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Sasori walked back to his own hotel room, which was only a few doors down the hall from Amber's. he had never felt so horrible in his life. He had just witnessed first-hand all the effects of the damage he had caused his one true love. He could never be forgiven for that. He walked into the room where Deidara was sitting on the bed waiting for him.

"Who was that?" The blonde questioned.

How the hell did the brat know,"What are you talking about?"

"The girl in the street," he said,"You actually got out of that ugly puppet in public for once. That itself is shocking enough. But then she slapped you. What the hell is up with that? If it was someone you didn't know, you would have killed them with one of your puppets in a second."

Sasori flinched. That was exactly what drove Amber away from him. To add to all the shit he had out her through, he was also a cold-blooded killer. Maybe she could be right about it being barabaric,"Just an old friend," he said not feeling the need to explain himself to the annoying bomber. He clasped down on his bed.

"We'll if your friends greet you with a slap, that's some friendship," Deidara said walking over to Sasori's bed. He sat down next to him but Sasori turned away. Deidara sighed. He hated how much Sasori resisted talking to him. He wrapped his arms around Sasori's waist and waiting for the yelling to start. It was the only way Sasori would notice him.

Sasori was about to hit Deidara, but for one second he had a strange feeling. Although the feeling of the arms around his waist was only slight to his dulled senses, it reminded him of when he was with Amber. He could close his eyes and easily imagine it was her. Her finally forgiving him. Her soft lips faintly pressed against his. Wait...what? He finally snapped out of it an opened up his eyes. The brat was actually kissing him! He roughly pushed Deidara away from him and he fell to the floor, hitting his head. He rubbed his injury while he stared shocked and terrified of the outraged look on Sasori's face.


The frightened blonde nodded hastily an watched as Sasori stormed out the door. He was very confused as to why Sasori would let it go so far and then tell at him to stop. He even kissed back too! That wasn't exactly the way he had imagined his first kiss.


Lia watched her mother sleep. After she had stopped crying Lia convinced her to lie down for a bit. She looked like she needed the rest. She heard someone down the hallway scream. Thankfully her mother didn't wake up and remained asleep. She heard someone walk past the door and opened it slightly to see who it was. There was a glimpse of bright red hair before the enraged figure turned to the next hallway. It was the guy her mom was talking to earlier. The man who had made her so sad. She checked to see if her mom was still sleeping and quickly exited the room, following the angry man.

Sasori walked back into the streets. No one was outside at that time of night. Most were probably either at a bar or asleep. He walked down to the edge of the town. There he saw a small pond lit up by small strings of light in the surrounding trees. It was completely deserted. He sat down and stared at the slowly moving water. He could never have dreamed of all the things that had happened to him today.

Suddenly, he felt something bounce off the side of his head. The object fell into his lap. It was the same ball he had seen that little girl chase before. He turned around and sure enough she was standing right behind him.

"Was that really necessary?" He said, slightly pissed off, and then threw the ball back.

She caught it, an angry glare on her face. It looked the same as when Amber was angry with him.

"What did you do to my mom?" She asked, angrily.

He looked stunned for a second,"Your what?"

"My mom! Why did you make her mad?"

He was surprised. This girl appeared to be almost fourteen years old. That would mean Amber would have had her when she was 15.

...shit! He was such an idiot!

He had wanted to deny it so much that he had hurt her. He never even considered the possibility that he had impregnated her! Then again, was the the point of using protection during sexy. Again, what a fucking idiot!

"Come over here," he said, motioning to her.

She hesitated, still a little nervous of the man even if she appeared more calm than that. She had no idea who he was, but she still approached him.

He wanted to get a good look at her. He had been so focused on Amber before that he hadn't even noticed the similarities between the young girl and himself. She had short red hair that held back in a ponytail. Her skin was pale white, only a little fairer than his. She looked like the girl version of himself as a child. He wondered how Amber felt about her daughter looking so much like the man she hated.

"Has your mother ever told you anything about your father?" He asked.

She wasn't exactly sure why he would ask that," She told me he left before I was born. He never even knew about me. I know she still misses him, because other men ask her on dates all the time, but she refuses them. But she made it clear she doesn't want him back either. He hurt her badly. Do you know him then?"

He looked back at the pond,"Yes."

She suddenly touched his hair, as if examining it. He watched her undo her ponytail and observe her's the same way.

"It's you, isn't it?"she asked.

He smiled a bit, happy to know his daughter wasn't as much of an idiot as he was,"I think I might be."

She slapped him. She may look like Sasori, but she was definitely her mother's daughter,"Why would you leave?"

He sighed,"I didn't want to. I'm not exactly a good person. I left the village because I knew if I stayed I would have been in trouble. I don't want to worry your mother if i was arrested or killed so I left without saying good bye. I just ended up hurting her even more."

"No wonder she slapped you," Lia said,"You should come back and talk to her again. I'll go with you."

She held out a hand for him to grab. He smiled. She had the same kindness Amber had shown him when they had first met. When they had fallen in love. He grabbed her hand and they walked back to the village.

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