Hey! I'm Emienne, and I'm a new author in the Kickin' It category! I designed this story so it is similar to the events of the episodes of Kickin' It, only experienced by the next generation of the Wasabi Warriors. This is set approximately 24 years after the series, and yes, everyone in the original series is still alive! You'll see the parallel between the two generations of the Wasabi Warriors. This story mainly OC character-centric but also will switch POV's to some of the original Kickin' It characters!

The OC characters introduced in this chapter are:

Katharine Joan "Kat" - The daughter of Jack and Kim, she's an almost-carbon copy of her mum. She is one of the main characters of the story and is the most Kim-like of the New Wasabi Warriors, which gets formed in the next few chapters. Dresses girly, acts a bit tomboyish. She has long wavy dirty blonde hair, brown eyes and looks a lot like Kim. She also has some of her mum's quotes. She can navigate through any social circle. She hates being called just another pretty face. She's the older twin by 2 minutes. She's the only girl in the New Warriors and one of two blackbelters.

Samuel Rudy "Sam" - Son of Jack and Kim and twin brother of Kat, he hates the fact that he's younger and will do anything to make people believe he's older. He's certainly his father's son, other than hair and moles. He's got dirty blonde hair and no moles on his face, otherwise he's a carbon copy of his dad, only slightly more cocky. He's certainly got that attitude and those quotes that makes Jack, well Jack. But his cockiness is his signature.

Austin Bobby - The youngest of Jack and Kim's children, he's certainly a mix of both of them, inside and out. He skateboards to school, and attends Seaford Middle School.

Elizabeth Julie Krupnick "Liz"- The younger of Milton and Julie's children, she's a less complicated and more 'cool' version of Julie. She looks like Julie, but doesn't sport the glasses and is a very big fashionista. She does take all AP classes, but hates speaking complicated.


"Katharine Joan and Samuel Rudy! Get down right now, you might be late to high school!" my mum shouted from down the stairs. We both had to be early for school because we had no room to be late on the first day, or so my mum assumed. Lucky Austin had no need to be so early; he's only 13 and in middle school. In case you're wondering how I looked like: I have dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. People often told me I'm more like my mum or my aunt from my mum's side, and I inherited her facial features and most of her personality, but you could tell me apart by the mole on the side of my face. Sam, my twin brother, on the other hand, was like a carbon copy of my dad, but without the moles on his face and without the signature dark brown hair. He had dirty blonde wavy hair cut into a choppy skater boy cut and chocolate brown eyes. He also had the same slightly cocky personality and hero complex, only the cockiness was amplified. I was wearing a white button-up blouse, yellow jeans, black and white flats, multi coloured Wayfarer sunglasses and a karate girl pose necklace. I grabbed my backpack, opened the door forcefully and ran down the stairs, to see Sam already there poking his tongue out at me.

"Sorry mum. Girls do take longer than boys you know, Sam?" I apologised with a fact handy to avoid a fight.

"Sam, Kat, just get in the car." Mum sighed, looking worried. Turning to the right, she faced Austin. Austin was a 'perfect mix' of my mum and dad. He had light brown hair, brown eyes, a shade of skin that is a mix of mum and dad's skin tones. "This will be you Austin, next year. Have a good time at school," Mum and Austin hugged, and then he disappeared, skateboarding to school. By that time Sam and I hopped into two of the back seats. Dad was in the driver's seat, and I presumed mum was in the front passenger seat. While I dropped off my bag on the floor, I found an edition of the Burgess World Records book I haven't seen before. It looked like it slid or was dropped by the previous passenger. I heard the front passenger seat door open, having cued mum to come in. That's when I picked up the record book and opened it after I put my seatbelt on. It was the most current edition, just released a day ago. I skimmed the pages, until I found something interesting.

Most bricks broken by anyone under 15

Record held by: Jack

Age at time of record: 14 & 51 weeks

Time record broken: approximately 24 years ago

Location: Seaford, San Jose, California, United States

Fun fact: Many karate students have tried and tried to break this record. A girl called Kendall Winthers, 6 years ago, was only one brick short of it due to a miscalculation by the brick supplier. There has been 7 attempts during last year alone, all failed and most attemptees got injured in the process. To this day, it remains the longest record held by a person as a teenager.

