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But suddenly black gusts of winds swirled around behind her and it formed into a humanoid figure. Rose heard the noise but before she could even turn around or react, one arm caught her hand and the other covered her mouth.

"It wasn't that hard to capture the big bad wolf," he whispered near her left ear.

All Hell Breaks Loose

"This is ridiculous. I can't believe this! Only you could pull such a stunt like this!" said Jackie pointing at Ten. Pete looked tired, he had given up trying to calm down his wife, while Ten kept looking at Jackie with wariness.

The living room was filled with people from the present and the past. River was eyeing up Past Jack because of his leather, clad trousers. When Jack noticed where his wife's gaze was, he smiled. River then looked at Jack with a mischievous smirk.

"It's the leather, isn't it?" assumed Jack looking at River's gaze.

At this, River nodded. Past Jack noticed the exchange between his future self and River, couldn't help but smile. He really like her attitudes. She definitely complemented him.

When Jackie raised her voice to complain again, Nine walked in through the door. Nine took one look at angry Jackie and then walked away from her, not wanting to get the thrashing she was giving his future self. His looked around, trying to find Past Rose amongst the crowd and then found her. Past Rose was standing next to Pete and Sarah Jane. She was chatting animatedly with Sarah Jane until she noticed him and then smiled at him. He froze at the sight of his previous companion and current companion, though he smiled when he saw how they were getting along. He then shook his head and walked until he was standing next to Past Rose.

"Your driving is really bad, Doctor, no matter what you say. Apparently you dropped her off in Aberdeen instead of Croydon," said Past Rose, pointing at Sarah Jane.

Nine's eyes went wide at this and then looked at Sarah Jane, regret in his eyes.

"Oh..." said Nine for once speechless.

He wasn't sure how to react but Sarah Jane smiled.

"It's fine, I already took it out of your future incarnation when we met," said Sarah Jane with a smile.

"It's fine, I already took it out of your future incarnation when we met," said Sarah Jane with a smile.

Jackie had finally stopped yelling when he noticed that Ten looked distracted.

Ten looked conflicted because he couldn't feel Rose anymore in his mind. He couldn't pin point her location and her presence was dim in his mind. The alarm bells started ringing and his eyes went wide.

"Something is wrong with Rose." Saying that, Ten dashed out the door. His statement caused people to freeze and instantly. Nine, Past Rose, Past Jack, Jackie, and Pete followed Ten as well.

They stopped inside Rose's room. The TARDIS was still present there, with the door wide open, but no sign of Rose.

"Where'd she go?!" asked Jackie panicking "I knew this wedding wouldn't go without a hitch!" She threw daggers at Nine and Ten this time.

But both Nine and Ten's eyes were trained on a black dust on the floor. Nine took out his sonic screwdriver and pointed it towards the dust, but Ten instead went on his knees. He took the dust by his finger and then licked it. Past Rose gasped and looked at Ten in disgust while Nine looked at Ten incredulously.

"I can't believe you did that!" Past Rose shuddered.

But both Nine and Ten came to the same conclusion. Their eyes went wide when they realized what had been in this room.

But both Nine and Ten came to the same conclusion. Their eyes went wide when they realized what had been in this room.

"Ziargons," stated Nine and Ten at the same time.

"Zia-what?" asked Past Rose.

"Ziargons, they are humanoid species from the planet Nexus, aren't they?" said Past Jack, wanted the confirmation.

Nine and Ten nodded though Ten looked distressed.

Nine and Ten nodded though Ten looked distressed.

"They are fairly non-violent unless it's about their food, they feed on energy," said Nine "Why would they grab Rose?"

"Because Rose is Bad Wolf, she is the walking, sentient, unlimited source of energy!" hissed Ten angrily, his eyes darkening.

Nine's eyes went wide in horror at that and his expression now looked thunderous as well, but it was Past Rose and Past Jack who caught what Ten inadvertently said.

"Wait, are you saying Rose is the Bad Wolf?" asked Past Jack shocked.


Rose groaned as she became conscious. She blinked few times to clear away the cobwebs. She then noticed her hands were tied behind her back and the rope was very tight. She noticed her legs were tied together as well.

She then looked up to see that there were two figures were standing in front of her. They seemed to be guarding her. She squinted her eyes as she looked at them. They looked humanoid, but their skin colour was navy blue. Not only that, their eyes were blood red as well.

Rose didn't care what species they were; she simply wanted to go back. She smiled, she had the upper hand because obviously they didn't know about her abilities. She closed her eyes and tried to transport herself back inside the TARDIS. But to her shock, she couldn't pinpoint the TARDIS. At this, she frowned.

'Why can't I sense the TARDIS? I can always sense it and transport myself back there!' Rose panicked.

"Don't bother, I blocked the TARDIS's signal so you can't go there," called out a voice. At this Rose's eyes snapped open and she looked around. The voice did not belong to the two guards, it belonged to a new man who entered. He was in the middle and he walked closer towards her. He had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Rose looked at him calculating, he looked completely human, but Rose did not trust that. The Doctor looked human but he wasn't human at all. Heck, she looked human, but even she wasn't human!

"Who are you? What do you want with me?" Rose asked looking at him in the eye.

At this, the man laughed.

"That's a loaded question, but I will answer you. They," he said, pointing at the two guards "want you for your energy because you are bustling with it and they feed on energy. I, on the other hand, need you to open a portal."

At this Rose looked at him incredulously. "Portal?" asked Rose startled

"You're the Bad Wolf, the heart of the last TARDIS in existence. You are filled with the vortex. I need you to open a portal to Hell, to bring my father back," he said coldly while looking at Rose.

Rose's eyes went wide open when she heard about his intention.

"You-you-what? Your father!?" She looked at him in alarm.

The man then started laughing uncontrollably. Rose became wary when he kept on laughing. Finally when he stopped, he walked closer towards her like a predator.

"It's ironic, so ironic," he started "Your precious Doctor put my father in hell, but you..." He pointed at her, suddenly his eyes became crimson red and his voice became deeper "You will be the key that will bring back my father."

Rose became visibly pale. She had heard that a voice like that before. She had heard it years ago when the Doctor and she had been stuck in that impossible space shuttle. When they had lost the TARDIS.

"Your, your father is the Beast?!"

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