A/N: This isn't exactly a story; it's just a new idea I had. I take a basic situation (example: fighting a Klingon) and put various characters into it, and tell how they each react differently. If that doesn't make sense, just read it.  (No, that explanation isn't much better, but hopefully it makes some sense.) Part One has a couple characters from my other stories, so you might want to read (and review!) those, though it's not technically necessary. Just know that Carol is Kirk's girlfriend and she's in Starfleet, and Stella is Harry Mudd's extremely ugly and frightening wife (who wears a mask to hide her hideousness).

Part One:

To Fight a Klingon

A big, burly, and somewhat dimwitted Klingon is attacking:

The Klingon was poised, ready to lunge forward and begin the fight.  Kirk was equally poised.  They circled warily.  The Klingon was about to attack when Kirk stepped back and straightened.

"Wait a minute.  You can't attack me," Kirk said calmly.

The Klingon blinked, badly thrown off.  This was not something he had anticipated.  "Um…what?"

"I just remembered.  You can't attack me."

The Klingon, thinking he perceived cowardice, recovered his equilibrium.  "That is ridiculous," he snarled.  "I am a Klingon.  You are Kirk.  We are enemies.  We fight.  I kill you, and get drunk on bloodwine in celebration.  Or else"—and here he smirked to show his doubt—"you kill me and I go to Sto-Vo-Kor and get drunk on bloodwine anyway.  It is very simple."

Kirk nodded.  "Sure, I'm fine with that.  But you can't attack yet.  I have to take my shirt off first."

The Klingon had heard enough.  He charged with a roar.  Kirk ducked and twisted, and caught the Klingon in a hold from behind.

"If you don't give me a chance to take my shirt off, could you at least try to rip it?" Kirk asked, hanging onto the Klingon from behind.  "Preferably across the chest, or over one shoulder?"

The Klingon grunted, and threw Kirk off.  Kirk hit the ground and rolled, coming up with a boot straight in the Klingon's face.  That was rapidly followed by a fist at the point of the Klingon's chin.  He hit the ground with a thud and stayed there.  Kirk looked at him for a moment, then shook his head.

"You disappoint me," he informed the unconscious Klingon.  "I expected to beat you, but couldn't you have put up a decent fight?  I might have lost part of my shirt."  Kirk shook his head again and started walking away.  "Just how am I suppose to date the yeomen on this ship if I never lose my shirt?  I don't know what this galaxy is coming to…"

*  *  *

The Klingon was poised, ready to lunge forward and begin the fight.  Spock eyed him carefully, making calculations and plans.  The Klingon was about to attack when Spock took a step forward and straightened.

"You realize it is illogical to attack me.  We are on the Enterprise.  Even if you defeat me, you will eventually be caught.  You would do better to surrender.  We would be more lenient," Spock said, taking a single step forward.

The Klingon was thoughtful for a moment, then regained his sense of purpose.  "It is a matter of honor," he growled, and prepared again for the attack.

Spock continued speaking.  "It is further illogical to engage me in hand to hand combat.  Vulcans have strength superior to humans, as well as excellent reflexes and fully developed martial arts skills."  He carefully took another step forward.

The Klingon frowned.  "If you are more powerful than I am, then I'll die.  That doesn't matter.  It is a good day to die.  And if I'm more powerful, you'll die."

"It is also illogical to immediately plan to kill me.  I would make a more valuable hostage.  On the other hand, you would be burdened with dealing with me while evading the security guards."  Spock took two steps forward while talking.

The Klingon frowned, trying to think.  He was starting to get confused.  Maybe this fight wasn't as simple as it had looked.  Or maybe this pointy-eared Starfleeter was trying to confuse him.  Or maybe—

By now Spock and the Klingon were quite close together.  It was a simple matter for Spock to take two quick steps forward, duck past the Klingon, and, before the Klingon could react properly, get one hand on his shoulder.  And that was all it took.  The Klingon sunk to the floor unconscious, nerve-pinched.

"It is especially illogical," Spock said quietly, "to allow yourself to be distracted by your opponent while in a fight."

*  *  *

The Klingon was poised, ready to lunge forward and begin the fight.  Carol eyed him, unimpressed.  In one rapid movement she grabbed her phaser and stunned him.  Then she stepped over to the comm unit on the wall.  "Security?  We've got a stunned Klingon on Deck three.  You might want to pick him up."

*  *  *

The Klingon was poised, ready to lunge forward and begin the fight.  Stella eyed him.

"My, aren't you the brawny fellow!" she cooed.

He blinked, a bit taken aback.  This was unexpected.

"You know, there's no reason we have to fight.  We could be great friends, you and I," Stella continued.

"I will not be 'friends' with someone who hides her identity behind a mask.  Such deception is dishonorable."

"No problem!" Stella pulled her mask off and smiled at the Klingon.

The Klingon was a brave man.  He had faced death countless times without flinching.  He was willing and happy to die for his empire.  He took one look at Stella, screamed, and ran down the corridor.

Stella snapped her fingers in frustration.  "Dang.  That makes twelve."

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