"Hey Sam, look what I found!" I tapped him in the shoulder. Now everyone had their seatbelts on, and the car was on its way to school.

"What, Harley?" He replied, calling him my childhood and admittedly tomboyish nickname that only he used.

"I just found the latest Burgess World book on the floor, and look at what I found!" I exclaimed. Well, we already knew that dad did hold a world record, but we didn't know when, how old he was, and which one. Sam just looked a tad confused.

"That's mine. I bought that yesterday when it came out and I probably left it there. Give me that," he asked greedily, kind of like how mum used to say it when she was a little older than Sam and I. I reluctantly handed his book to him, still opened, and he snatched it straight away. "Nope, I haven't read that page yet. I could probably do that. Try me Har; I can already break 4 boards!"

"And what makes you say that?" I asked Sam mockingly.

"Because that's how I roll." He replied. I rolled my eyes, and then looked out the window. Here we were. In front of my very own eyes is Seaford High School. It was the high school that the original Wasabi Warriors attended. Here we go again people, here we go again. The car turned into the kerb and stopped, cueing everyone to get off the car.

"We're here. Have a great day guys!" Our dad greets us and showers us with good luck. Our mum and dad hugged Sam and I real tight into a group hug. Mum and dad would be be considered young; they're only 38, so they still had the cool vibe to them. My dad was a Sensei at the Bobby Wasabi dojo at the newly reconstructed Seaford mall. The dojo's huge now. Thanks to the mall being multi storey and modernized, the dojo was state of the art and on par with the Black Dragons, though the Black Dragons still picked on us. Sensei Rudy still taught, but he only taught the best of the best now, including mum and dad. It was hard to believe that Sensei Rudy was almost only 50 years old. Joan was head of security at the mall, and Bobby Wasabi? Let me just say he's still living. We're living well. Dad co-owned the dojo along with Sensei Rudy, and mum has a great job, but I won't tell you what. As Sam and I let go of our parents, I heard them have a little conversation. Have you heard all those stories of the Wasabi Warriors, the adventures they had. Of course I had, I'm a daughter of two of them. The ones named Jack and Kim.

"Time flies so fast, Kim." Dad remarked as Sam and I walked away.

"It does Jack." Mum replied, and they hugged as we approached the entrance door. I then heard them walk away while we approached the front door. I opened it. I saw students walking the hallways. Many were dressed in all sorts of stuff. Some nerdy, some goth, some just a bit sleazy. While I scooted in the hallways, I bumped into Liz, my favourite 'Warrior Cousin'. Elizabeth Julie Krupnick, known as Liz to everyone, was the daughter of Milton and Julie, and is a bit of a nerd, but is also a fashion freak as well. She also hates making things complicated.

"Hey Liz," I greeted her. "What's up?"

"Nothing interesting occurred so far. I haven't seen any of those 'popular wannabe's yet, thankfully.' Remember that story about mum and Donna Tobin? That was just unbelievable." Liz replied, remembering the story of Kim's first day.

It was Kim's first day at school. She was walking up to her locker when she bumped into none other than Donna Tobin. She was your stereotypical popular girl. She had straight long blonde hair tied up into a french braid on her right side, blue eyes, tall, had a perfect hourglass figure, wore designer clothes, was tall and had strikingly long legs.

"Um, excuse me, did you just like, bump into me and not apologise?" Donna complained in a snottish voice.

"And who do you think you are?" Kim asked repulsively.

"Donna Tobin. Almost everyone knows me because I'm popular." Donna replied. Kim looked around to see guys drooling over her. "You seriously need a makeover, you look really ugly with those curls. Try straightening your hair. It will look better, totally, trust me."

"Um, okay," Kim replied, very much naive. Donna laughed in a high pitch then left her there. Many things were going through her head.

"Yeah, explains why popular snoots are never fun to hang out with," I pointed out. Just then, the bell rang. Great. It's my first day, and I'm going to be late for homeroom. After all, how weird could this day get?

As weird as weird could ever get.

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