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Referrence: This is a Dixie Cup

Halloween was right around the corner and boy was Grace William's excited. Not only did she get to spend the whole week with Danno, She got to go to a party with all her Five 0 Ohana. Uncle Chin promised to take her to a corn maze and Kono said she'd go on a hey ride with her. She was also happy that her Danno and Stevie were taking her trick-or-treating, but first she needed a costume.

Everyone was at Steve's, Danno and Steve were sitting on couch watching the jets play and Uncle Chin was currently sprawled out on the floor colouring in her Disney princess colouring book. Gracie was going to have to have a talk with her Uncle about giving all the princess green skin and purple hair. They were Disney princesses and not alien princesses after all.

Kono was helping with her costume, she was going as a Navy sailor. A girly sailor though, Steve was even letting her and Kono bedazzle his old dixie cup from when he was a plebe. Together her and Kono were dying the sailor suit from when he was a little boy pink. They were having a lot of fun and Grace wondered what Kono was when she was little.

" Auntie Kono, what were you for Halloween when you were little?" she asked as she turned her eyes on her auntie.

" When I was little I was Betty Rubble from the Flintstones, Another year I was Princess Jasmine. When I got older, Uncle Chin and I went to a party as a fork and spoon"

" Thats really cool, what about you Uncle Chin what were you for Halloween when you were little?" Grace asked loud enough for the men to here.

" I was a ninja turtle once, oh and a mummy one year to. Don't ever be a mummy Grace, it only seems cool until you have to pee"

" Uncle Chin!" Gracie said Giggling.

" What about you Danno?"

" Well Monkey, when I was really little I was a monkey with a bright red butt. Then I was Batman, A police officer, Then in high school I was a slice of Pizza"

" Were you a Ham and Pine Apple slice daddy?"

" STEVE!" Danny muttered causing everyone to laugh.

" Stevie, Stevie what were you? I bet I can guess G.I Joe" Grace asked.

" Nope"

"No?" everyone inquired.

" The Energizer Bunny"

" You were a pink bunny?"

" Uh yeah"

" Stevie, don't tell anybody outside of this room that, you'll lose your street cred"

Grace said causing everyone to laugh.

Grace Loved her Ohana.