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"So it's how far under the water?" Ezreal asked eyes widening.

"I'm not sure exactly, but far. Why up for a visit?" The tidal trickster replied. He was currently balanced on his trident, seeing how long he could maintain the pose.
Or until something entertaining came along to jump onto.

"I haven't explored under the sea before. I kind of lack gills."

"No problem, you got magic. We can take a boat out for a ways then go find some caves under the sea!"

Ezreal grinned. A new experience was a new challenge, and a new challenge was gladly undertaken.

The next day Ezreal stood on the top of a mast, wondering at the view around them. Water stretched as far as the eye could see, and the people below on deck looked like ants. Miss fortune had agreed to take them sailing for a price, and warned them to stay out of the sailors way, so this was where the Prodigal Explorer had found himself.

Stepping into an arcane shift Ezreal materialzed on the ship. Sailors were tending their business, and more were climbing up to take in the sails.

"Alright kiddo this good enough for you?" Miss Fortune asked walking up to the younger man.

"I'm not sure. Fizz is down below checking for a cave. How long do we have again?"

"Lets say three days. I don't like sitting out at sea in one spot. If this job weren't paying so well I wouldn't want to at all."

"Here I thought you just liked me." Ezreal replied, a grin creeping along his face.

"You're cute, but money is gorgeous."

The water beside the ship exploded upwards and Fizz did a neat flip, then landed on his feet, shaking water off like a dog.

"We may have company. I think I saw a Kraken down there. He left his cave though. Sounds prime for exploring. It's about four kilometers down though. How fast can you swim?"

"Only one way to find out."

"Hold it. If you are exploring down in a Kraken cave I want in. I hear the bring back some of the shiny objects from ships."

"Only because I like the color of your hair. How often do you dye it?" Fizz asked.

"It's natural."

"So does the carpet…" Fizz was cut off, as Ezreal elbowed him in the head, not subtle enough to avoid pissing off the bounty hunter.

Each dove into the water, Fizz had ropes tied to him, and the other end tied to Miss fortune and Ezreal. While the Explorer had cast a spell to let them breath underwater, it seemed a good idea to not hang out in the water.

Shooting through the water dragging the two humans behind him Fizz spotted the cave and swam through the entrance. Hauling the two of them up, he once again shook himself dry and whistled.

The water continued down into darkness but a plateau of rock rose out of the water. Moss and strange blue plants that gave off light were all around them. A tunnel led off from the shelf of rock lit in spaces by the blue plants.

"This is what I'm talking about. Sorry though, no treasure yet." Ezreal started forward in the lead. His gauntlet shot off red markers every twenty steps or so, marking a trail they would be able to follow back. Miss Fortune twirled one of her handguns, bringing up the rear.

After several hours trickled by the group paused at the end of the tunnel . A large pool of water ended, and was the only way forward without doubling back.

Taking a moment to retie ropes the three champions jumped in, diving down and swimming forward with Fizz dragging the less water friendly through the water.

Ezreals spell was beginning to reach it's limit when a cave opening started above them.

"Here's why I came." Miss Fortune told the two champions striding forward. The stone thye stood on was still covered in water but after a few paces it dropped exponentially and littering the cave ground were golden objects.

"I can try to Arcane shift it back to the ship if you want. Otherwise we wont be able to bring it all back with us."

"I'm getting tired of dragging you around, carrying you and gold might be a bit much." Fizz chirped in.

"Are you calling me fat?" Miss fortune accused, keeping an angry face with an effort of will.

"I would say porky bu-" he didn't finish as he was yanked into the water.

Ezreal shot a bolt of energy into the water and it showed the tenticales rising up. As they rose out of the water Miss fortune opened fire. His twin pistols didn't need gunpowder as they were powered by her own magic energy, so they were fine after the swim. Before any of the tenticles could touch her they were blasted back.

More rose out of the water, one had Fizz running along it. When he reached the end he backflipped off and dove back into the water. The Atlantean could move faster and didn't want to catch a stray bullet.

Ezreal felt a tentacle wrap around his leg and shot an Essence flux at it, neatly severing the appendage. Looking at Miss Fortune he went to say a warning when she too was yanked under the surface of the water.

Miss fortune held her breath. Soon as the slimy thing touched her she knew what was going to happen and she had took in as much air as she could. Once under the water she spun around and blasted the creature, forcing it to let go, although the suckers pulled some of the leather off her boot.

Looking down she saw the forest of tentacles and knew they were in trouble. She had often heard stories of Krackens but never actually seen one. Aiming towards the center mass she let loose with a flurry of bullets, knowing they would lose force quickly under the water.

Fizz was enjoying himself until he felt a bullet ting off his trident. Spinning around he saw Miss fortune in the water, shooting for all she was worth.

Before he could go save her though Ezreal appeared, grabbed the women around her waist and disappeared. Hopefully back to the rock ledge.

Fizz looked down and began weaving through the clumsy tentacles, looking for the face of the creature. Whenever the opportunity presented itself he tooka hit on the rubbery creature but then it changed. Looking down he saw the beak snapping towards him and backpeddled in a hurry. The head was huge and Fizz knew he had to whistle up a friend. Throwing out a bead he grinned as a shark shot out of the small portal and began tearing at the Kraken. It would only be a second though.

Fizzz swam down and sank the trident into the eye of the beast, just as his Shark dematerialized. Swimming up he hoped his allies were ready.

Ezreal stood beside Miss fortune ready to shoot more energy into the beast. Then Fizz shot out of the water, with a crowd fo the things behind them. Gathering his will Ezreal shot out a trueshot Barrage. The energy scythed through the monster severeing the tentacles. Miss fortune let loose with another volley of bullets, driving back any appendages not hurt during the shot.

Silence reigned as the tentacles receeded, parts of them on the rock shelf still wriggling.

"I vote screw the treasure and let's go." Fizz said raising his hand.

"We didn't kill it did we?"

"Nope. But it'll be below the water waiting for us." Fizz told her.

Pondering it Miss fortune shrugged.

"You boys owe me drinks when we get home. You sure do know how to take a lady out."