"Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night." - William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

It was a beautiful day, and I was car racing. I checked behind me to see where he was, then he shouted "The brakes!" I looked in front of me, I was heading towards the edge, I pushed the brakes hard, but somehow they'd got stuck, in the horror I shouted "I can't, there stuck!". I then heard an unfriendly crunch, and I fell.

I woke up with a start, I didn't understand my dream. I was driving, a carriage with no horses, made of metal? I was confused, the dream was so realistic but, so fantasized. I lay down and closed my eyes, but I couldn't sleep. So I got out of bed and brushed my hair, i decided to go for a walk, as much as I liked my chaperons, I wanted a little time to myself, which I never seem to get in the daytime.

I went to the garden and was looking a the full moon, when I was younger I used to think that a full moon was magic, and if you were out something strange and wonderful would happen. of course as I grew older I realized it was just another myth, like the pond fairies and Mermaids. I looked up at the window, to check no-one was watching, While I was watching the windows, I walked into someone.

I yelped,then I fell in the mud. I was blushing in embarrassed, a smooth kind voice asked "do you need some help?" he held out his hand, not daring to look higher, because I knew my cheeks were bright red, I gave him my hand small compared to his. "sorry I-" I began, as I looked up our eyes met and widened, as we realized who we were talking to, who we were being nice to and I took my hand back, It suddenly turned awkward between us, this was Romeo Montague, our families are enemies. since I was born I was told not to talk to him or his family, to loathe him just as they did. now I looked him in the eyes, I didn't see the devil just an average boy.

I did as my parents taught me as I tore my eyes away from his soft ones, (it took a lot of effort) they were a mesmerizing brown, and I got up and flicked my soft curly hair. "No, I don't need any help from you!" I forcefully told him emphasizing on the you, I was pleased with how it was going until I tried to push past him, I tripped and he caught me. I glared at him, it wasn't part of my plan, to be honest I was stunned into silence, he had caught me as if expecting it.

he held his arms up in surrender, as an answer to my glare. "What are you doing so close to my house?" I asked curiously but not letting it show.

"Going for a walk!" he answered, I sceptically looked at him. "Why are you out so late? without a chaperone?"

"I couldn't sleep." I muttered glaring at him. "you should really go." I threatened.

"or what? your parents wouldn't like you out without a chaperone." it was true I was defenceless. I made the mistake to look in his eyes. "goodnight" he said and walked into the darkness.