"Fi?" Michael whispers as he enters the quiet dark loft. Michael had been away on a mission for the last 3 weeks and was unable to make contact with anyone he had left behind in Miami. The loft was pitch black; well what would you expect at 3:00am. Michael walked over to his bed, only to find it empty. Panic and worry rushed through Michael's body as he flipped his cell open and dialled Fiona's number.

"Michael?" Fiona answered quietly as she had just been woken up by his phone call. "What's going on? Why are you calling so late? And how are you calling?!" Fiona questioned as she rubbed her eyes and sat up in her bed.

"I'm home now Fi. I went to the loft and you weren't there, I got worried, where are you?" Michael sat down in his favourite green chair not getting to comfortable knowing that he would most likely be getting up and going to see Fiona soon enough .

"I'm at my place, I couldn't stand being alone in the loft, it's too… I don't know… Lonely without you" Fiona never let her emotions get the better of her, she was strong, tough. Michael could never remember a time when she ever said anything was lonely, this was coming for a girl who left her home to move thousands of miles away and she couldn't spend 3 weeks in a place in which they shared with each other?

"Is it okay if I come by Fi? I need to see you" Michael said in a pleading voice. "I'll be waiting"

Michael drove over to Fiona's apartment. He was surprised that she hadn't sold the place, although it was a good idea that they had the extra place for the C-4 and weapons but it was also another place they could be tracked at. Michael walked up the steps to her front porch; he unlocked the door and took his blazer off hanging it in the coat rack beside the door. He walked into the kitchen to find Fiona sitting on the kitchen bench.

"Fi I miss-"Before he could finished what he was saying Fiona grabbed him by the neck and embraced him with a deepened kiss.

The next morning Michael went and bought Fiona breakfast, he was hardly a chef so he though rather than making a mess he would go out and get something he knew she would enjoy, a Spanish omelette. Michael walked in the door as quietly as possible. He placed the omelette on a plate, poured a glass of juice and went to wake the gorgeous women lying in bed. "Fi" Michael whispered as he tucked her hair behind her ear.

"Mm... Something smells good." She replied as she slowly got up and put on her silk white dressing gown. Michael and Fiona ate breakfast and spent the morning with each other, they had three weeks of information, jobs and other personal things to catch up on.

Michael was sitting out on Fiona's balcony when his cell rang; He rushed inside before Fiona could grab it. His first though as he rushed through the house was that it be another call out for a mission. Michael had been feeling bad lately about leaving Fiona with Sam and Jesse, but he had to do what he had to do. He grabbed his cell out of the jacket pocket; relieved with the caller id he answered the phone.

"Sam, what's going on?" Michael questioned as he grabbed and blueberry yoghurt from the fridge.

"Hey Mikey! I heard you were back in Miami! I have to tell you…. I was a little disappointed that I wasn't the first person you called." Sam joked over the phone.

"Well you know Sam… I wasn't exactly thinking about you when I landed in Miami" Michael replied as he chuckled a little with the joke he and his best mate had going on.

"Well I see how it is!, anyway Mikey, just wanted to see how you where going and check up on Fi, ill catch you guys later, say hi to Fi… Bye," and before Michael could ask Sam what he meant by 'Check up on Fi' the line went dead.

Questions rushed through Michael's head. What did Sam mean? Did something happen to Fi? Michael didn't like not being in control. He was a Spy, his life revolved around the unknown, but his personal life, that was something that he refused to be out of his control. He was going to find out what was happening with Fi, whether it killed him or not, and with Fi, there was a good chance he would be killed trying to find out what was going on.

By the time Michael had let the events of the phone call pass through his head Fiona had already showered and got dressed.

"Michael, are you ready to go?" She asked as she grabbed her keys to her car.

"Yes Fi, but there's something I wanted-"

"Michael! Come on I told your mother that we would be at her place for lunch! At this rate we will be just in time for dinner!" She screamed as she slammed the door behind her and hopped into the car. Michael and Fiona drove to Madeline's house.

Michael missed his mom whilst he was gone and was excited to see her, but this thing with Fiona was eating at him. He pulled the car into the drive, turned the ignition off but didn't get out of the car.

"Michael you know you actually have to get out of the car to get into the house right? Fiona joked as she got her bag from the back seat. Michael grabbed her wrist

. "Fi.. What's going on? And please, don't lie to me" Tears began to form in Michael's eyes. He was beginning to let his guard down, this was something Michael rarely did. Fiona could see the pain in his eyes.

