This is just a note to tell you all that I am continuing Jerry and Shake. The only problem is that I think of the major plot events but not the little things. That is the reason why I haven't done anything recently. I have a serious procrastination problem and tend to avoid my problems. Please give me events that you want to happen in this story and I will continue writing straight away. I feel extremely guilty because a lot of people were into this story especially one who PM'd, Lisa431. Sorry.

Also, I have a new project starting up called Resident Evil 7. I got Resident Evil Revelations for Christmas and I love it! It gave me a lot of inspiration. I've loved every single Resident Evil game I've played (yes including 5 and 6 which were amazing) so I love writing FanFiction for it.

Here is my current summary of the story:

The US government was faced with yet another interesting predicament. With both a disgraced Tricell and a mysterious Neo-Umbrella threatening a bioterrorist attack upon the world, is there really any way to stop the horror? Add an endless battle of power between the BSAA, FBC, Terrasave and the local military to handle the situation and you have yourself a global crisis like never before.

Would you read it? What could make it more interesting or appealing? I have a lot of ideas for this and I don't want to give out any spoilers but I want to know what you all want.

This will be set in different parts but part of one big story. Sort of like the separate campaigns in RE6.

Campaign 1: Claire and Rebecca.

Campaign 2: Jill and Chris.

Campaign 3: Sherry and Jake.

Campaign 4: Whoever you decide! I'll let you all decide who else you want included in this story as a main character.

So overall, I want ideas for both stories and if I get enough, I'll start right away. I am currently half way through my school holidays (and officially over fourteen) and I feel like I am wasting my days. Don't get me wrong, I'm relaxing and having fun but I want to do something productive. I've hardly left the house and haven't seen any of my friends for over a month.

Getting that message from Lisa431 tipped me over the edge and set of my guilt meter. I don't want to disappoint you guys any further.