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Full Summary: Bella moves to Forks to live with her dad after trying to get away from her past which seemed to be everywhere back in Phoenix. Along the way of trying to heal herself and putting a show for everyone in the town, she does not expect to make friends... much less meet a captivating green-eyed boy that just so happens to be her new friend's best friend. Maybe he can help her. Or maybe her past will catch up to her and make her run like she did in the past. Or maybe, just maybe... she'll fall in love.

Note: They are all Seniors in high school.

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Chapter 1:

I looked out the plain's window as I took deep calming breaths. I looked down at my hands before looking back out the window and ignoring the Pilot's words and watched as we descended from the sky.

Renee, my mom, had tried to call me at least twenty times already but I just ignored her calls. I didn't want to shut her out but I just didn't want to feel the pain. I wanted to be oblivious at least for a moment. It wasn't fair that my life was turned upside down and ripped at what seemed the seams in just a matter of two days. Two long days.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts and got up from my seat and grabbed my duffel bag knowing that Charlie, my dad and the Police Chief of Forks, Washington, had gotten them earlier in the week and they were already waiting for me in the house. I pulled my zipper up and pulled my hood on as I left the plane and quietly maneuvered and weaved my way around everyone as I went out of the airport and looking for Charlie's cruiser which was supposed to be waiting for me.

I saw a guy in a police uniform holding up a sign with my name on it.

Great. Charlie couldn't make it. I thought and decided to take matters into my own hands. I pulled my hood closer to my face and quickly put myself in with the crowd so that I blended in with the rest of the people. Not a hard task since I had always been invisible back in Phoenix and I prefered it that way.

I was glad that I was wearing two tank tops, a shirt, a sweater, and a rain jacket which kept me warm and kept the water from getting to me. I walked away from the airport and decided to walk home smiling happily to myself when I saw the officer run a hand through his hair and get in the cruiser before driving away. I was walking along the shoulder of the road wanting to get home when the rain picked up.

In true fashion, I ended up tripping and falling to the ground. I groaned and got up before realizing that for the first time, I hadn't tripped over my own feet or over thin air. But I had actually tripped over a pair of feet. I stood up carefully before walking cautiously over to the body yet keeping a safe distance from his body. It was a body of a boy around my age. His hair was a dirty blond and his face was filled with bruises and cuts. I realized a moment later that the boy had probably been beaten up.

I started to panic as my previous pain filled thoughts flew out of my head and I was trying to figure out what to do.

Take him home? No! I don't even know who the hell he is!

Call the cops? Oh yeah that will go great over with Charlie. Yeah. How about, "Hey, Charlie. I found a body on the shoulder of the road. Oh? What am I doing on the shoulder of the road? Well, I decided to take a good long walk and-"

My thoughts were interrupted by a pained groan. My eyes snapped to the boy who had managed to turn onto his side and was looking at me through half-lidded crystal eyes.

"Um, hi. What's you're name?" I asked him at the same time that he croaked, "Who are you?" through a raspy squeak.

"Bella." I said without thinking and blushed before ducking my head. I immediately rushed to him when he started to fall back and his strength started to fail him.

"I'm Jasper... Whitlock." he grunted as I helped him sit up.

"Well, it's uh," I cleared my throat as I helped him sit up against a tree carefully, "nice to meet you, Jasper."

"You're not... mad?" he asked me looking wary yet confused.

"Mad? Should I be?" I asked him confused at his question.

"I lost the game for the school. I guess that I deserve this." he muttered and winced as he moved suddenly before flinching and groaning in pain.

I bit my lip before squatting down in front of him. "I'm not mad, Jasper. But I would like to help you... if you would like?" I said it like a question. He looked at me with surprised eyes before nodding slowly.

"Do you have a car?" he asked me.

"No. But I do have a cell phone. But I can't really-"

"Don't call the police." he said suddenly.

"What?" I asked wondering why he didn't want to call the police even though I was just about to tell him that I wouldn't be able to since my dad was the Chief.

"Can you call... a friend of mine?" he asked me looking at me pleadingly.

"Uh, sure." I said as I sat across from him against another tree. "Number?" I asked seeing that his hands were bleeding and dirty. I pulled out a piece of cloth and handed it to him telling him to clean himself off a bit which he thanked me for. He gave me the number quickly and told me to tell the person, Emmett, to drive along the shoulder of the road out of Forks and that he would eventually find us. I did as he told me and found out that Emmett had a deep voice and was Jasper's adopted brother and best friend.

"I'll look for his Jeep and make sure that he sees us." I said after trying to dry his hair out since I was having no luck with his injuries. He nodded and thanked me before I walked a little bit away from him and stood on the shoulder of the road looking for the huge red jeep that Jasper described.

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