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Full Summary: Bella moves to Forks to live with her dad after trying to get away from her past which seemed to be everywhere back in Phoenix. Along the way of trying to heal herself and putting a show for everyone in the town, she does not expect to make friends... much less meet a captivating green-eyed boy that just so happens to be her new friend's best friend. Maybe he can help her. Or maybe her past will catch up to her and make her run like she did in the past. Or maybe, just maybe... she'll fall in love.

Rated: M for language and adult themes... and possible lemons ;)

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It was cold out and I couldn't stop shaking. But it wasn't for the obvious weather reasons. The excitement around me buzzed and filled me up. It almost seemed too good to be true, being here again. My plans took a detour but it all worked out. I had Alice on my side, after all.

My assigned body guards were with me and even though they were in casual clothes to disguise themselves like I was currently doing, their height and body build drew attention.

Eleazar was the head of my security and had been with me ever since I'd signed the contract with Patriot Records. He was an old friend of Carlisle and Esme's. And even though I had a hard time adjusting with my growing fame, I would never doubt those two people in my life. If they trusted Eleazar Domicci, I trusted him too.

He had twelve men working for him on my security detail and had them take shifts.

Overall, Esme took care of me and made sure that everything was settled after she had accepted the position as my agent and manager. She, too, had her own team of people.

She got me good publicity and always kept me on track and updated, assuring me that I didn't have to lose myself whenever the numbers of my fanbase grew. And I was and would always be forever grateful for Esme Cullen. She kept me grounded.

Some people say that the fame and money could get to you.

Not me. Of course, a lot of things had changed over the last two years. I'd graduated from Forks High School with my best friends and the team. I'd signed the next seven years of my life away to a life of papparazzi and singing tours. A life on the road and screaming fans.

It was exhilerating and scary all at the same time.

And even though I loved it to pieces, I regretted not having him at my side. I wished that we would have been able to see more of each other. We tried to make plans for the holidays when our monthly visits dwindled, but those too fell flat.

I hadn't seen Edward in five months now. And there was a limit to how much phone calls, e-mails, text messages, Skype, Facebook, and Instant Messaging could do for me until I couldn't handle it anymore. We were always missing each other. If I called him when I finally came up for air in between rehearsals and concerts, he would be sleeping or out on the field, practicing. If he called me when he finally got away from film study and practicing out on the field, I was out trying to appease my fans with my presence.

And I'd had enough.

Before I'd made a commitment to my new life, I'd made a promise to Edward.

That we would be okay. That we would be together. And that we would be happy.

We were not okay. We were certainly not together. And based off of our last phone call, our feeling were mutual; we were not happy. At. All.

The distance was killing me. The frustration was building and I knew that I needed to get out.

So I had ditched out on guest starring on Conan, cancelling last minute when I realized that the Chicago Bears were playing the Arizona Wildcats. It wasn't exactly a decision that Esme was happy with at first but after I had made myself clear as well as my plan, she'd agreed.

Mom was awesome.

She'd managed to smooth things over and had made up a cover story, saying that I had a family emergency up North. It was epic. While the paparazzi and my fans would be keeping an eye out for me up North, I'd be down South in the state closer to California.

Arizona. It was hot and certainly not fun. But I loved the scenery coming down here. And I was in high spirits, knowing why I was coming down here. And for who.

My boyfriend, Edward Cullen, had skyrocketed to fame as the Chicago Bears' "All-American, All-Grizzly" quarterback. He was constantly in the magazines, being featured for his victories and "panty-dropping crooked smile." My crooked smile.

Yeah, I was a bit possessive.

But who wouldn't be? Edward was completely gorgeous and I knew it. Hell, everyone knew it now that his face was always in the newspapers. He led his team into victory so many time that he was fawned over by not only football fans but the ladies as well.

And yet, no one knew that we were in a relationship.

