"Good Night, Good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow."- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

I heard my heart beat faster, in terror! The light burned my eyelids, the day I had been dreading has arrived, the party to celebrate my engagement. "Up, up, up its morning," My jolly nurse beamed, she noticed that I was upset (she's good like that) "What's the matter, Juliet?" She asked me, could I tell her, could I trust her,

"I don't want. I don't to, get married to Paris." I told her, but that was only half the truth, I was sad about that but also the fact that I had betrayed my family. I moped around all day, there was nothing new, I had my cousin (who I avoided) for company all day, and when we did talk, it was all, "I'm going to slaughter all the Montouges." I felt like yawning, did my family have nothing better to do then moan about Montages.

As night drew closer, my stomach felt sicker, I was whisked into my party gown and was downstairs before I knew it, I hated masks, my mother would know how much I loathe them If she spent more time around me. As soon as possible I removed my mask, as soon as I did I felt that I was being watched I looked around, and I saw Romeo. I decided that If he thought I hadn't noticed he would leave me alone, apparently not he came striding over, before he reached me I walked outside so nobody saw us, He followed me as soon as he stepped out of the door I grabbed his arm, and pulled him behind a bush "What are you doing?" I hissed at him

"I'm enjoying the party." He answered,

"You can't be here you're a Montague!" I told him. To be honest I was glad he was here, but I was determined not to show it, "Plus this is my party and I invite who I want, so get out of here!" he nodded. Then I saw Tybalt pointing at him and saying something to my father, I knew he couldn't see me, I grabbed Romeo's arm and told him "actually you better stay here," I nodded at my cousin, and Romeo went "and?"

"He'll kill you!"

"Then why do you want me to stay?"

"My dad won't let him kill you here! Imagine the cleaning."

"The cleaning, really!"

" I know stupid, If I was him I would already have killed you!"

"Well that's nice." He said, I laughed, and he smiled, I felt butterflies in my stomach, his smiles adorable. What are you saying Juliet? I asked myself. he looked at me with his soft eyes, our eyes met "You have a beautiful laugh" He told me, my heart thundered, I felt my cheeks grow hot and I held my breath, I couldn't hold it in and I kissed him on the lips, "Sorry, good luck with my cousin and goodbye!" I then ran away.

Note to self: Romeo's your enemy not your friend. I repeated in my head, several times in my head after the party. I got into my night dress and brushed my hair, soon it lay at my waist, 15 minutes later there was a tap from outside my door that led to the balcony, I looked at the door and there stood Romeo, I sighed and let him in "Are you trying to get yourself killed?" I asked him,

"No, I just needed to talk to you," He looked me in the eyes with a serious face "We have a problem."

"I know, but it is your fault." He looked at me questioningly "With you big eyes and you clever words, your attractive smile." I gasped when I realized what I had said. "Sorry, I shouldn't of said that, about you. Shouldn't even think that," He just smiled in response.

"You think my smile's attractive, have you seen yours" I blushed, I faced the truth, and I went and sat on my bed, "You know we shouldn't have spoken, we are enemies not friends." I told him.

He sat next to me, I looked at him We had eye contact my stomach felt fluttery my heart beats quickened and then, He kissed me and I kissed back. His hand rested on my neck and my arms were around his, I didn't care that I was kissing the enemy, when we stopped he said, "I wondered when that would happen."