"Hey, hey, hey, stop wriggling around!", exclaimed Doctor Insano, as he fitted a black device onto Spoony's wrist. On the device was a monitor and a red light.

" Why do I even have to do this? Why can't you get someone else?", Spoony whined as Insano finished wiring him up.

"Because you're the only person who I could find within a five-mile-radius who would be stupid enough to go through with this", Insano replied as he stepped back to admire his work.

" But you drugged me!", Spoony pointed out as Insano turned to one of his computers. "And anyway, I don't understand why you couldn't just use Film Brain. He's still in America, you know. You wouldn't have had to even sedate him, just beam him in, lock the door and wire him up. Simple." Spoony was voicing his opinion.

" Because, no. 01, I wanted to test my new sedative on you, and no. 02, you know how Film Brain reacts to ghosts. Well, at least ghost who talk to him." Insano replied briefly, while typing into the computer he'd selected for this experiment.

" That was a test sedative?! Well…what are the possible side effects? If it's something made by you, it's bound to be dangerous."

" Well, you could have some difficulty with water, you might burst into flames if you are touched by direct sunlight, or you might just die in two hours", Insano rattled off the list nonchalantly.

"Hmm…better than last time. Where's your son, by the way? He's usually around here somewhere…", Spoony asked Insano as he looked around the room.

"Oh, I thought, seeing as this project is so important, we cannot afford for him to mess this up, so I got someone to look after him for the duration of this experiment. It's a shame, though, because I'm really beginning to miss having that little pink failed experiment around me. Oh well", Insano sighed and returned to his work.

" Wow, you're really getting attached to the little fur ball, aren't you? Who's minding him?", Spoony smiled, possibly because of the sedative that was still running through his veins.

"Well I thought about it and realised that Linkara was the only fitting person to use as a babysitter for my son. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that Linkara will look after him. Or else it could end in tragedy, seeing as he's my arch-nemesis and everything."

" That makes no fucking sense."