Your character has received/won a million dollars/galleons! How did they come across such riches? Lucky win at the lottery? Inheritance? What does he plan on doing with the money? Does she follow through or does she change her mind instead?

He looked down at the desk he was seated in front of. There was an odd mixture of anxiety and excitement that seemed to be mingled in his veins, pushing through every bit of his body.

Tim glanced over and up at Bruce next to him, looking cool, calm, and collected in his suit and tie, talking to the woman behind the desk who was readying papers.

It seemed ironic, or at least ridiculous, that he was nervous over this. When he could and did do things that should be ten times as nerve racking and even scary. Nature of the suit. But none of that usually scared him, even if it excited him.

He breathed in a little unevenly, nodding and straightening his voice to answer the general question thrown at him. How did Bruce look so calm? Was he that calm? Tim took a little reassurance in that, that maybe this wasn't a big deal to Bruce.

It really shouldn't be to Tim! They'd already talked about it, probably hundreds of times, they'd already decided on it, Bruce had even sent in some pre-paper work. Tim had even signed that! But that was at home, and it seemed less... real.

At home Alfred would be there with a calm, steadying hand on his shoulder too. Tim was just going to have to suffice with the thought of it.

"And finally, please sign here Mr. Wayne."

Tim's eyes jumped over to the last page, an entirely separate piece at the bottom of a mountain of paperwork. Bruce leaned forward, and looked over at Tim for a split second with a smile before he returned his attention to the paper and wrote his flashy signature on the line.

"Now it's official," She said, pulling the paper back and slipping it effortlessly into a folder. The woman pulled the other stacks to, making quick copies, stapling, rummaging for paperclips... but Tim's mind was stuck in some other parallel to all this. "Congratulations Mr. Wayne," The woman said, standing up, and that was really the moment it all sunk in and the odd, second person sensations he'd been having seemed to disappear.

A smile spread across his face and he stood up, reaching out to take her hand. Tim shook it once... Tim Wayne... he looked up at Bruce quickly and found an unusual smile settled on his mentors... no, father's face.

Alright, that one he was going to need to get used to more. But Bruce just officially adopted him and as he shook hands with the woman and turned around in the office... Tim was filled with joy. He'd been teased relentlessly all week, Dick saying the little baby bird just wanted a more reassured nest, Jason's blunt you're gonna be loaded, and everybody else he could think of...

But none of that matter... because Bruce really had adopted him... and he felt like he had a family again. He did.