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"See… I told you I was alright! Now can we please go shopping!"

"Yeah, yeah you were right… but the doctor also said to rest." Michael lifted her feet from her ankles and rested them on a pillow.

"Please. I wanna go do something fun!"

"Fi, just take a rest okay. If not for me, for the baby at least?"

Michael left Fiona alone whilst he made contact with agent Pearce. He knew he had made a mistake by bringing Fiona with him. He was about to do everything he could to get her out of it.

"Michael! The reason we brought the two of you out here together was because we needed both of you, get the key word there Michael!" Pearce threw a stack of papers on the round table and ran her fingers through her hair.

"I'm sorry. It's not like she intentionally got sick. Plus it's me that told her she wasn't allowed to do the job. I want her on the next flight out."

"not that simple Michael! We are so close to cracking this case wide open. If Fiona leaves then it will blow our covers. Please don't do this" Michael knew that Pearce had been working o this case for a long time and she wouldn't have asked for help if she didn't genuinely need the help.

"Okay just please I ont want her in the line of fire okay. Oh….. and let her have any gun she wants, she is not the best person to piss off at the moment." Michael left Pearce's room and went back to Fiona she was getting dressed when he walked in. He pulled his tie off, locked his lips with hers, kicked the door shut and lightly placed her on the bed.

"FI! You get down and don't come up until I say so! I mean it Fiona" Michael dodged the bullets as they zoomed past his body. Fiona couldn't watch as the father of her unborn child ran through the line of fire. How did this happen? How did it end up the way it did? They had done everything Pearce had said and now Michael was attempting to get a small army of men away from his pregnant fiancée. Michael knew Fiona, he knew that she wouldn't listen to him and in his heart he was sort of happy about that. She would find a way out and get to a safe place where she could make contact with him again.

"Argh!" Michael was tired and didn't have many bullets left, actually he only had two left in his gun and that was it. He hid behind a wall and looked out for the men who had followed him. They couldn't see him and turned back towards the hotel. All he could do was hope to God that Fiona had made it out okay there was no way he could go back, but he had to….. What kind of guy leaves his pregnant fiancée to get killed? He bolted down the street to the hotel, he drew his gun and stepped closer, he could see the men searching the hotel like bugs feeding on a dead corpse. He had seen enough to know that Fi had gotten out. He drove and drove until her got a call.


"No, it's Pearce"

"You are not the person I really want to speak to right now, it's all your fault!"

"Michael, one of our operatives picked up Ms Glenanne, she is with me, come to the meeting place."

"Is she….is the baby okay?"

"We're waiting for a doctor, if you get going you'll make it in time to hear what the professional says." He drove as fast as he could to get to Fiona. He just wanted to see her.

"Fi" He rushed over to her and pulled her against his chest.

"I'm okay Michael, We're okay. She grabbed Michael's hand and put it over her stomach. He was overwhelmed. The entire time he was running he kept thinking that she would be okay but the logic of the situation didn't make sense.

"I know" His lips trembled as he spoke. Pearce watched on as he phone rang a million times. They all waited for the doctor to come and make sure everything was okay.

"So your blood pressure is a little high and you seem tender around your abdomen. I'd suggest a few days bed rest but you should be fine after that. If you do experience more pain in a couple of days….give me a call" the doctor handed Fiona his business card and stood up.

"is it okay for her to fly, we're planning on going back to Miami tomorrow?"

"Yeah it should be, just make sure she drinks plenty of water throughout the flight and rests before and after."

"Thanks." Michael directed the man to the door and shook his hand.

"Michael….I…..i'm sorry that you and Fiona got your covers blown, I don't know how it happened"

"well it did anything! She could have been killed!" He wiped his lips then slammed his hands on the able.

"I know, I' sorry Michael you know that I understand the whole dead fiancé thing, I would never intentionally put her in danger. I want to thank you for the past six weeks, I know that you two have a lot to prepare for and this look out a lot of time… but thanks, for coming when I need you."

"Its fine, but not more jobs that involve Fiona. The next few months are gonna be pretty crazy, do you think I could have some time off, like officially?"

"I think I can arrange that, you two have a safe flight" she handed Michael and envelope.

"what's this?" He partially opened the yellow envelope.

"Like I said, thank-you" she opened the door and walked out.

After Pearce left and it was safe to leave Michael and Fiona began making their way to the hotel. Michael lit the fire and pulled the sofa closer to it. Fiona sat down on the sofa with her legs on Michael's lap. He gave her a foot massage as they sat in silence listening to the fire engulf the wood and burn.

"you sure you're okay? Michael asked as he rubbed Fiona's smooth leg.

"Michael, the doctor even checked me out, we are fine, I promise" she put her palm on his unshaven face

"Fiona, we really need to talk about how this whole baby thing is going to work, I mean….. what happens once the baby is born?"

"Michael I don't want to change our lives our lives completely….." She looked deep into Michael's eyes. "Oh…..My…..God, this is about you getting back in! you think that having a baby will stop you from getting in! Michael, I have managed to live my life without you, sure it's extremely hard, but I survived."

"Fi…..What are you saying?"

"What I'm saying is Michael, if you want out…. Now's your chance. I will be fine; I won't resent you for living your dream."

"Fi, I never said I wanted out, you and the baby are the most important things in my life, I don't care about my job. I just want my family to be safe."

"With you as this baby's daddy, nothing will ever happen to them. They are one lucky baby to have you as a father"

"You mean that Fi?" You think I'll be a good dad?"

"Of course!" She leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips. "Michael, I just realized something"

Michael rolled his eyes in disappointment. "What's that Fi?"

