Author's Note- So this fic is going to be an collection of completely random one-shots. Before you go any further, I know some of it isn't canon to the shows/comics/ect it has been taken from but it's a private interpretation and timeline for the characters. This chapter is also the only one likely to not be in Tim Drake's perspective, all others are his. It's just an intro chapter.

That said, each chapter will have a prompt italicized that is then written up, if anybody has a prompt they'd be interested in reading about or seeing what could come of it, just send it in a review and I'll get right on it! Thanks for Reading!

Dedicated entirely to Aggie Holmes, she also came up with the better half of these stories!

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Your character has had enough and decides to speak their mind to their boss. What do they say and how does the boss react? Are they glad to have it out of their system, or do they regret it later?

"And do it quick!"

Dick Grayson gritted his teeth, fists clenched as the manager slammed the door behind him. What had even possessed him to take this nine-to-five anyways? A grocery store? One that got held up more times than not! What had he been thinking?

Yet this manager was down his throat for being late all the time? What was he supposed to do? Well he would thank him if he knew he saved his lifethree days ago. But of course… he 'didn't' do that. 'Dick Grayson' didn't do anything spectacular with his life. He went to college, spent time with multiple girls, and while generally likable and pretty good-looking if anyone asked him, there wasn't anything special. It was only 'Nightwing' that did those things.

And he sure as hell wasn't paid for it!

He really hated secret identity's sometimes. Why should he have to take that? You know… he shouldn't! What was the worst he could do? Give him time off? He'd enjoy it! He wasn't that broke and nine bets out of ten he could get an even better job! One with a better manager and people not scowling at him for the high prices of
potatoes every ten minutes.

Dick turned back around, knocking loudly on the door, straightening up as the manager opened the door, eyebrows raising up, a glare being sent his direction.

"Somehow Grayson, I doubtyou finished that quick."

"No, I didn't. It's not in my job description to clean out the restrooms! I'm a cashier."

"It's in your 'job description' to do whatever I tell you to, pretty boy."

"No, it's not and I'm notdoing it!"

"Oh, okay then," The manager said, nodding his head. Dick had to wonder… could it really go that easy? "You're fired, you no good, slacker."

Dick blinked slightly as the door was slammed in his face, standing there for a moment, looking around like someone would open the door and tell him that of course he was joking!

But nobody did and he looked around before pulling the apron around his head, balling it up before throwing it at the door, grabbing his backpack from behind the counter, storming out of the front doors.

"You should just stick to being a vigilante, Nightwing," The smaller boy snickered, he looked over at his spiky haired younger 'brother' with a slight scowl, who was tossing a batarang up into the air before catching it.

"Says the rich boy!" He said snippishly, leaning his head back on the rest of the chair, groaning. He needed a new job… but how could he had figured he would fire him! So he was late… alright, he was late most shifts… and he knew he was too good for the job… but that was a reason to just fire him? Well he could find another cruddy job anyways… This was why he couldn't go the civilian life.

"I wasn't always rich you know."

"Yeah, yeah, don't you have bad guys to catch or something?" He tossed over his shoulder as the boy tossed the batarang too high and it stuck into the cave. Yup, Bruce would love that when it fell later, probably with terrible timing into evidence or something. Hopefully he was there to see his face, but with his luck today he'd miss the old man getting annoyed! Oh well, couldn't yell at him for it if it went that way. He used Nightwing… stuff… even if it was based off of Bruce's designs. It was still different.

"No, I'm avoiding homework."

"You're a super genius…" How exactly should he avoid homework? What would it take him two minutes? He was in high school already! A year early, and he was complaining. Wait until he had to get out in the real world and… wait, was he being competitive with a twelve year old? Yeah… today was just going great.

"No. Just a genius, there's no such thing as a super genius Dick."

"Shuddup Tim."

Tim laughed again and he frowned, hitting his head on the chair's back. He was doomed! It was too bad good looks didn't get you anywhere when you got your boss angry… he hadn't even yelled that loud… he'd given Batman ten times more anger when he finally quit the Robin gig… stupid grocery store…

Tim was right… he should just stick to being a vigilante!