As hard as it was, Esme had agreed with us when we told her that we didn't want it public. I'd kind of wanted her to argue but I understood her reasoning. If anyone thought that either of us was taken, there would be havoc. From both our fanbases. But to be completely honest, Esme's words, not mine, the paparazzi would try their damndest to cause drama between us. Drama that neither of us wanted.

So we'd stayed silent.

Of course, I'd gotten questioned about the platinum band on my ring finger at every interview that I went to. But I had no intention of saying anything and no intention of taking it off. I knew that they would eventually stop asking about it and Esme agreed with me, although her agreement was a bit reluctant.

I would deal with it.

Well, here I was. In Arizona, not California, in an attempt to surprise my boyfriend.

I knew that we would probably not have time to see each other. And I would most likely be recognized in this gigantic stadium by one person or another. Whether they chose to make a scene or not was their choice.

My fingers twisted and played with my ring, as I lowered my Chicago Bears cap over my eyes when the team burst out from the lockers. Screams and shouts of excitement echoed all around me. But all I could do was look for him. I wouldn't be able to spot him because he always made a habit of putting his helmet on even before the game started. But I could still look for his name.

And I knew, when the cheers elevated from the Chicago fans, that Edward had stepped out on the field. Slowly standing up, I smiled when my eyes finally spotted him.

I could feel the familiar buzz in my body from being around him. And even though it was faint because he was so damned far away, I could still feel it. The tension in my shoulders melted away and the gaping hole that I'd felt since I'd last seen him in person slowly filled up with his presence.

He was too far away too touch or speak to but he was close. Closer than he'd been in a long time. For a second, I could see that he felt it too. And his head moved from side to side as if he were searching before his attention was pulled away.

I sighed quietly, not knowing what I would do if he'd caught me before the game was up. I didn't want him to be distracted. But a selfish part of me wanted his attention.

I shook my head to myself, knowing that I couldn't have it both ways. I calmed myself down with the reminder that I would see him later. Everything was already arranged.

The coin was tossed and I watched as Edward called the second half. Emmett slapped his back while the other two football captains, Jeremy and Kyle, laughed loudly. Tension buzzed in the air as the game began and I watched with baited breath as everything fell into place.

I tried to keep my eyes on the ball as the game progressed but my eyes constantly drew back to Edward. I watched him. His movements, his orders, his calls, and his plays. I'd managed to tape all of his games up until now. I was actually having Alice record this one at my apartment while I was here.

But I hadn't been to one of his games since his first season playing. I'd only made it to three of the games. And that was with him knowing. I hadn't told him that I'd be coming this time. Emmett and Jasper didn't know either. At least I hoped they didn't.

That would sort of ruin my plans.

My leg bounced anxiously as I watched Edward pass the ball off to Jasper who fumbled with it momentarily before taking off. Emmett blocked a tackle aimed for Edward before rushing after Jasper to try and shield him. I smiled, happy to see that nothing had really changed.

Edward had stuck by his serious comment of me not playing football after we graduated. And I'd indulged him. I knew that he was always worrying over me when I was out on the field. For every play, every uttered hint, every tackle, and every dog pile I was forced under, his eyes had always been on me.

I know that it should have somehow bugged me. But that was just Edward being protective. And boy, was he protective! He'd stayed in constant contact with Eleazar and Esme when he couldn't talk to me. Eventually, Eleazar got used to his 3 am phone calls. He indulged him, knowing that Edward couldn't sleep well without knowing how I was and if I was safe in my apartment.

There were several nights when I had to wake up at two in the morning to Eleazar checking in on me at Edward's insistance.

It was borderline ridiculous. And frustrating. And... sweet.

This was just Edward being Edward. This was the behavior of the man that I'd fallen in love with. And I knew that I loved him when I didn't yell at him for making Eleazar barge into my bathroom when I took too long because I was checking the bags under my eyes after washing my hands. Nearly made me poke my eye out too. He might have seemed overbearing to others but I knew that Edward naturally panicked when he couldn't get in touch with me.

He managed it most of the time through Eleazar.

