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To Sasori, tomorrow couldn't come soon enough. He was so glad to get the chance to prove himself to Amber. When morning came, he got ready quickly. He decided to not wear his akatsuki cloak. He didn't want any extra attention from the people in the town, especially if there were shinobi who would recognize the symbol. Plus Amber wasn't too happy with his current standing, and the cloak would just remind her of that. Instead he put on a plain black shirt and jeans. Better not add pressure to the situation by making it too fancy.

He left the room while Deidara was still sleeping. It was after 10 but the bomber liked sleeping in on the days they didn't have a mission. Sasori was thankful for that because he didn't want to have to bother with Deidara after what happened yesterday.

Last night when Sasori came back to the room, Deidara was lying on his bed. He could tell Deidara had been crying before, probably when he had first left the room after the kiss. The blonde refused to talk with him, and that was probably for the best. Sasori didn't have anything to say to Deidara. He felt a little bad for getting so mad when he had allowed the kiss to happen, but it was the brats fault in the first place.

Sasori made his way to Amber's room and knocked on the door. He heard a small sigh on the other side before it opened up. Amber had also decided to keep her attire casual, but to Sasori she still looked stunning. She had on a plain long-sleeved red shirt that looked very similar to Sasori's hair color. She was also wearing jeans, which fit her curves well. Plain clothes always suited her better because she had so much natural beauty of her own.

"You look nice today," Sasori said.

Amber forced herself to smile. She closed the door behind her. Before the door closed, Sasori got a glimpse of Lia giving him a thumbs-up to encourage him. It was nice having someone on his side.

The two ex-lovers walked down the streets of the town. Being close to the middle of the day, there were lots of people outside. Lots of people walking with their spouses and families. Sasori knew he had to be careful no one would recognize him. Being with Amber at least gave him the cover of looking like he was just walking with his girlfriend or wife.

They decided to have lunch at a dango shop. It was a little too sweet to be lunch, but Sasori knew it was Amber's favorite. They sat at a table together, not saying a word to each other. This time Lia wasn't there to stop the silence so it was up to one of them.

Sasori finally decided to break the ice.

"How has your art been?" He asked.

"It's pretty good," Amber said, hesitantly opening up a little, "That's actually why I'm staying in this town. There's a town in Konoha that is opening up a new art museum, and they are feature some of my work there. Lia and I are traveling there for the grand opening."

"I'm happy for you," he said, "I've seen a few of your pieces in museums over the years. You're becoming famous."

"It's a shame your art won't be known in the same way," she said, sounding more sad than accusing, "It's may be messed up now, but when we were teenagers your art was beautiful."

"Not all my puppets are made that way," he said, "I still love craving wooden ones. I only make the more advanced puppets for battle."

"Why did it come to that?" She asked him, "Why did you decided to ruin your art like that."

Sasori didn't feel his art was ruined at all. He never felt bad when he killed any of those ninja. But he knew how bad it must look to Amber.

"I wanted to make my puppets more powerful," he confessed, "My puppets were strong, but it was extremely difficult to give them special abilities. I could get those abilities if I used the bodies of skilled shinobi."

Amber finally looked at him. She looked angry and very hurt.

"So that's the reason you left me," she said, "because your attempt at power was going to get you arrested."

Now it was Sasori's turn to avoid eye contact.

"Yes," he said.

The waitress brought over their food to the table. Both muttered their thanks before the girl left them alone again.

"So," Amber said as she grabbed a piece of food from her plate, "What sort of things have you been up to besides criminal activities."

"Not much," he said, "I work on wooden puppets from time to time. My organization requires me to travel a lot. My annoying partner also thinks he's an artist. His idea is completely idiotic though. He believes art is fleeting and lasts only a moment. So a lot of my time is spent arguing with him or getting him to stop flirting with me. He's a slutty brat."

Amber laughed a little, "So he's the completely opposite of you. Maybe you two should be together. You know what they say about opposites attracting."

Sasori blushed a little, "Sh-shut up! I'm not gay! You're just as bad as Lia with that."

Amber frowned a little when her daughter's name was mention, "She seems to have taken a liking to you."

Sasori slightly smiled, "She's very beautiful. She has your kindness."

