory on the back,

"Your nose isn't actually half bad!"

The Doctor came back to the Dalek, who appeared to be getting...anxious? What that the proper word to use for a Dalek? It seemed to be pacing and looking around, as if it were on watch.

"Dalek, have you been in any contact with me recently? A battle of some sorts?"


The Doctor had an expression of confusion, for when have the Daleks been side by side with himself? They were a race of malicious hate and on a pedestal of hypothetical superiority in their eyes. However, before The Doctor could utter another question Rory suddenly blurted out, "Bloody hell there's tons of them."

And tons of them they were, a stream of Daleks flooded the room and surrounded The Doctor and his company. The Dalek backed up next to Rory and seemed to be cowering from the head of the Daleks.

The Head Dalek did nothing but simply said, "ACTIVATE" and a cage emerged from the ground, encasing the Dalek that pleaded for their help only minutes before. As the cage emerged, a screen protruded from the wall and had various statistics and graphs that changed every couple of seconds. What was curious to The Doctor was that none of the Daleks paid any attention to him but the imprisoned Dalek, who was now motionless looking straight forward.

The Head Dalek turned towards The Doctor and Rory before asking, "THIS IS A NEW FACE DOCTOR. I SEE YOU TIRE OF HAVING THE USUAL."

"What do you mean I tire of it? I mercifully beg for the day one of my companions decides to stay, the day I actually complete my vow to keep them safe from harm." The Doctor now seemed enraged as he strode towards the Head Dalek.


The Doctor cried out in frustration, "Who is she?"

A flash of electricity flowed through the cage, shaking the Dalek inside to the core. The Dalek inside seemed to scream in pain,


"You have a daughter Doctor?!" Rory ran until he was inches from the cage looking hopelessly for a way to recuse this unknown friend.

The Doctor backed up a couple of steps in disbelief. His vision seemed to be fogged up in visions of his past memories. His hands and his feet had a sensation of a cold extending hand holding him back and he could move no longer. He could only move around in the depths of his mind, The blonde girl began surfacing more and more often and The Doctor's cheek was wet with a stream of tears as he looked over at the helpless and Dalek and whispered,

"Oh Jenny. What have you gotten yourself into?"

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