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Everything was in complete chaos.

Virtually the entire female student body was crowded around the front entrance of our school just to catch the first glimpse of him.

Word got out that the world famous Jake Muller was going to attend our school this year. I thought that it was a complete lie that some desperate girl made up but no, he confirmed it yesterday evening.

I smiled inwardly and turned up the volume on my iPod, I never told anybody but I liked his music. I wasn't some crazy fan girl or anything but I liked him. His voice was unique and his lyrics actually meaningful. The reason I never told anyone this was that all of his other fans were practically creepy, obsessed girls who had posters of him on their walls and I didn't want to be generalised as one of them.

'I can usually drink you right off of my mind
But I miss you tonight
I can normally push you right out of my heart
But I'm too tired to fight

Yeah the whole thing begins
And I let you sink into my veins
And I feel the pain like it's new
Everything that we were,
Everything that you said,
Everything that I did and that I couldn't do
Plays through tonight

Tonight your memory burns like a fire
With every one it grows higher and higher
And I can't get over it, I just can't put out this love
I just sit in these flames and pray that you'll come back
Close my eyes tightly, hold on and hope that I'm dreaming
Come wake me up

Turn the TV up loud just to drown out your voice, but I can't forget
Now I'm all out of ideas and baby I'm down to my last cigarette
Yeah, you're probably asleep deep inside of your dreams while I'm sitting here crying and trying to see
Yeah, wherever you are baby now I am sure you moved on and aren't thinking twice about me
And you tonight

Tonight your memory burns like a fire
With every one it grows higher and higher
I can't get over it, I just can't put out this love
I just sit in these flames and pray that you'll come back
Close my eyes tightly, hold on and hope that I'm dreaming

I know that you're movin' on
I know I should give you up
But I keep hopin' that you'll trip and fall back in love
Time's not healin' anything
Baby, this pain is worse than it ever was
I know that you can't hear me, but baby I need you to save me tonight

Tonight your memory burns like a fire
With every one it grows higher and higher
I can't get over it, I just can't put out this love
I just sit in these flames and pray that you'll come back
Close my eyes tightly, hold on and hope that I'm dreaming
Come wake me up
Oh, I'm dreaming
Come wake me up
Oh, I'm dreaming'

Suddenly, someone crashed into me and knocked me flat on my back. I looked up to see a beaming red-headed girl looking down at me.

"You lose something, Birkin?" An unusually cheerful Chris inquired.

I let out a small chuckle. Chris and I had grown close recently because of Claire, his sister. Claire and I had been best friends since I could remember. "Just my balance, I'm fine."

Claire put her hand out to help me up and gave me a warm smile, which I greatly returned. "I'm sorry I ran into you; it's just been so long!"

I shot Claire a playful glare whilst saying, "One, that kind of hurt and two, I saw you two days ago."

Chris stood in the middle of us two and put his strong arms around both mine and Claire's shoulders, walking us further into the school. "Hey Birkin, you excited about this Muller kid coming?"

"He's alright, got a few good songs I guess."

I turned my head to see Claire and Chris looking at me curiously.


The siblings grew devilish grins and exchanged some sort of glance. Claire let out a little giggle before speaking up in a sing-song voice, "I think Sherry likes someone!"

My face flushed a pale pink and I defended, not-so-convincingly, "I don't like Jake Muller."

"Maybe you should put the volume down on your iPod then."

Sometimes, I wished I wasn't so pale because I swear that my face was as red as a fire truck. At that moment, I realised that my iPod was playing Jake's newest smash hit, 'Bite My Tongue', on full bull.

'You keep me on the edge of my seat
I bite my tongue so you don't hear me
I wanna hate every part of you with me
I can't hate the ones who made me'

"Like I said, he is alright."

"Mhhmhm," Claire sung in an accusing tone.

After starting off the day with Ancient History and Maths, I was exhausted and extremely, extremely hungry. Although I had Leon, my male best friend, in both of those classes, my teachers had a frustratingly large amount of work to give us on the first day. I had Gym after lunch with some new teacher called Mr. Krauser. I guess it'll be interesting because I overheard some students saying he was strict, others saying he was funny and handsome.