I bounced in my seat when Jasper made it to the field goal. I laughed elatedly when the crowd literally went wild, cheering for the first touchdown of the game. And so it went on.

My eyes drifted back to Edward as he called out another play. And I could swear that his eyes locked onto mine for a moment. When he did a double take, I heard someone to my left gasp loudly.

"Cover's blown. Tighten in on Cygnus," Eleazar muttered into his hidden earpiece. I kept my face neutral when someone loudly shouted my name, drawing attention immediately.

I blushed when all of the fans around me turned around in their seats to openly gawk at me. But I was staring back at Edward who was now smiling widely.

"It appears we have a celebrity visiting the Bears! Hello, Isabella Swan!" I laughed at the voice of the announcer as the jumbotron up above the field strayed from the game. The image switched from a cheering Emmett to my blushing face.

Giggling, I waved my fingers a bit and smiled at the people that were sitting around me while still keeping eye contact with Edward.

Jasper and Emmett had reached Edward by this point and were talking to him silently. I knew by this point that I had to pay attention more to the game now. I couldn't let my eyes wander to my secret boyfriend because everyone was watching me. And they were watching where I was watching.

The game continued after a brief pause at the announcement of my presence and I smiled when Edward made the next touchdown himself. The game went on and I watched him once again lead his team to victory.

It was a massacre and I hoped no one would notice that Edward was suddenly upping his game in my presence. I chuckled to myself as the game ended and the teams rushed into their locker rooms to change. I watched as my best friends and boyfriend momentarily paused, stalling as I too stood up to leave.

Smiling, I regretted that I couldn't do more than that, I glanced down at them from my spot on the bleachers and lowered my cap before entering the crowd with my security detail. Eleazar was at my elbow and two of his men were subtly making a path for me while keeping close at the same time.

I sighed as I looked out at the field once more. It was empty.

And I knew that I shouldn't have expected more. But I wish that I could've run down to him. To congratulate him for the win. To kiss him. To hug him. To cry and apologize for taking so long to see him.

"At the room," Eleazar reminded me quietly and I nodded before turning and leaving.

It was hell getting out of the stadium. Everyone wanted an autograph and eventually security had to come and escort me down to my car. Eleazar quickly made the transfer after seven minutes of mindless driving, telling me that everything was prepared and set out.

Alice had arranged for him to have Edward's schedule and only he would know my real whereabouts in Arizona. Anyone suspecting would be paid off or diverted.

Eleazar had us switch vehicles with one of the other men of the security team and so we quickly lost any remaining following paparazzi. The hotel was packed when we arrived; reporters were crowding around the front where the team had arrived so Eleazar quickly slipped me in and helped me up to my room.

The reserved room that was directly adjacent to Emmett and Jasper's room. Edward's room was across the hall. And no one knew this because the Coach would be too distracted by Jasper and Emmett playing a prank on him and the assistant Coach. Eleazar only nodded to me when we entered my room, telling me that Alice had already called Emmett and Jasper.

"Thanks, El," I smiled and he rolled his eyes at my nickname. He'd get used to it eventually.

"I will be a phone call away should you need anything," he nodded and swiftly exited the room.

I paced the room anxiously, knowing that Edward would be here any moment. I twisted my ring between my fingers, an anxious habit that I'd formed. Unfortunately, everyone seemed to always zero in on my ring whenever I'd do it. And then the questions would always begin because I'd given them their opening.

I barely heard the foot steps stop in front of the room and then there was a hesitant knock on the hotel suite's door. I rushed over and looked through the peep hole before throwing the door open and pulling him in. The door had barely slammed closed before his arms were around me.

"You're here," he breathed and I laughed as I pulled away, shoving my hair out of my face.

"Surprise," I beamed up at him and his face broke out into a wide grin before he pressed his lips to mine.

"Best," kiss, "fucking surprise," kiss, "ever!"

