The Wedding of Rose Marion Tyler

Summary: Post Boom Town but Pre-Bad Wolf. During a trip, Doctor, Rose and Jack end up in London 2010 but the trio end up getting the shock of their lives when they end up crashing Rose's WEDDING? Jealousy blazes through Doctor when he sees the groom, a skinny, spiky haired pretty boy with pinstripe tuxedo! How will the trio make it back to their timeline? Will Doctor find out the truth about Rose's husband to be? It's all a bit timey wimey 9/Rose, 10/Rose

IMPORTANT NOTE PLEASE READ: IF you want to see Future Rose's Wedding get dresses and everything (I'd advice you, I searched alot for those pictures) then they are in my profile. Hope you like it. Also THE future version is alternate, Doomsday never happened obviously.


It was just an ordinary day inside the TARDIS. However the dynamic was different now than it had been few weeks ago.

Before there were only two, the Doctor and his Rose but now there were three members inside the TARDIS.

The Doctor was in his usually black leather jacket, green jumper and he was leaning over the console, happily tinkering away. Directly beside him snuggled u the seat was none other than Rose Tyler. She was reading a book but keeping him company as he worked. She liked to be near the Doctor and he found her presence very comforting.

Few feet away from them was the newest member aboard, Captain Jack Harkness. Jack was flicking through the kitchen to find something to eat. The TARDIS had been playing with Jack for weeks.

Jack hadn't believed at first that the ship was a sentient but now he was a believer because it always kept moving things when he wanted something. Rose had sympathized with him because the TARDIS did the same thing to her for the first day but then suddenly the TARDIS warmed up to her and stopped it. Sadly for Jack's case, it was taking longer. However the Doctor had mentioned that Rose was an exception, his TARDIS liked to play with his new companions for weeks at least (in extreme cases, it would be months if she really didn't like them)

The gang were relaxing when suddenly TARDIS lurched violently. This startled the occupants severely. Rose yelped and was almost yanked to the other side but the Doctor instinctively wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him. Holding onto Rose, he tried remain stable while TARDIS was shaking.

Jack was thrown from the kitchen and into the console room.

After few minutes, which felt like hours because of the commotion, it finally stopped.

Calming down, the Doctor stood up, while still holding onto Rose. She was dizzy and almost fell back onto the floor but the Doctor kept a tight grip on her. That was the only thing stopping her from falling.

Jack shook his head and looked at the couple

"Okay...what was that?" asked Jack

"Why did the TARDIS do that?" asked Rose concerned about the sentient being, which she considered her home now.

Though she had at first been very wary of the TARDIS, because the Doctor had told her about the telepathic abilities, Rose warmed up to the TARDIS in the following days. Because when Rose had been homesick, the TARDIS comforted her by her humming in her head and also by conjuring up things she had at home.

She didn't tell the Doctor, but she had a special connection with the TARDIS.

"I'm not sure" said the Doctor "Something attracted TARDIS in here like a magnet"

"Okay...where, or when exactly are we?" inquired Jack

Doctor checked where they were and looked surprised

"London, 2010" he said "By the looks of it in a hotel room as well"

But by the time he explained, Jack had marched off and opened the door. The Doctor rolled his eyes, not at the least bit surprised. He caught Rose's hand and pulled her along with him.

All three of them got outside and looked around the hotel room.

It was big, spacious room, and in the middle there was a king sized bed. Not only that there were jewelleries, make up kit spewed all over the bed.

"And we're in a girl's room as well" said Jack with a cheeky grin but one cold look from Doctor was all it took to deflate Jack.

"What on Earth would bring the TARDIS in an ordinary hotel room?" wondered Rose out loud

Suddenly they heard the opening of a door and a startled feminine gasp.

"Blimey! Now there's a sight I thought I would never see" called out a familiar voice.

They all whipped their head around and froze.

Standing in the bathroom was a girl. She wore a strapless, puffy white wedding dress and she had a long curly, wavy blonde hair which was waist length. Her hair was styled half up and half down. She wore a beautiful flower embroidered tiara with a white veil attached to it. The bride was none other than the future version of Rose Tyler.

Instantly the Doctor's jaw slacked.