The closer I got towards the cafeteria, the louder the screaming and squealing got; nothing out of the ordinary. I bet half of the girls in there were all giddy about being under the same roof as Jake Muller, heck, I best some would be overwhelmed to be breathing the same air as him. The doors to the cafeteria had small windows in it, so when I got close enough to see into them, it was worse than I had anticipated.

"Man, look at this circus. You got any popcorn?" I heard an amused voice behind me. I turned my head to see the one and only Jake Muller smiling towards me, his blue eyes happy and radiant. His unique scar across his cheek and his almost bald head looked even better close up.

"It's kind of what you signed up for," I stated, giving him a small smile.

"Alright, where to?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, it looks like they are expecting me," Jake started, gesturing towards the cafeteria, "If we go in there, we're going to have to shoot our way out."

I raised my eyebrows, telling him to continue.

"And I need to eat but I don't know my way around this town quite yet. Will you show me a good place to eat? I'll pay for you."

"Thanks but no thanks," I replied. My inner subconsciousness was beating me into a pulp; I just said no to lunch with Jake Muller. "Principal Simmons doesn't permit students leaving during lunch for food unless they have a lunch pass. I don't think he would be too keen on us leaving."

Jake grunted but kept the smile on his face, "What are you a goody-two-shoes or something?" He turned to the side and his face fell. "Shit! Run!"

His surprisingly smooth hand grabbed mine and he started running at top speed down the corridors, pulling me along hopelessly behind him. You could hear the stampede of girls running towards us. Jake took a sharp turn right and let go of my hand to hitch me up on his back. He started to run even faster until we reached the Janitor's closet. He opened the door and let me down inside. We both rested our backs against the wall and slowly slid down until we met the floor.

I was breathing heavily when Jake said in between pants, "You're a pretty slow runner y'know."

"You didn't have to take me y'know," I replied, mocking his tone. "I'm covered in a layer of sweat and I haven't even had Gym yet."

"It's always something with women," Jake rolled his eyes with a little smirk.

"You've got my hair all messed up and I sort of smell like decomposing bodies."

"Not a very pretty sentence, super girl. Plus, we didn't even run for long."

"Supergirl? How'd you make that one up?"

"The name Supergirl compensates for your not-so-super running abilities."

My face curled up and I let out a gentle sneeze. I looked up to see the Jake's face not too far from mine.


The distinctive sound of Excella Gionne's voice was coming closer. You could also hear various female squeals. Jake quickly got up and pulled me along with him. He pushed me down onto the floor behind a stocked shelf and pressed his body against mine, covering me. The door of the Janitor's closet opened and I could tell someone was looking around the room.

"Not in here," I heard Excella declare right before she shut the door.

Jake got up from on top of me and looked at the ceiling, out of breath.

"Thanks for the warning," I blurted out sarcastically. "Oh and by the way, why go to a high school if you're going to run away from crazy fans all the time?"

Jake turned his attention towards me and gave me a quick once over. Before replying, his lifted one of his legs up and rested his arm on his knee. "It'll die down soon. They can't hunt me down for the whole year."

I rubbed my tailbone, which was sore from when he slammed me into the ground. "You would be surprised how crazy the chicks at this school are…"

After a few minutes in silence, neither awkward nor comfortable, Jake decided to check if the coast was clear. He put his hand on the door handle and twisted the knob. He started to turn it frantically and he looked at me with wide eyes, "Uh, sweetheart. The door's locked."

"No, no, no. It can't be!" I squeaked, running up towards the door and turning the knob.

"Why so sad? You're stuck in a room with me," Jake said cockily, gesturing down his body.

I blushed slightly but mumbled, "Could have worse company I guess."

Jake jogged to the other side of the closest and dragged two blue plastic chairs over to me. He sat on the one closest towards the corner and patted the second one. I didn't refuse and sat in the chair, which was uncomfortable and dirty. In fact, the whole place was quite dirty considering that it was the Janitor's closest.

