AU from the end of 7x10, which is where this starts. It will mess with some events prior to 7x10 – namely, Callie doesn't get pregnant – however they should be fairly easy to determine from the story line (and the summary).



She turns to absolute putty in his hands when he kisses her.

It should be embarrassing, really, that he has such control over her when they haven't even been them in months.

He pulls away for a millisecond, giving her the chance to stop him, to protest, but she doesn't, simply leaning into him more.

He smiles at the reaction, kissing her again, and when Jackson makes his presence known behind her, sprouting the excuse she'd asked him to use, she brushes it off without taking her eyes of Mark.

Jackson isn't even out the door before his lips are on hers again, and she really wishes she had a little more self-control.

"Let's get out of here," he says, his voice a low rumble that makes her melt.

"Yeah," she breathes instantaneously, before she has a chance to think it through.


They go back to Meredith's, and he's halfway through pulling off all her clothes the moment they enter the attic, when she stops him.

"We need to talk first," she says and he just gives her this smirk that she should be immune to by now but tries hard instead to ignore.

"We can talk after," he offers, reaching for her, but she puts a hand on his chest and takes a step back from him.

"We need to talk first," she repeats, and the smirk disappears, because he recognises that she's serious, and this is serious.

"Okay," he says slowly, sitting on her bed.

"I'm pregnant," she blurts, and he blinks a few times as he tries to comprehend this fact, and work it through in his mind.

"Pregnant," he says, testing the word out.

It sounds wrong, it feels wrong, because Lexie doesn't want kids, not yet, she wants to become a kickass surgeon first.

Also (mostly), because her kids were supposed to be his kids. It's a selfish thought, but he can't repress it.

"You're not going to…" he leaves the question because he can't say the words.

He knows how much it hurt when Addison had an abortion, and even if he doesn't want to think about it, there's some guy out there who fathered this baby – Lexie's baby – and he can't help but think this guy couldn't not want Lexie's kid.

"I'm having it," she answers him, and he tries so hard to think before he speaks out of fear of saying something wrong.

Apparently he takes too long, and Lexie never did like silence, so she breaks it.

"You can go," she says, not spitefully, simply stating the option, looking at him with big eyes that are pleading for him to stay.

But he can't, he can't do this, and he can't think about what this means when she's looking at him, so he stands and walks to the door, glancing over his shoulder to look at her before leaving.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" He confirms.

She nods, and he tries not to notice the disappointment in her eyes.



He doesn't see her tomorrow.

He ends up being dragged into emergency surgery after emergency surgery and before he knows it the day's over.

He still doesn't know what to say to her, because even though they weren't together, even though they hadn't been together for a long time, it hurts, to know she's been sleeping with someone else; that she's having someone else's child.

He's getting in the elevator on his way home when he sees her, pressed against the back wall of the metal box, trying to look invisible.

He pulls the emergency stop after the other people step out and they're alone, and he asks the one question he needs the answer to.

"Who's the father?"

Possibilities have been taunting him.


The thought makes him want to throw up.


It wouldn't have crossed his mind, except she lives in that frat house and he sees the way Avery looks at her. It's the same way most guys look at her, but he has the advantage of proximity.

That stupid derm resident that never fails to approach her at Joe's, despite how many times she's turned him down.

Trying to imagine all the guys the Lexie could have slept with in the last few months makes his head explode, so he has to ask.

"You don't know him," she says quietly. "He doesn't work at the hospital."

It seems strange, really that she has been sleeping with someone who doesn't work with them, but maybe it's a good thing. Maybe it means he'll do the right thing by her, help her out, so that she can work and raise the kid too.

"He, uh, he isn't going to be …" She trails off nervously. "You probably won't ever meet him," she says instead, and he understands what she's trying to say immediately.

"He isn't going to help you out?" He asks, angry, although he's not sure why.

"He pretty much threw some money in my direction, told me to get rid of it, and left," she smiles humourlessly, and the sentence hits a little too close to home.

He was eighteen when Samantha Riley told him she was pregnant, and he did more or less the same thing.

"I'm sorry," he says, unsure of who he's apologising for.

She reaches around him to push in the emergency stop button and the elevator starts with a jolt.

"Not your problem," she replies, and he knows she means for it to sound nonchalant, but it comes out malicious, at least to his ears.

"Lexie-" he starts, but the elevator doors open and she steps out, moving too quickly for him to catch her.

This is just the prologue, the chapters will be longer.

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