"Michael, its nothing to worry about alright, I'm fine, just a little field injury." She stated as she placed both hands over his face and planted a kiss on his lips. Michael didn't know whether to believe her or not, but he did.

"Fi, I- "He began as if to say he was sorry for what ever had happened.

"Michael don't! It's not your fault, it was mine. I got careless but I'm telling you if we don't get out of this hot car and into your mom's house, I'm going to have to shoot you!"

As per normal, Madeline asked the usual question which Michael couldn't answer. What where you doing? What happened? Where were you? Did you get hurt? Madeline was extremely fascinated in Michael's spy life, not because she wanted to know what was going on, but she wanted to make sure that her son was safe.

"Mom I wish we could stay longer but… we have to get back to the loft, Sam and Jesse are waiting for us" Michael told his mother as he embraced her into a tight hug before letting her go and closing the door behind her.

"Sam and Jesse are waiting?" Fiona had an eye brow raised as she stared at Michael with that 'You're such an idiot look'

"Well I had nothing else." Michael said as he got into the car.

"Michael you're a spy, lying is on the top of your job application and you couldn't even find a good excuse to leave your mother's house early? What has the world come to Michael Western!"

Mike and Fi went back to the loft. As they pulled into the gates Michael noticed something different.

"Fi stay in the car, if something goes wrong, you drive away. Don't look back Fiona!" He urged as he pulled out his SIG and slowly walked up the stairs to the loft. He kicked the front door open, almost breaking his foot with the force.

He searched around the loft only to find the place trashed. Papers everywhere. Michael went down and go Fiona. The whole plan was for the two of them to go move back into the loft, try making things as normal as they could. Now someone wanted to find Michael they couldn't stay there. He wasn't sure if they wanted to kill him, or just question him.

"Fi, grab anything that you might have left behind and bring it with you." Michael urged as he collected the remaining C-4 and automatic weapons. "Michael… do you know…. Know… who did this?" she asked as she ruffled through everything lying on the floor in attempt to find some sort of evidence to point out who might have done this.

"Fi, if I knew I wouldn't have brought you here." His words sharp as he placed everything gently into a bag. Fiona could see that Michael was easily irritable. She didn't question him or try to argue with him. They grabbed everything they had and took off again

Its been two weeks since Michael got back to Miami and since the loft was broken into. Mike had only been to the loft twice since then just to see if anyone had decided to make another uninvited visit. Jesse and Sam had been observing the loft, watching closely and doing background research on anyone who went past the loft more than the average person would.

"Maddy?" Sam called out as he entered the house. The house smelt clean… no hint of a cigarette smoked for at least 24 hours. Sam began to panic at the though of something happening to Michael's mother who he dearly cared about.

"Maddy?!" He called out once more before returning to his car and dialled Michael's number. The phone rang out. He kept calling and calling but Michael didn't answer the phone. Sam unquestionably called Fiona's cell.

"This is Fi, Leave a message"

"Damn it! Why aren't they answering?" Sam drove down to Fiona's apartment. He wasn't sure what to do. Maddy was the closest thing he had to family. The drive to Fiona's felt like it dragged on forever. Without hesitation he opened the door.

"SAM!" Michael shouted as he grabbed the duvet and yanked it over Fiona.

"Sorry Mikey but we have a situation" Michael saw the look in Sam's eyes and immediately knew it was urgent.

"Sam… What's going on?" Now Michael's voice had fear in it too.

"It's your mom Mikey… she's… she's… gone..." Sam sat down on the couch as the words he just spoke hit him hard.

"My…mo…mother!" Michael's eyes began to well up with fluid. His mother, besides Fiona was the most important thing in his life. "I...I have to find her!" he exclaimed as he grabbed they keys off the counter.

"Michael… Wait" Fiona was just as emotional as he was. Madeline was like a second mother to her. Since she moved from Ireland, Maddy had taken her under her wing and seeing as her and Michael had an on and off again relationship, Madeline was always around for them. She embraced the man she loved in an affectionate hug. Michael broke down.

Once the tears began they wouldn't stop. He buckled at the knees and fell onto the bed. Fiona lay there with him comforting him and wiping his tears. Sam went and sat on the balcony, he wanted to give the two their space. Suddenly Michael's cell rang. Michael, quickly wiping the tears got up and answered. "Who is this?" he spoke with anger and pain in his voice.

"You don't need to know my name all you need to know is that I have your darling mother, and if you don't do what I say-"He was cut off by the piercing screams of a women.

"If you don't do what I say… that's the last you will ever hear from her again"