Unfazed Love – Chapter 4

Authors note: Here's chapter 4 finally – based on 4x04! Chapter 5 is slowly getting there! Thank you to everyone that has reviewed in the past, it means a lot! All mistakes are in fact my own, and all comments are welcome.

Kirst xx

Shannon awoke to the television blaring; something about the Police Minister and all of the work that TR had been doing lately. She quickly sat up; remembering that she had crashed at Lawson's the night before, on the lounge.

"Morning…" Lawson stated, as he moved around his kitchen. "Didn't hear you come in…. You know another 15 feet you could have slept in a bed."

"You were snorning," Shannon stated, as she wiped her face.

Oh really?"

"Mmm… Like a thousand chainsaws."

"Sooo… Does this mean you are over needing your space?"

"I don't know… you're just going to have to be patient with me."

"Well, it would be really good if you could work it out…" Lawson stated as he went to make his way towards the bathroom. .

"I'm sorry, okay. Jesus, Lawson… do you think I like this?! Shannon exclaimed, as she got up from the lounge, grabbed her bag and attempted to make her way out of Lawson's apartment.

"Hey! Hey, hey! Shan…"

"What?" Shannon asked, as she spun around to face Lawson.

"I'm sorry, okay. It's just frustrating me… I just want us to be okay."


Leon switched to watch Lawson and Josh's lapel camera's, as soon as he heard Lawson tell Josh that the alarms in his apartment where going off.

"Bloody hell!" Leon exclaimed, as he saw how trashed Lawson's apartment was. Quickly glancing around, he quickly switched back to the main portal. "Shannon?"

"Yeah, Leon?"

"Can I have a word?"

"Sure," Shannon replied, as she got and followed Leon into the locker rooms.

"It's about Lawson…"

"What about Lawson?" Shannon asked concerned.

"His apartment has just been broken into."

"Are you serious?"

"Deadly. I'm telling you… well, you know… because…"

"I'm his girlfriend," Shannon murmured.


"Thanks Leon," Shannon replied, as she made her way back into the intel room.


TR was all set to move in, and it had been the first time that Shannon had seen Lawson since Leon had informed her of Lawson's apartment being broken into.

"Lawson…" Shannon uttered, and touched Lawson's arm.

"Did Macheske break into your place?"

"How'd you hear?" Lawson asked.

"Is it a secret?"

"No, I just didn't think it would be broadcasted to the whole squad…"

"Not the whole squad. Leon just thought I should know, for some reason," Shannon stated and glanced up at Lawson.

"Mm… Fair enough."

"Damage anything?" Shannon asked.

"No, it's all good."

In an instant their conversation ended. Duty was calling.


Lawson stood in the locker room getting ready to get dressed and head home to housework. Lovely.

"Shan," Lawson called as he noticed her walking out of base. Shannon stopped, turned and waited for Lawson to approach her.

"I just want to say I'm sorry for this morning…"

"Ah, no don't be. Fair enough."

"I don't really know what's going on at the moment. But I just want you to know that I'm here, whatever you need…"

"I really appreciate that. Thank you. See you tomorrow," Shannon uttered as she turned quickly and made her way out of base.


Shannon unlocked the front door of Lawson's apartment. It was a mess. They seriously wanted to get back at Lawson. Flicking on the lights, Shannon examined his apartment further. Practically not one thing had been left untouched; they had even smashed all of the photos of herself and Lawson that filled his apartment, clearly wanting to make a point. The one thing that she knew would have killed Lawson was his Hawthorn football Guernsey; he loved that thing and he loved that club – he'd probably never wear it again and if he did he'd always think about what Macheske had done. Shannon placed her handbag on the kitchen bench, as she looked around. Seriously, how could she decide where to start?! Deciding it was probably best that she started where she was, she got to work.

An hour had passed and Shannon had cleaned the majority of Lawson's apartment, with only a few rooms to go, including his bedroom. She sighed quietly, as she wiped her hair out of her eyes and sat down on the lounge. Where was Lawson? She didn't think that he'd still be at base, so in order to ease her mind a little bit she sent him a text message.

Hey! Where are you? I'm at yours. X

Shannon got up from the lounge and made her way to Lawson's bedroom. Sliding his wardrobe doors open, she slowly began to put the clothes that were strewed all over his room back in their rightful place. The process was interrupted by the shrill sound of her phone, indicating a new text message.

I'm just leaving base now. See you soon. X

Shannon smiled as she read the message, so much for seeing him tomorrow. Whilst, she waited for Lawson to come home, Shannon continued to put Lawson's clothes in his wardrobe and into his draws. Once, his bedroom was finally cleared of his clothes, Shannon sat down on the bed and began to examine the photos that had been smashed. She was completely captivated by one particular photo frame, which contained two photos of herself and Lawson. Both photos had been taken at the work Christmas picnic down by the beach with all of the TR team and their families. The first photo was of them both sitting on the sand, with Shannon leaning in between Lawson's legs and their hands linked. Shannon had remembered that moment; they had been sitting there watching Christian being chased by his kids as they had a water fight. The second photo had been a sneaky one taken when they didn't think anyone was watching; it was a close up of them kissing. It had only been taken a few minutes after the first one, but it spoke so much about their love for one another.

Shannon was so memorised by the photos that she didn't even hear Lawson come home. Even though she had her back turned to him, Lawson leant against his bedroom door frame and watched her as she touched the photos of them softly. Slowly, Lawson crept into his bedroom and sat down next Shannon, startling her slightly.

"Lawson..." Shannon trailed off and she quickly looked up at him, and then back down at their photos.

"I didn't mean to scare you, Shan," Lawson stated as he too looked down at the photos of them. Taken at happy moments in their relationship, filled with lots of love and laughter.

"No, no. You didn't. I just didn't hear you come in…" Shannon stated, as her blue eyes locked with his brown.

"Thank you for cleaning up," Lawson murmured as he leant in to her.

"That's okay," Shannon uttered quietly, as she slowly moved in closer to Lawson so that their lips met. Slowly, their kiss intensified and their need for oxygen pulled them apart slightly. Lawson leant his forehead against Shannon's, "Are you going to stay tonight?"

"I don't know. You're just going to have to be patient with me…"

Lawson wrapped his arms around Shannon shoulders and brought her close to him, "Whatever you need, babe. You know that."

Shannon smiled, and kissed him lightly on the lips, "I do."

"I can't believe he smashed all of our photos. I also can't believe what he did to your Hawthorn…"

Lawson cut in, "I know! I know that it'll wash out… but every time I'd wear I'd think of him."

"He's a prick," Shannon stated.

Lawson laughed, "He sure is, babe."