"We bought all the baby stuff like the crib, change table, wardrobe and a tonne of clothes but we don't have a baby room, like a nursery. I'll be damned if that kid is sleeping in the kitchen."

"I'll sort it out, c'mon lets get some sleep" He put Fiona's legs on the floor, stood up then helped her off the sofa.

Michael was quick to change the subject. He knew that she would ask about the nursery and he knew the baby needed one so he arranged for Sam, Jesse and his Mom to renovate the upstairs to the loft. Fix the stability and enclose the room. It was an actual…. Well room. Fiona had picked out colors practically as soon as she found out about the pregnancy so that was wasn't hard and the only thing left was putting everything in the room but Michael wanted to do that.

"you're gonna be a good mom Fi" He ra his fingers through her hair.

"I hope so Michael, truth be told I am kind of nervous. I mean what if the kid doesn't like me?"

"They'll love you because everyday they will look into those eyes and see exactly what I fell in love with, and they will love you too Fiona, I promise"

"Michael, that's exactly what I needed to hear, why do you always know what to say?"

"Because I love you Fi, that's what happens when you love someone, you know what to say and what they need to hear."

The next morning Michael got up early and packed their bags for the airport. He sat im the kitchen and watched as Fiona slept. It was 9:30am and Michael and Fiona needed to get to the airport.

"Fi, C'mon, we have to get going" She rolled over and hit him in the stomach, "ouch"

"I have to pack still!" she moaned as she buried her head in her pillow.

"I already packed for you, now lets go" it was hard for Fiona to understand how he could be so emotional and open up to her last night but be so insensitive the next morning. But that was Michael, he was never any good at that kind of thing. They drove to the airport and got on the flight to Miami. Fiona huffed during the entire safety demonstration and got angry when they brought around blueberry yoghurt for a snack.

"I knew I should have sneaked my gun on!"

"Shh Fi! You aren't supposed to talk like that on planes!"

"Why are planes to uncomfortable!" she squirmed in her seat.

"well Fi…. You are 6 months pregnant, here drink this" Michael passed her as cup of water.

"What's that supposed to mean? Six months pregnant? Are you calling me fat?" She pushed the cup away from her.

"No….No fi, I'm just saying that its normal, please just drink the water, the doctor said you need to keep hydrated" She took the cup from his hand.

"You happy?" She turned to face the other side. Michael rolled his eyes and pushed his head back into the seat.

"How's your lip?" Fiona reached out to touch the cut that was neatly healing.

"It's fine Fi. I'm sorry for what I said, I didn't mean it the way it came out."

"I know, shh shh." She rested her head on his chest. Michael put his arm around her body, he felt the baby kick as he put his cut up hand on her rounded abdomen. He closed his eyes. Jesse came and picked them up from the airport, he couldn't believe how much Fiona had changed I just six weeks. Fiona sat in the car as the boys loaded the bags into the trunk.

"Is everything ready at the loft?" Michael put Fiona's overfilled bag in the back.

"Everything is fine, the loft looks great. Now get in the car!" They both laughed as they opened the doors to the car. They drove back to the loft.

"Why is Sam's car here?" Fiona asked as they pulled up in the driveway.

"Because, I have a surprise for you" he took Fiona by the hand and led her up to the loft. "Notice anything different?"

"You did not! Michael, how did you organise this?"

"Well, Sam, Jesse and my Mom did all of it. It's all 100% safe yeah Jesse?"

"Of course Mike, there's no way I'd let my little Niece or Nephew sleep in something that was unsafe"

Fiona secretly liked it when Sam and Jesse referred to the baby as their Niece or Nephew. It made her feel comfortable knowing that if they ever need anything that Uncle Sam and Uncle Jesse would always have the kids back.

"Jesse, Sam, Maddy….i….. I don't know how to thank you for this"

"You can thank us by taking care of yourself honey. You have just got off a long flight, go have a rest Sam and I have other things to do." She kissed her son and Fiona and left with Sam. Jesse stayed as Fiona and Michael explored the new extension to the loft. The walls were a baby green with a orange circular rub in the middle of the floor. They had added a window and orange curtains and they even put some lighting and fans in the room.

"This is amazing Jesse, thank-you" Fiona went back down for a rest. Jesse and Michael brought all the furniture in to the room and put it all together.

"How was D.C?" Jesse asked as she stacked the baby clothes into the wardrobe.

"Didn't go as planned, our covers were blown, it got pretty bad and I just wanted Fi out of there."

"I thought Pearce had like the best cover ID's money could by?"

"So did we"

"it's not like you to just abandon a mission Mike, are you telling me you couldn't play your role harder?"

"Come here" Michael urged Jesse and he flipped his wallet open and pulled out a piece of paper. He handed it over to Jesse. "See that? That's why I didn't play my role harder, I might have been able to get out but what if Fi couldn't? The only way to ensure she got out safely was if they went after me." Jesse studied the sonogram picture of a little baby Westen.

"Wow Michael, I sorta expect Fi to say something like that, not you. It's kind of nice to hear you be so protective." Michael laughed as they stacked the rest of the clothes away. Jesse left and Michael began putting the bowls and bottles in the kitchen cupboards.

"Michael" Fiona whispered from the bed.

"Yeah fi?" He sat beside her and pulled the hair from her face.

"Can you please tell your son or daughter to stop kicking, I just want to get some sleep" she laughed tiredly as she rested her hand on her stomach.

Michael laughed as he planted a gentle kiss on Fiona's head. "Hey you" He put his ear against her belly and gently kissed her soft skin. "Stop hurting your mom okay" He kissed her belly again and rested his cheek against her. He could feel the baby's movements as he closed his eyes. Fiona caressed his hair as she too closed her eyes.


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