"She has your looks," Amber said.

"Does it bother you that your daughter looks like the man you hate so much?" Sasori asked.

"Don't say that!" Amber said, flustered, "I would never judge my daughter by the horrible acts you did!"

"I'm sorry," Sasori said, "I didn't mean to offend you."

Amber took a deep breath and calmed down, "It's okay. No I don't hate that she looks like you. She's very pretty. I love her red hair and brown eyes. It may remind me of you sometimes, but I don't hate it. If anything, when I see her I remember the man I loved instead of the one I hated."

Sasori smiled, "I know you may never forgive me, but would you at least allow me to get to know my daughter better?"

Amber thought for a moment. He was a criminal, but he was Lia's dad. He should at least just a chance to get to know his own child a little better.

"That's fine," Amber told him, "and I'm not sure if I will ever truly forgive you for what you did, but perhaps one day we can be friends again."

"I think we're already getting there," Sasori said.


Lia walked down the hallway to her dad's room. She was sure the blonde guy from yesterday was still in there. He had looked very upset. She wanted to see if he was feeling better. She knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" A voice called out from the room.

"It's Lia," she yelled through the door, "We met yesterday."

The door opened. Deidara had woken up an hour ago when Sasori was leaving, but he acted like he was still asleep. He didn't want to look at the puppet master. He was still upset from all the events of the prior day. Until Lia knocked, he was still in bed. If no one bothered him he probably would have stayed there all day. So when he answered the door, he looked a bit of a mess. His blonde hair wasn't in a ponytail yet so it was very messy. He was still wearing the t-shirt he wore to bed as his pajama top along with his black boxers. He glared at the younger teenager who stood before him.

"What do you want?" He asked, venom lacing his voice.

"I came here to see if you were okay," she said, offended, "What did I ever do to you?"

"You took my danna away from me," he said, "that's what you did."

"Well I'm sorry I can't help that I was born," she shot back, "I also can't help who you're gay for."

"I'm not gay," Deidara said, "I'm bisexual. There's a difference."

"Well I don't have a problem with that," she said, "Just don't judge me for things I'm not to blame for."

He sighed, "Fine then, I'm sorry. Come inside if you want."

She walked into the bedroom. She could tell whose bed was whose because one was neatly made while the other still had sheets and pillows all over the place.

"Where did Sasori go?" Deidara asked.

"He and my mom went out to lunch," Lia said. She sat down on her father's bed.

"So yesterday was the first day you met Sasori?" Deidara asked

She nodded, "He left before he knew my mom was pregnant. What's he like? You obviously have spent a lot of time with him."

"I've known him for about a year," Deidara said, "He's a judgmental, grumpy asshole."

"Do you like him?" She asked.

Deidara scowled, "You ask a lot of weird questions for only being a kid."

"I'm not too much younger than you," she said, "and you didn't answer my question."

"Well," he started, "I know I'm bisexual because I've liked both guys and girls. Sasori no Danna is different. I do have feelings for him I guess. I've tried to flirt with him before but he hates me. He hates my art."

"Your art?" She asked.

For the first time since Sasori had yelled at him, Deidara smiled. He grabbed his clay poach and stuck one of his hands inside. Once it chewed up some clay he retracted it. He showed the mouth to Lia. He figured she would look either disgusted or scared when he showed her, but to his surprise she look fascinated by it.

"What's that for," she asked, extremely intrigued.

He smirked, "Just watch."

The mouth spit out the wad of clay and within two seconds Deidara molded it into a mini butterfly. He used his jutsu to control it and make it fly. Lia smiled while she watched the butterfly circle around her. Deidara made the butterfly higher over them so it was far enough away.

"Katsu!" He yelled as he made his custom hand signs.

The butterfly exploded. The blast was small but it still let off a decent cloud of smoke. Lia watched the performance, awed by the display.

"That's your jutsu?"

He nodded, "It's my art. Your dad believes art is eternal. I disagree completely. I believe art is fleeting. It is meant to last only a moment so that the memory will be quick but imprinted forever."

She smiled, "I like your art. It makes a lot of sense"

Deidara smiled back. He liked this kid. It was nice to know a non-judging, kind copy of Sasori existed.


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