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"Your, your father is the Beast?" said Rose sounding utterly shocked. Her eyes were wide open as she stared at him in complete disbelief. Alex smirked at her reaction in amusement.

"Yes I am and I will use you to bring him back on Earth. We will rule together once we are reunited," he said it wistfully.

Rose's shock dissipated quickly and she glared at him angrily. Just who did he think he was? Kidnapping her so she will do his bidding?

"If you think I will just open Hells gate just because you are threatening my life you have another thing coming. I won't do it. You cannot make me!" said Rose defiantly.

Alex continued to smile. He did not seem effected by Rose's words or glare either. He just kept quiet.

"Did you not hear me? I am not doing it. You. Cannot. Make. Me." she said it. Smirking he walked closer towards her. Rose stiffened in slight fear and she wanted to move back but she could not because she her hands and legs were tied while she was situated on a chair.

"Whether you want to do it or not is not needed. I know exactly how to do it with or without your cooperation. Enjoy your stay for now and take a rest. Because when I next come back, your time will be up." Saying that he turned around and walked out of the room.

He walked out with a genuine big smile on his face because he was ecstatic about meeting his father again after such a long time. His father had contacted him through dreams. At first he had thought he was making them up. But then later on he realized those dreams were very real. His father not only contacted him through the dreams but also showed him what had happened to him. After finding the truth now, he felt angry at the Doctor for trapping his one and only father. He hated the Doctor and wanted to lay a trap to torture him and make him pay for trapping his father. But then his father send him his plan through his dreams. A plan to bring him back from hell and to destroy the Doctor for good.

The Doctor may appear to be untouchable but he had a kryptonite. His only weakness was in the form of a blonde former human, none other than Rose Tyler. Take away her and he would effectively destroy him. So he formed a plan. Plan to hit two birds with one stone. He made a truce with the Ziargons, to capture her and in return he promised to let them have her. This way after he saves his father using her, he could dispose of her and torture the Doctor. It took him few years to perfect the plan but it has seemed to work so far. The only thing he hadn't anticipated was having two Doctors in the same timeline when he kidnapped Rose. Although it could pose a problem, he hoped it wouldn't. If everything goes without a hitch then he should be reunited with his father in few hours. It was only a matter of time now.

Meanwhile somewhere else...

Humming a tune happily, the Doctor slung his tweed jacket over the staircase inside the console room. He contemplating whether to go to Barcelona, the planet not the city, or to Aluriya, which was a planet which inspired the description of Elysian Fields. Considering it was their tenth wedding anniversary, the Doctor wanted it to be special. He wanted to make the decision before Rose woke up because he wanted to be there before she woke up, to surprise her. He was debating tossing a coin to make the decision when the TARDIS screamed inside his mind. At this he visibly flew back, shocked to core with the sudden scream.

After pulling himself together, the Doctor warily opened his link wider to hear the TARDIS.

'What's wrong?' he asked mentally to his beloved ship.

When the TARDIS replied back, the Doctor's eyes darkened. He changed the co-ordinates completely and sat back on the jump seat.

It was that time.