I giggled and trailed my hands up his abs and over his shoulders. He groaned loudly when my fingers tugged at his hair. I moaned in return when he deepened the kiss, pressing me against the door.

"I love you, I'm sorry. Sorry. So sorry," I whispered in between the kisses.

He pulled away, looking out of breath and flushed.

"What could you possibly be sorry for, love?" he asked me, shaking his head in disbelief.

"I stayed away too long. I should've come sooner. We keep on missing each other by seconds and it shouldn't have gotten so far that you have to contact me through the head of my security," I whispered shamefully as I bowed my head.

"Hey, none of that," he lifted my chin up with his finger. "Look at me, love." He sighed when I didn't and pressed a kiss to my nose. "Bella," he whispered softly.

My eyes welled with tears as I glanced up at him.

"We need to figure things out, that's a given," he said and chuckled a bit. "But in order to figure things out, we'll be making mistakes and stumble through a few things. None of it matters if I end up having you in my arms."

I bit my bottom lip to keep it from quivering.

"I shouldn't be crying," I mumbled quietly and he kissed me again, slowly this time. I kissed him back and sighed softly as the passion slowly grew between us until I was pulling away this time, out of breath. "I shouldn't be crying because this is something to celebrate. We're together again and you've just won another game. I'm so proud of you, honey."

He grinned at my endearment and chuckled. I watched as the tops of his ears tinged pink as he blushed and smiled to myself.

"Did you enjoy the game?" he asked me shyly.

"How could I not? My favorite quarterback was playing," I whispered, smiling up at him and he beamed back at me.

"I missed you, love. God, I missed you," he groaned as he pulled me away from the door and walked me out of the small living room and into the bedroom. "I want you," he groaned against my lips and I moaned softly. "I need you, Bella."

"Please," I whispered when he slipped his hand under my shirt, tracing my skin until he was teasing my nipple.

"I love it when you make those sounds, love." He groaned into my mouth as I gasped at his ministrations. The heat began to build in my belly and I knew that it would soon become a raging inferno if we kept up this slow pace.

After all, Edward loved to tease me until I was begging.

But two could play at that game. I grinned as I pulled away, my fingers making quick work of his belt and pants. He groaned softly as his pressed soft kisses to my neck, urging me on. As I began to pull his pants down with his boxers, he quickly pulled away and pulled my shirt over my head.

Our movements were getting more and more frantic and insistent as we pulled and tugged the other's clothes.

"Did you lock the door?" he whispered against my jaw.

"It locks by itself," I gasped and pulled away. I pressed my lips to his and smiled when I realized that we were naked. Finally.

I dropped down to my knees in front of him before he could say anything. And the next noise that came out of his mouth was an unrestrained moan as I wrapped my mouth around his large cock.

Besides the fact that we hadn't seen each other or really talk in months, I'd missed this. Being with him. Edward had been my first. For everything. And he would be my last.

Eight months ago, we managed to get away from everything for two weeks. No interruptions. No phone calls. No auditions or rehearsals. No practices. No film study.

And he'd romanced me before making love to me for the first time. It was the best time of my life. I knew that it would be happening so I'd gone on my Depo shot and had been getting it since then. I think that had been what had made our sudden separation so frustrating.

We'd finally taken another step in our relationship only to step back when we were away. Phone sex just had no appeal without Edward there with me. And if he was there with me like he was now, then it wouldn't exactly be phone sex.

His loud moan brought me to the present and I sucked and licked at him, sliding my hands up and down the back of his thighs before grabbing a hold of his deliciously firm ass.

"Bella, love, ugh, oh God," he grunted as I took him in deeper. "Please, Bella. Oh, ugh! I'm, I'm cumming!"

Yup. And that was how it was done.

I swallowed every last bit before pulling back and smiling to myself.

Althought my Edward could tease and sure as hell meet up with his teasing, he was incredibly easy.

But before I could get too smug with myself, he pulled me up to my feet and crashed his lips to mine. I moaned loudly when he shoved his tongue into my mouth and proceeded to show me what he wanted to do with me.

