Lavi smiles as he spots Allen laying under a tree in the middle of the grassy quad and makes his way over. The redhead freezes, stopping short when he sees a familiar figure approaching his lover.

"Allen can I talk to you?"

Lavi frowns as he watches his white-haired boyfriend sit up in surprise, staring at the man in the top hat standing over him. "T-Tyki?" Allen composes himself, "what the hell do you want?"

"I want you back Allen I promise I can treat you better than I have. I need you my life isn't the same without you. I have no one to be on my side against Sheril when we fight. I miss your lips and the feel of your skin against mine."

"Tyki it's been two months since I last saw you, I am not the same person you know anymore. I am not weak and I won't be convinced by your sweet words. Why would I take back now? I'm with Lavi and I'm happy."

"You don't love him, I know you feel like there's something missing in your life without me."

"You must be delusional if you if you really think I miss you abusing me?"

Tyki smirks, "You don't love him Allen, not like you love me."

Allen stands up meeting Tyki's smirk with a hard glare. "I never loved you, I only ever said it because I was afraid of you. As for—"

Tyki cuts him off wrapping his arms around Allen smirking down at him as he draws his lips closer. "You want me still I can see it in your eyes."

"I do NOT!" Allen pushes Tyki away throwing of his jacket to expose his deformed, red arm. "Look me in the eye and tell me my arm doesn't disgust you!"

Tyki freezes avoiding Allen's cold, gray eyes. "Your arm doesn't disgust me."

"LIAR! You can never truly love me if you don't love all of me. As for Lavi, I am in love with him and I've never been this happy at any point in my life. I never thought I could ever be this happy. I love Lavi Bookman!"

Lavi smiles as he makes his way over to them, "you do?"

Allen blushes slightly and his pale eyes light up as he sees Lavi standing behind Tyki, "I do. I'm sorry it took this long to tell you." He runs past his ex-boyfriend and throws himself into his boyfriend's arms.

The redhead catches him with a smile wrapping his arms around the younger's waist. Lavi pulls away first, making a point of leaving a trail of little kisses up Allen's frail arm. "That's okay I don't mind."

"H-how can you touch that thing with...w-with your lips." Tyki interrupts shooting a disgusted look Lavi's way.

"Because like Allen said, I truly love him, every part of him." Lavi glares at the dark-haired man before his kisses Allen's lips this time. Allen kisses back with enthusiasm as he pulls Lavi closer, deepening the kiss.

"What are you still doing here?" Allen shoots a look at Tyki, "Pinning over your ex while he's making out with someone right in front of you? Kinda pathetic if you ask me."

Lavi laughs and pulls Allen closer as Tyki shoots a final glare their way before stalking off. "I'm so proud of you Allen. You've come a long way since him and I'm so happy with you, the happiest I've been in my entire life as well. I love you too. We need to celebrate this! Do you want to go see a movie or something?"

Allen smiles warmly, "I'd like that."

Allen slams his door after a very long day of classes, sighing to himself glad that it was finally Friday. He takes a deep of the warm flowery May air that lazily makes it way into his room from the open window. He had always loved the spring, but he couldn't help but feel kind of sad with the coming of this spring. Collapsing on his bed, Allen runs a hand over his face I can't believe Lavi is graduating in two weeks. Their relationship had come a long way in the past year but Allen couldn't help worrying about what will happen for them now. The white-haired junior rolled over in his bed stopping as he hears of soft crinkle of paper underneath him. He smiles as pair of intertwined red and white roses with a note strung through the ribbon the binds them together.

Dearest Allen,

Meet me at the Black Order restaurant at 7:30 I have reservations and a

surprise for you.

Love, Lavi

The Black Order restaurant? Doesn't he know how expensive that place is? And with my appetite that will be very expensive if he insist on paying like normal. Allen bites his lip with a smile, as he goes over to his closet to find the dressiest of his shirts to ware for tonight. He stares at himself in the mirror playing with his white hair trying it to lay just right. He just adjusts the long red tie that he adorned instead of his usual bowed necktie. Deciding that he look presentable enough, Allen leaves his dorm room hailing a cab. He bites his lip as he fiddles with the roses, nervously, what could Lavi possibly have planned that he wanted to go to this fancy of a restaurant? The cab finally comes to a stop in front of modern looking black and white building with wide front windows, Allen had always wanted to go in there but never had any reason to.

