This was originally written as a very very long one-shot that I posted out on a whim on LiveJournal over three years ago. And then I stumbled across my old account at Lovers Unparalleled – for some reason, the story didn't leave me alone. Before I knew it, I was already writing the long (and chapter) version. It was never finished because LU was attacked by malware. I'm posting this because I thought I wanted to finish it and some kind soul asked me if I could – I seriously didn't think anyone even remember this one!

Disclaimer : The whole nine yards, I don't own Hana Yori Dango, I wish I do because I will create a spin-off just for Soujirou/Yuki. All canon characters belong to the owner and the original belongs to me. The characters are purely fictional (loosely based on the people I know) and this story is not BETA. So, excuse any spelling/grammar mistakes. I tried to rectify what I can see, but, sometimes I just terribly suck.

"Jang..." Yuki revealed herself to Soujirou. "Long time no see," true indeed, it had been a while since they came to face with each other, in fact, the last time they had seen each other was at Tsukasa and Tsukushi's wedding. It had been a year since, and for both of them, a lot had changed. She hadn't expected it at all, to see Soujirou grinning, she had expected the surprised looking face, but not the grin afterward, nor the running away part after that, nonetheless, that was what had happened, before she knew it, Soujirou had broke into a run and she, without planning, instinctively run after him.

"Nishikado-san?" She called the first time before running after him, failing to gain any respond, Yuki broke into a run. "Huh? E-Excuse me." She said as she made way through the line made by people. "Wait, Nishikado-san" She called again. "This is the third time!" She yelled, forgetting the fact that they were surrounded by hundreds of people, watching their every move. "Stop!" She called again, making through the security guards that were left befuddled over the event that was taking place, none of them were exactly sure what was going on nor what there were to be done. Neither the security nor the hundreds of people moved as they watch.

"Soujirou!" Yuki called, abandoning all formalities as she broke out of the door. The crowd behind her was silent, unsure of how to react. Yuki found herself standing just a few steps in front of the entrance; even the passerby had stopped to observe what was happening as well. It would have been an embarrassing moment, but Yuki was caught by surprise at her own boldness to care about what was other people were thinking at that moment. Still, she couldn't see Soujirou before her, slightly disappointed, she sighed. There was no surprise that Soujirou happens to be a good runner. He could have needed it to break into a run whenever a crazy woman chase after him.

Suddenly, as she was walking away with her head down, someone had grabbed her by the hand. She tried to pull her hand away, but, before she could, she could hear his voice "Took you a while." Soujirou said, as he pulled Yuki into his arms. It felt right just to have her there. "Eh?" Yuki responded, she wasn't sure of what to say, 'Eh' was the only respond she could muster on top of her mind, despite knowing how much of an idiot she would look like for muttering it.

"Ahh..." Soujirou sighed, breaking the hug slowly; he could guess how puzzled Yuki must have been right at that moment. However, he can't very well just do something ordinary for such a crazy girl like Yuki. A crazy girl, but just the right girl for him, it took him a while to realize that not having her before his eyes was something beyond unbearable. Admitting it was worse, he knew he had to give up on a lot to have her by his side, still, he knew he wouldn't care. He made that one vow, as long as he have her, nothing else matters.

Yuki on the other hand was still confused and even more so when Soujirou was delaying his respond. "I was getting tired of 'Nishikado-san', I've been wondering when you'll start calling me 'Soujirou' instead." Soujirou began; a smile was spreading wider on his boyish face. It felt like time stood still around them. There was no words coming out from Yuki's mouth, she was getting far more confused by what was happening. Still... "Soujirou." She said quietly, muttering Soujirou's name. That alone was enough to cause Soujirou to smile widely.

"I never thought I'd like how my name sound." Soujirou said simply before adding, "Until now," with that he leaned close to plant a kiss on Yuki's lips. It was surprisingly unexpected for Yuki that she wasn't too sure on how to react. All she could do was blink and allow her body to indulge further into the kiss, ignoring the cheering crowd around them and the camera flashing to capture the moment.


"You kissed me first, right?" Yuki asked warily. The event following Saujiroh's very public display of affection still hover around her head as they walk hand in hand through the park. But, instead of hearing the answer she wanted to hear, she heard him chuckle in amusement. Frowning, Yuki tried to pull her hand away from Soujirou's grip, but, he would not allow her slim fingers escape his clutch, not now when he knew that he would rather die than let her go. "Nishikado-san," Yuki protested, she wasn't comfortable with his possessiveness of her.

"Nishikado-san?" Soujirou asked, arching an eyebrow as if daring her to repeat it again. "Whatever happened to Soujirou?" He asked with a playful smile on his face. 'Damn that smile,' Yuki thought privately, he must know – he must know what he was doing to her but he didn't care. "You didn't answer my question," Yuki responded, braving what's left of her courage to challenge him at his own game. Another chuckle escaped Soujirou's lips, he was in head first and he wasn't getting out of it, he was certain of it and funnily enough, he didn't mind it at all.

"Yes, I did kiss you first," Soujirou answered finally, his face was dangerously close, leveling with Yuki who started to blush like a high school girl in love. "Umm..." She mumbled, trying to form a sentence in her already jumbled up thought. Just moments ago she appeared before him and he ran off away from her. Now, they're standing face to face in the middle of the park with Yuki being acutely aware of her surrounding. The pointing fingers, the hush whisper as people passed them. Why did she have to fall for someone who's famous? She groaned inwardly. She was doomed for life now but she can't help feeling blissfully happy.

Soujirou, watching the contorted worried lines on Yuki's face couldn't help but smile. She was trying to say something and her mouth was moving but nothing came up. The sight made him wanted to kiss her again, so he did. He leaned, closing the small gap between them and kissed her senseless. He was kissing her in front of the world, he would have never done something so openly affectionate but she was bringing that side of him he didn't know existed.

"And to answer the question you've had in your mind but haven't asked," He said, moments after they broke the kiss. He hated the absence of her lips on his, but there was so much to say and he felt like he had to say it now or he would surely burst. "Hum?" Her eyes was staring right into his, it was innocent and full of caution. She knew him well but she loved him still. "I love you," He said and her eyes widened, surprised to hear what she had heard.

"I love you," He repeated, pulling her close into his arms. He had summoned all his courage to say it aloud. He lost her once and never thought she would appear before him again. For her, he had abandoned his lifestyle, for her he learned to grow up, for her he had become responsible. Because of her, he found his own personal happiness and he was never letting her go. Not ever.

"I love you too," Yuki faint whisper caused him to smile. Never again, he would never allow her to leave his side.