We fell into to bed and as I crawled back to get myself more comfortable, he crawled forward, looking very much like a predator.

"God, I love that mouth of yours," he whispered before crashing his lips to mine.

His fingers ghosted over my skin as they descended until they were over my bare and very wet pussy. My eyes rolled into the back of my head when he slowly worked me up with his fingers, groaning about how I was so wet and tight.

"I missed you. I missed you so much, love." he groaned as he peppered kisses over my face when I reached my climax at his will. "God, you're so beautiful."

As he settled in between my legs, I wrapped my arms around around him and lightly scraped by nails down his back. He stiffened and I could immediately feel him harden at my entrance.

"You like that, don't you? My kinky Edward," I grinned up at him and he groaned aloud as he slowly entered me. I slowly scraped my nails down his back again and he bucked forward, making me gasp loudly as he completely filled me.

"Don't tease me, love." he whispered against my jaw as he slowly moved.

"Who's teasing?" I whimpered as he pulled out slowly only to slam back in. I pulled my leg up, wrapping it around his waist and making him go in deeper. If that was even possible.

I moaned loudly. Yeah. It was.

"So good, Bella. Too good." He whispered as he set up a rhythm. "You're so good to me, Bella. I love you. God, I love you."

"I love you too," I whispered, lightly brushing my lips against his. He groaned and pressed his lips against mine fiercely.

I cried quietly as he made love to me, whispering sweet nothings and endearments in my ear as our bodies became one. For this moment we were inseperable. And I would always remember this moment. Always cherish it.

Because he loved me. And I loved him. And he showed me in the purest way. And I would always accept him.

It was beautiful. It was magic. And it felt like what it was. I was loved.

He held me tighter in his arms as I climaxed and only continued. I wanted him to reach his own euphoria. But it was only when he made me quickly reach my climax again that I felt him release in me.

When he collapsed on me, I immediately wrapped my arms around him in an attempt to keep there. He never wanted to hurt me and had made it a habit of always trying to keep his weight off of me whenever we made love.

"That bad?" he grinned widely as he wiped away my tears, pulling me on top of his chest when he understood my need to stay close.

"That beautiful," I whispered, repeating the words as always. He chuckled and pressed a soft kiss to my lips.

"You are," he nodded and I rolled my eyes this time.

We fell silent, knowing that our time was limited. He had to return to Chicago and I had to go back to Los Angeles.

"Thank you for coming to the game, Bella. I... it..." he stopped, looking at a loss for words.

"Do you think I would pass up a chance to be with you?" I snuggled closer and he chuckled quietly.

"So you only want me for my body," he teased but when I looked up at him, I realized that there was an uncertainty that wasn't there before.

Smiling up at him, I pressed a kiss above his heart. I slowly pulled my arm out from where his arms pinned it to my side. He tried to stop me but I quickly grabbed his hand in my left hand.

"I love you for who you are. A kind, loving, giving, and selfless man," I whispered and he smiled a bit at me. "That, and you made a promise to me. Your body's just a bonus," I winked, trying to lighten the mood.

It helped.

He laughed loudly, making me shake on top of him and have him pull out of me. I immediately felt the loss but smiled when he kissed our joined hands. His beautiful green eyes seemed to brighten at my words and only shined when he caught sight of my promise ring.

"You love me," he whispered.

"I love you, I wanna kiss you," I sang and squealed when he flipped me over and tickled me. "Stop! Stop! I give!" I gasped and chuckled when he silenced me with a soft, loving kiss. His fingers stopped their wiggling and instead flattened over my sides, soothing the ache of my incessant laughter.

"I love you too," he smiled when he pulled away and I smiled up at him.

"I know Edward. That's why you're marrying me one day," I said with as much of a straight face as I could manage and squealed when he began to tickle me again.

"I am going to marry you," he nodded and I beamed up at him. "Soon. But until then, we need to stay in touch better."

I could only agree with him.

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