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"Are you fucking crazy?"

Hedley Montage stared at the young man standing in front of him. The young man was short, dark, had black crop cut hair and dark grey secretive eyes. Something Hedley had always liked about this man. This was why he was the one kidnapped and brain washed unlike the other recruits. But right now Hedley was pissed, his mind racing in front of eyes.

"Who the hell would choke a 15 year old in their own room? Huh?" Hedley shouted at the man. The room they stood in was dark with a light bulb landing directly above them, otherwise there was no other light source in the room. It had grey walls, a grey floor and the entire environment was just plain grey. Something that always rang a familiar bell in the young man's mind, everything grey and emotionless….

"Answer me, you bloody bastard! I had wanted him alive and well." Hedley had shouted, his British accent reaching well above high pitch.

"Well how was I supposed to get him out of the house unseen?" The young man shouted back.

"The same way you got out, you son of a bitch."

"Well it wouldn't as easy with a very energetic body dragged along with you!"

"You dummy, you had knocked the boy with a lamp. You should've done it again and just left!" Hedley was getting impatient. The young man looked into Hedley's dark brown eyes, so evil and annoying. His black hair was up in a messy shag and his black suit was crinkled and looked like it had just been taken out of the washing machine.

"I'm sorry." The young man said, head bowed down in anger, frustration and embarrassment. Hedley was still angry but he softened his tone and placed a firm palm on the young man's shoulder.

"But you're still strong and fast. Think you could do it again?" Hedley asked, eyes turning bright.

"I'm not called Wolf for nothing."

Alex opened his eyes and felt a light pain throb in his chest and head. The room was bright white with cyan doors, windows and curtains. He moaned softly and tried to sit up, only to fall back down. What had even happened? Why was he in the hospital? Slowly he tried to recall his memories.

"Alex! What's going on?"


"He's suffered a minor concussion…."

And then everything was just blank. Okay maybe not everything because Alex could still feel the remising pain as he was thrown down the stairs. Each single stair banging at his body, and then peace because of his unconsciousness. But peace wasn't exactly forgiving, because right after Alex had once more seen Jack blow up to pieces. He remembered flinching at the thought, squirming in his bed and trying to get the choking blankets away from his face. But no one was there to help; no one would ever be to be honest. The Pleasures were quite a pleasure but they still weren't family. Somehow Alex felt they never would be….

The man walked through the hallways, looking down as he felt each suspicious eye hook onto him. He walked over to the receptionist and stared at the young woman. She was very pretty, maybe in her early twenties, with blond hair that fell straight over her chest, eyes dark blue and piercing, lips painted dark red and cheeks rosy. She looked up from her computer and stared at the man. He was thin and had very bouncy fair hair, his body was fit and he looked very healthy. But one scar across his eye had somewhat demolished his handsome face. He was wearing an expensive looking suit, most probably Burberry, with a Rolex watch. With piercing eyes he looked down at the woman.

"I've come to see Alex Rider." He said, fingers tapping a simple tune on the white desk.

"One minute please." The woman chorused and then began typing on her computer. The man looked at her badge and noticed her name. Madge Parker. Nice name.

"I'm sorry but he's resting right now." Madge said. Her eyes locking tight onto the man's.

"I'll wait." He replied. His voice was so icy it paralyzed Madge for a moment, but she just shook her head and pointed at the seat ahead of her.

"You can wait over there, Mr.…."

"Killan. But I think I'll wait in his room." The man leant forward over the desk and immediately frightened Madge. She looked down at her computer and tapped her fingers under the table, searching for the alarm.

"Please Mrs. Parker, I'm no harm. Just let me wait in his room, trust me." His voice was now a completely different tone of warmth. It melted away the icicles that prickled at Madge's heart. She looked into his patient eyes and winced inside with each finger he tapped.

"Go right in Mr. Killan. But let me warn you, he's going to be cranky due to the medications." Madge with knowing eyes told the man.

"Maybe not after seeing me...Thank you Madge, you're a very beautiful woman by the way." With that, Mr. Killan left. Madge stared desperately over to the guards, he hadn't seen anything. Maybe it was time she retired…

Alex had fallen back into his sleep but an edging creaking noise had awakened him. Without opening his eyes he intently listened to the noise that disturbed his sensitive ears. He heard the door shut, soft footsteps and then the squeaking of the chair as whoever sat down.

"I know you're awake Alex." That voice….. Alex stabbed at his chest with his hands, trying to draw out his breath that suddenly seemed held in.

"I'm pretty sure you don't hit yourself in your sleep Alex." The man echoed, his laugh loud and clear. Alex peeked over his bed sheets and opened his eyes in slits. The man was back….. That fair hair, strong but thin body and an additional new scar and even the suit. It just couldn't be….


"Hello Alex."

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