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Sasori looked down at Amber as she rested so peacefully. He knew it was a lousy thing to do, sleep with her and then be forced to leave without saying good bye, but he didn't want to have to see her face when he left. And he wasn't exactly leaving by choice. The Kazekage and some of the higher up jounin had started to suspect him and how he came to have his incredibly detailed and skilled puppets. At this point, only ten if his puppets were made from human bodies. However most were from allied nations. Those just happened to be the nations with the specific skills he was looking for. The leaders were beginning to notice that his most recent puppets would always have similar abilities to recently missing ninjas and that they always went missing either when Sasori was on a mission near their last location or when the red head's whereabouts were completely unknown. The Sand Village wouldn't be happy if any contracts with other nations were broken because of those missing ninjas. He had been far too careless with his actions. But never the less, he knew from a reliable source that they were going to be coming for him in the morning to investigate and then arrest him for treachery against the Hidden Sand. He didn't want to go down so easily and didn't feel the need to stay there any longer since he had no real ties to his home in the first place. Except for her. He wanted to show her his feelings for her before he decided to not only leave, but also before he turned himself into a puppet and lost his feelings once and for all. He set down a note for her to explain his horrible actions, exited her room quietly, and ran from the village, trying to remain as hidden as possible.

-14 years later-

Sasori walked down the streets of the busy village in his usual protective puppet, Hiruko. An akatsuki hat hid his masked face from passing pedestrians' view. Thankfully the people in the crowd were far too preoccupied to notice his strange hunched appearance.

"Danna," his annoying partner called out just ahead of him,"I found a place for us to stay!" He said pointing to a hotel sign.

Sasori just grunted in reply, his voice sounding much deeper through the puppet, and followed Deidara into the hotel. Deidara paid for their room and they both went up.

Once inside, Sasori pushed open the puppet's back and exited his walking shield. The two artists were on a long mission to the Village Hidden in the Mist to gather intel on a tailed-beast that lived there. The Akatsuki had only caught two of the tailed-beast so far and were focus more time now on finding out information on the creatures. Mostly what type of skills they had and on how strong their hosts were. That way they wouldn't be easily beaten when the real battle started. They already knew this particular ninja was rogue and probably wasn't anywhere near his abandon home, but they still had to know the facts about his past. They had until the next Akatsuki meeting, which was in one month. Other teams had tailed-beast with more information available, unlike himself and Deidara. So the two of them had decided to take the mission slow, seeing as it would only take a week to get there and a few days to gather information. It was mostly Sasori's idea. He didn't want to find out what they need to know and then wait for the other's. He hated waiting!

He scowled when he noticed someone's hands wrapped around his waist.

"I missed you while you were hiding in that grotesque puppet," Deidara said, trying to pull his danna closer.

He hated when Deidara did this. His brat of a partner constantly tried to flirt with him. They had been working together for about a year, and the sixteen year old's hormones knew no bounds and were a continuous annoyance to the red head.

"He's not grotesque, brat! He is true art. That's something you are obviously far too stupid to understand," he said, roughly pushing the hands away.

Deidara smirked, "Come on. You know you can't resist me."

Sasori sighed and rolled his eyes.


"Sasori, wait up!" Deidara said, flying down from the sky on his clay bird.

"If you continue to use your poor excuse for art as transportation, we will have a higher chance of being ambushed," Sasori said, already hating the kid he had known for only a week.

"You just don't understand my ideas. I think your opinions are full of crap, but I still respect you. I even call you master! Why can't you just humor me for once?"

Sasori growled, "I'm not talking about your warped ideas of beauty. I'm just trying not to let the entire ninja world know where we are, you insolent brat! And I told you to stop calling me that. It's stupid."

Deidara smirked, "I think it suits you well, Sasori no Danna."

He jumped off the white bird, which disappeared in a puff of smoke. They both walked into an abandon cave to rest. Hiruko had a few loose screws on his tail so Sasori decided to step out of the puppet to fix them. The second the back hatch swung up, Deidara jumped in surprise.

"Who the hell are you?" Deidara asked, stunned from seeing someone just walk out of his danna's open body.

Sasori stood up straight and turned to face the confused blonde, "That's a puppet, brat. This is what I really look like, my own human puppet body."

Deidara was shocked at how unbelievable handsome he partner was. Sasori hair was such a striking red color and his eyes, no matter how annoyed they looked, were muddy brown and soft. He looked like he would almost be about Deidara's age, but he already knew Sasori was 29. That must prove he really is a puppet then. An incredibly sexy one at that. When Sasori said he was a puppet before, he assumed he just meant he would look like Hiruko forever.

"Danna," he breathed out, still with a shocked look on his face. Sasori felt annoyed by Deidara's stupid expression and turned back to his awaiting puppet. He heard Deidara walk closer to him, but chose to ignore the blonde. He was taken by surprise though when Deidara suddenly turned him around and pulled him into a kiss. He instantly pushed Deidara away from him.

"What the fuck was that, you stupid brat?" He exclaimed, extremely pissed off.

Deidara just stood back up and smirked at his master, "What's wrong? Don't tell me you didn't enjoy that."

Sasori glared at him,"I most certainly did not! It was disgusting for you to even think of doing such a thing. Never do that again or I promise I will kill you and add you to my collection."

Deidara's smirk never left him, "Don't worry. I won't give up. You will enjoy it soon."

*flashback end*

Ever since that day, whenever Sasori came out of Hiruko, Deidara would constantly attempt to flirt with him. It might have been easier for Sasori to stay in the puppet 24/7, but he refused to let the brat have control over him like that. He was the one who was the puppet master, and no one would force him to do anything! Thankfully it had been a long day of walking, so Deidara was too tired to be a pest. He was taking a nap on the bed next to Sasori. Feeling trapped with no one else in the room but the stupid blonde, he decided he needed to get out. He went back into Hiruko and exited the hotel.

It was evening so all the street lights were lit. Most people were either eating dinner somewhere or back in their hotels. There were only a handful of people walking in the streets.

As he continued on, he noticed a small rubber ball pass him going down the street and instantly after he felt someone bump into him from behind. He turned around a saw a little girl who had obviously been chasing the ball and run into him. She looked startled by his scary appearance, but didn't move away or say she was sorry. He felt annoyed. So annoyed he didn't even take into account something strange about her. That her red hair and brown eyes were strangely similar to his own.

"Why don't you watch where you're going, brat," he said, Hiruko's voice sounding very angry and menacing.

She looked slightly scared, but stood her ground, "I'm sorry, sir."

"Lia," he heard someone call out from behind him, "Please be more careful. That was very rude."

He looked back to see who the new person was that had scolded the girl. He gasped when he laid eyes on someone he had thought he would never see again.

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