"I don't know your name yet, Supergirl."

"Sherry, Sherry Birkin."

Jake stuck his hand out for me to shake, "Please to meet your Sherry Birkin. I'm Jake Muller."

I let out a nervous giggle and shook his hand, "Trust me, I know who you are; everyone does."


"More or less."

When I was curling my right leg underneath my left, I decided to ask him a question. "Why Raccoon City High School?"

"I just wanted a break from everything I guess. Plus, my dad lives here. Although, I don't think he is the father-son bonding type. My mother is still in Tall Oaks with her new boyfriend. Coming here would give her space plus l get to live without her rules now. She's sweet but strict."

"I never took Jake Muller the type to be a momma's boy," I joked, playfully punching his arm. He just grinned at me in return.

"How about you, Supergirl? Tell me about your family."

My face fell slightly but I quickly covered it up with a smile, but I think it came out more like a grimace. "My dad was a scientist, my mother one too. Nine years ago, they were working on a project and got their faces badly burnt. That wasn't what killed them though. When the ambulances were transporting them to the hospital, an oil tanker crashed into a nearby car, sending anything within a close enough radius into a fiery mess. I've lived with my foster parents and their son ever since, they're great people."

"Sorry, I didn't mean too…"

"No, it's fine."

Straight after I finished talking, the Janitor came through the door, "What are you kids doing in here, get out."

Jake and I left the closet and he checked the watch on his arm. He then looked up at me and suggested that we go to his place for a quick lunch. I was fairly stubborn but when my stomach let out a loud grumble, Jake grabbed my wrist and practically dragged me to his car.

I was surprised when he showed me his car. I expected a big shot celebrity like him to have a Ferrari or something, but instead he was a fairly worn out white Ute. Like he was reading my mind, Jake told me, "Nothing is better than ol' reliable."

When we arrived at Jake's home, I was really impressed. It looked big but modest on the outside but it was darn fancy on the inside. Everything was clean which was strange for a house with two guys in it. The house had a massive pool on the outside and a rather impressive spiral staircase leading upstairs.

Jake led me to his kitchen and started rummaging through his fridge. I turned around to wash my hands in his sink but instead I met a solid wall of flesh. I looked up to see Albert Wesker, one of my father's previous colleagues and mates. Honestly, I don't think I have seen him since that day nine years ago. He looked like he was getting ready to go to work and he was still buttoning up his shirt.

"You have already brought one girl home and it has only been just over half the school day," Wesker remarked. He then turned towards me and burned a whole into my head. "You William's daughter?"

I nodded my head gently. Wesker just grunted and left the room, probably going to work.

"My father is so friendly," Jake said sarcastically. He threw me a chicken wing, which I skilfully caught above my head, and took out some frosted donuts. "The man that I am, the things that I've done - at least it all makes a little bit more sense now."

I raised my eyebrows in a questioning manner. As I took a bite out of the chicken, Jake started to speak.

"My father is a freakin' nut job. And I mean, come on - You really think that crazy doesn't run in the family?"

I don't know why but this made me smile, which caused him to smile back at me.

For the next few minutes, Jake and I ate frosted donuts on his living room floor. For some reason, we decided on the plush carpet rather than the expensive looking couches. My eyes suddenly widened and I started to panic. I roughly grabbed Jake's arm and checked his watch. We had exactly three minutes until our next class and it was a seven minute drive to school, if no other cars were on the road and we got a green light every time.

Jake burst out into a fit of laughter and pointed to me, "You should have seen your face."

I pulled him by the wrist towards his front door, "Stop laughing, we don't have time!"

Not ceasing his laughter, Jake unlocked and relocked the front door and walked towards his car. He opened the passenger side door and slid into the driver's seat. I followed in after him and he drove us to school in a record breaking five minutes. An impish grin never left his face the entire time, that was, until we were met in the parking lot with a very pissed looking Mr. Simmons.