When you asked me

My answer was water.

Then spring came.

Every day with you,

The snow

Inside my heart was melting.

It was a dream,

But all dreams

Come to an end.

Summer broke that dream,

As the glass hit.

You blamed yourself,

You fell sick

In your heart.

I suppressed your memories,

The same memories

That we shared.

The long, lonely summer.

Then the fall came,

That girl showed up.

She gave me hope

Like the colored leaves in admen.

It wasn't happiness,

But we all had something,


Than it was winter again,

Our need for hope

Was gone.

A burden lifted,

After twenty-eight years

With that burden,

I was


The ice of winter


I hope life is locked now,

In internal spring.

Standing next to her,

Not you

As I always imagined.

You're here though,

Crying in the front row

Because of your best friend.

Even not with you

Now I am


Possibly even happier.

My eternal spring has come.

I have grown up.

I have let you go.

Just a happy memory.

I am no longer dwelling on dreams.

Now I know,

When snow melts

It becomes