Shepard looks at the picture of Liara and her in her hand. She can feel the blood coming out of her left side with her left hand over it. "I guess I won't be seeing are little children ever all." Has tears comes from her eyes and slowly go down her cheek. She can feel her body slowly going cold she up in to the open space. "So this is it. This is how it ends." Her breath become slower and slower, she tries hard to keep her eyes open to look at the picture. Has Shepard takes her last breaths she can't help but think of the times she had with the people the she's meant and fought with, Helping Wrex curing the Krogan race of the genophage, bring peace between all of the race of the galaxy. The Geth, the Quarian, The Kragon and the Turians. Memories of fighting alongside Liara, Ashley, Kaidan, Wrex, Tali, Garrus, Jack, Miranda, Mordin, Samara, Thane, Zaeed, Grunt, Kasumi, Jacob, James, Legion and EDI and for those who did make it all the way. The most memories of all of them all was speading time with Liara. The nights they made love before the attack Ilos, the Collector Base, and the Curbuase base and Liara becoming the new Shadow Broker. And after they've both been through she still wants to be with Shepard. Shepard ask Liara to merry her after the war was over. So she look for the final time at the Picture "I will always love you Liara T'Sori. I'll be watching." Within second Commander Veronica Shepard is dead.

18 years later: Planet Earth

Liara stands in front of the status of her once lover Commander Veronica Shepard. The status of Shepard standing in place saluting, wearing an Alliance uniform. Right on a plack it says. "Here stands the status of a great hero in human history, Commander Veronica Shepard gave her life so the races of the Galexy can life without any threat. Shepard will be remembered for uniting the galaxy and fighting off the treat of extinction from the Reaper threat. She gave her life so the rest of galaxy can live and rebuild." Standing right next to Liara is hers and Shepard's daughter Jill T'Soni Shepard. "Mother I've I told you that I just want to be like Mom." Jill look down and in her hand is a pamphlet. 'Join the Alliance.' Saying on it.