"What just happened?" Castiel groaned. He was in unfamilar territory and he had no idea what to do. The last thing he remembered was seeing Crowley and one of his cohorts chanting...something. Then he had had this sensation of being knocked back.

Not to mention another sensation, one he didn't like much. A sensation of vulnerability. Of weakness.

Getting up from the field where he lay, he realized all of the grass around him was oddly patterned. Looking at the trees, he saw that they had all been blown back by a sheer amount of force.

The kind of force only angels would have

The kind of force he used to raise Dean from Hell.

Dean. He would know what to do. Castiel tried to warp to where Dean was, but to no avail. The vulnerable sensation began to intensify as he tried to do things only an angel could. After discovering that he had no recollection of Enochian, Castiel deduced something he had previously thought but did not want to admit. He had lost his grace.

"If I'm human now, I certainly need to figure out what exactly humans do to survive. Dean will know. He can help." Castiel reassured himself.

He set out in the general direction of what he supposed must be the road. After an hour or so of walking, Castiel came upon a clearing with a house to one side. Walking up there, he hoped that there would be someone there who would be kind enough to give him...what?

Castiel couldn't necessarily ask for help from a human seeing how he didnt know how humans function. He elected to knock anyway.

"Just a minute, I'll be right out!" a woman's voice called.

Castiel stared at the door until it opened.

"May I help you?" the woman said.

"You may." Castiel replied, gazing at her. A puzzled expression came over her face. She wasn't sure what to say or wheter she ought to help this perfect stranger. But he seemed lost and helpless, so she felt like it was her obligation to help him.

"What do you need?"

Castiel found that he needed Dean Winchester to help him. But he didn't have a clue where to start looking. He did, however, know that although Robert Singer, the boys' surrogate father, had died, he could go there to find Dean. Singer Auto was their safe haven, and it was where he needed to go.

"I need a map to Sioux Falls, South Dakota."

"Honey, you really have no idea where you are, do you?" Castiel shook his head and looked towards the floor. That was the breaking point for the woman.

"Come inside and warm up. Would you like something to eat?" She invited him in. "My name is Karen. May I ask yours?"

"Yes." Castiel didn't understand why she bombarded him with ridiculous questions. On the other hand, she thought he was the peculiar one by not giving her the answers to her questions. Then she realized he had been giving her the answers, just not in the way she had expected him to. Karen resolved to ask more specific questions from that point onward.

"What is your name?" Karen wasn't used to being so straightforward.


"Are you hungry?" Karen went to thr refrigerator. "I'm afraid all we have is ham and bread. I can fix you a small sandwich, if you'd like." She turned back to him.

Castiel looked bewildered. He was still new to being human, and he didn't understand most of the human spectrum of sensation, let alone hunger.

"No, thank you. I need a map to Sioux Falls, South Dakota." He repeated.

"Do you have any idea where you are?" Karen caught herself in the question. "You're in Omaha, Nebraska. Or, at least, the surrounding area." She added as a side note.

"Okay." He neither knew nor cared what to do with this new bit of information.

"Sioux Falls, you said? My husband works for a logging company. He'll be going to Sioux City on the 17th of the month, which is three weeks from now. Sioux City will put you halfway there. I'll talk to him and ask him to take you. Mind you, you'll have to earn his trust. He hardly lets anyone else in his truck. "

Castiel was relieved to hear he might be able to hitch a ride part of the way there.

"Thank you."

"You're more than welcome."

It suddenly dawned on Castiel that he hadn't the faintest idea where to begin to gain her husband's trust.


"Yes, dear?"

"How can I gain trust from your husband?"

"Why dont you help with gathering up the potatoes? Here, I'll show you. Follow me." She walked out to the back door. Pointing to an area of low greenery, she demonstrated how to pick potatoes. Then she noticed something she had overlooked before. "You'll need a different outfit for this job. Are you a tax accountant?"

"These clothes are suitable. I am not a tax accountant."

"Well, you certainly can't pick potatoes in that coat."

Castiel looked crestfallen. He had never taken off his trench coat before. He had gotten accustomed to it, much as he had gotten accustomed to his vessel.

"Let's find some working clothes for you." Karen motioned for him to come to the closet. "These all used to be my son's clothes, but he's off at college now. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I let you borrow them. They look like they'll fit. Here, use the bedroom to change."

Castiel thought she was kind-hearted, but since he couldn't see into people's hearts anymore, he kept his distance even in the cramped hallway. He also thought she talked a lot. Maybe she was just lonely.

"Oh, that looks fantastic. You could do with some meat on them bones, but it'll do just fine." She applauded. "Remember how I demonstrated the potatoes?"

He had honestly forgotten.

'Wow, there's a lot more to being human than I first thought.' Castiel considered tentatively, unsure of what would happen in the future.