Lavi's eyes light up as he sees Allen step out of the yellow car, "Allen!" The redhead runs to the curb kissing him as the cabbie drives off. "You look really nice tonight, love and you brought the roses!"

"Yeah I did, I know red roses mean love, but what's the white for?"

"For us, Allen, the white is you and your hair color while the red is me and my red hair."

Allen smiles, "You look really good tonight too Lavi," Lavi grins at Allen's compliment. Allen's eyes scan Lavi's body with a smile, he had abandoned his normal green and black bandanna so his fiery hair now framed his face perfectly. His dark green dress shirt is complimented perfectly with a black tie and black pants. "That shirt really brings out your eyes."

"Thank you Allen," Lavi offers his arm to he blushing boyfriend as they make their way into the restaurant. The hostess shoots a warm smile at Lavi as she leads them to a table in the back.

"Okay Lavi what is this about? Why did you pick such a fancy place?"

"It's a surprise, silly, you'll just have to find out later."

"Hello Lavi, it's good to see you again."

"Of course Lenalee, it's a pleasure to see you as always."

The teal-hair waitress smiles, "Good evening gentleman, my name is Lenalee and I'll be your server tonight. Can I start you off with something to drink?" Allen shakes his head as he watches Lavi pick one of the bottles of champagne off of the long liquor list with names that he could never pronounce. He shoots his boyfriend a skeptical look as Lenalee makes her way back to kitchen.

"What? So it does help that we got such a good table because I know the owner's sister. She's dating Yu-chan, much to her older brother's dismay. She recommended this restaurant when I told her and Kanda about my surprise for you."

"Wait she's dating Kanda? Really? But she seems so nice and sweet, why would she pick Kanda?"

"Ah come on, Yu isn't a bad guy once you get past his moodiness and bad temper. I know it's hard for you to see since the two of you clash so much."

"Okay I'll try to believe you on that."

"Here you are, the champagne you ordered. Have you decided on what you would like to eat?" Lenalee sets the bottle and glasses between them with an excited look at Lavi. The redhead returns the look and orders a simple pasta dish and Caesar salad. The pigtailed waitress tries not look surprised as Allen orders his normal amount of food.

Allen blushes slightly as he looks at Lavi, "oh I'm sorry I forgot how expensive this place was, I don't have to order as much as I usually do…"

The elder laughs and waves Allen off nonchalantly, "Don't worry about it Allen, this is a special night after all. Order whatever you want."

"Thank you Lavi, but why is this such a special night?"

"Tsk, tsk Allen, I won't ruin the surprise for you, you'll just have to wait for the dessert." Lavi smiles as he opens the liquor, pouring them each a glass. Lenalee smiles as she walks away, bringing the orders to kitchen.

Allen can't help but see how nervous Lavi is throughout the whole meal. He lights up again when Lenalee brings a single piece of cheesecake with raspberry sauce, the pale cheesecake offset by the bright red syrup, for them to share. The redhead smiles as he and Allen share it, fighting with their forks for the last bite.

"Okay Allen you've waited long enough, it's time for the surprise."

"Finally!" Allen scoffs, jokingly. His pale eyes widen in confusion as Lavi comes over to his side of the table.

"Allen I love you, more than anything. You make me so happy and I'm so glad you chose me." Allen gasps as Lavi gets down on one knee in front of him pulling out a simple black box. "Allen, you've always been my only one, will you marry me?"

Allen gasps again as his hand flies to his mouth, his stormy eyes swimming with tears. "Really?" He couldn't believe that someone really wanted him like that, forever.

Lavi laughs lightly and fights the urge to shake his head. "I practically fought your ex-boyfriend for you, yes really!" Tears spill down Allen's face, he's still too stunned to say anything. "Are you planning on answering me, Allen?"

"Y-yes. Yes I'll marry you Lavi!" Lavi breaks out into an impossibly bright smile as he slides the ring on to Allen's finger. The redhead picks Allen out of his chair and hugs him excitedly, kissing him deeply when the younger's feet finally touch the ground. Allen kisses him back just as deeply and passionately.

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