Caius and Bella.

This is a story set during New Moon when Bella races to save Edward from the Volturi. Does she make it in time? Does she have to sacrifice herself for him and the Cullen's?

Bella's POV

I was sitting in the car with Alice driving us to the Volturi to save Edward She was keeping me updated as we drove when she gets a new vision. The newest vision she had was of Edward walking into the sun underneath the clock tower at noon.

She said that he was going to expose himself to the humans. I really don't know what he was thinking. Killing himself because he felt guilty that I may have killed myself. He was the one that left me, not the other way around. If anyone should be angry it should be me.

Alice speed up through an alley way, she then pulled over.

"Bella you have to run we only have five minutes. You have to find the Clock tower, ask if you need to."

"Aren't you coming?"

"No I can't, if he sees me he will do it earlier than expected. Go Bella your running out of time."

With that I ran off towards the clock tower trying to get to the love of my life before he does something stupid. I can't believe he is stupid enough to do this, not only trying to get himself killed but to also put his family in this much pain.

If I get to him in time, then I have to make sure he knew that we would never get back together. I have spent so much time feeling down because of Edward Cullen. I was in a zombie state for almost six months, I didn't eat, I didn't sleep, I never really spoke to anyone unless they spoke to me and asked me a direct question.

I am not willing to go back to the Bella that asked permission from him to speak to my own father. Thanks to Jacob I became the person I was always meant to be.

I was running when I came to a fountain that was stopping me from getting to him, but I ran through it. I looked up and saw him, he was there standing by the door barely visible but I was looking for him. He was taking his shirt off and taking steps forward. I started screaming.

"EDWARD! EDWARD!" He didn't look up but smiled. I got to him just in time; I jumped into his arms and was trying to move him backwards.

"Edward, we have to move. Come on they will see us if we don't move,"

"Heaven." He sniffed my neck and smiled some more. "If this is heaven or hell I don't care because I'm with you."

"Edward, I'm not dead, neither are you. Come on we have to move."

He looked down at me and actually looked around at his surroundings.

"If I'm not dead and neither are you, then what are you doing here?"

I looked at him like he was stupid for even asking this question. I guess I had to say what I wanted now.

"What the hell do you think I am doing here? I'm here saving your ass for a change. God Edward how stupid can you actually be to go and try and get yourself killed because you thought I was dead. Jeeze you're the one that left you don't get to feel like that."

"Bella I left to protect you. My world is not for you." I cut him off I was not going to listen to this stupid crap anymore.

"NO! Edward you left for you. This saving me crap has to stop. You know that I cannot know about your secret and stay human. You should not have left me, not only that but what about Victoria? Did she factor into your plans at all? Come on Edward you are suppose to be the smart one here and you left a human unprotected with a sadistic vampire running around for my blood."

"Bella I never knew I was leaving you will all this. I'm sorry I really am."

"Just, not sorry enough to come back to me though right? If Rosalie never told you that she thought I was dead, I wouldn't even be seeing you now would I?"

"I do love you, but my world is not for a human."

"No you don't because if you did you would want to turn me to keep me around for eternity. Don't lie to me Edward; I know we are not mates like you thought we were. It's okay, I was a mess after you left for a very long time but now that I'm here with you, I know I can move on without you and I know I can survive not being with you. But we both know that I am not leaving Volterra a human or at all. This is your chance to redeem yourself. "

"I don't know what you want from me; I can't turn you it will go against everything that I have ever believed in."

"So you would let strangers turn someone that your proclaim to love? You would let them introduce me into this life knowing that I would not be able to conform to your way of living this life?"

"They would never make you feed on humans if that was not your choice."

"Really? Because you had me believe that they were the monsters of your world. Edward you don't have a choice about my humanity anymore but I would like you or someone from your family to change me. I would not survive my first year as a newborn knowing that I would have to hunt humans. Because my ex-boyfriend was too much of a pansy ass mother fucker to help me out."

Our conversation was cut off by Edward pushing me behind him and growling in the other direction.

"Your services are not needed here gentlemen." Edward said.

"Edward, Aro wishes to see you and bring the girl."

"NO thank you Felix, Bella can stay here."

"I said bring the girl."

I looked to Edward who looked like he was going to answer when I moved myself out from behind him. I walked up to the guy he named Felix.

"Hey I'm Bella, You're Felix?"

He looked at me, smiled and grabbed my hand; he slowly raised it to his mouth and placed a kiss to my knuckles.

"Yes, mia cara I am Felix."

"It is nice to meet you. I believe Aro is waiting. Shall we go?"

"Of course beautiful follow me."

With that Felix started making his way to Aro with me following him.

"Bella you cannot be serious get back here?"Edward ordered.

"Edward shut the fuck up and follow along you and I both know we have to."

He then followed along trying to hold my hand but I wouldn't have any of it. How can he think that after six months of him being absent from my life I would let him back into it so easily. I don't think so, besides there wasn't anything between us anymore. Jacob had helped me see that.

Edward was not my one and only nor was he the love of my life anymore.

We came to two big double doors, they were beautiful. I spent so much time looking at them that I didn't hear Felix trying to talk to me, until he touched my shoulder which earned a growl from Edward. I looked up to him with a smile on my face.

He was smiling back.

"Are you ready to meet the kings of the vampire world Bella?"

"I don't think I will ever be ready but let's do this."

He smiled even bigger nodded his head and opened the doors. All eyes turned to me I was so focused on looking in front of me that I didn't notice Edward walk up to me and grab my hand, until I heard a growl come from one of the thrones.

I looked down to my hand a yanked it out of his hold, then looked up to the kings. I knew Aro was in the middle and Marcus to the right, which left Caius. I turned to look at him and it was like the whole world had stopped and there was only me and him.

There was no one else in this room but us to. He looked into my eyes and it was like he was looking into my soul, I just couldn't bring myself to look away from him.

His eyes were the stark contrast to Edward's gorgeous golden eyes, these were brilliant crimson eyes that should have scared me but seemed to relax me. I just kept staring into his eyes, and he kept staring into mine.

I felt myself being pulled towards him, I couldn't control my body it was like my heart and soul knew who he was and what he was my body just hadn't caught up yet.

I got close to him, I was almost there only to be pulled away by Edward grabbing my arm and pulling back against him, but I didn't look away from Caius. I kept looking into those eyes and they kept looking back at me, then he spoke and that sent shivers down my spine.

"I suggest you give me my mate back little boy before I lose my patience."

MATE? Did he just call me his mate? Looking into his eyes I knew it was true.

"She is not yours she is mine" Growled Edward.

With that I replied.


I got his attention pretty quick with that, He looked at me and smiled.

"Yes love?" To that Caius growled.

"I am not nor will I ever be again yours. You walked away from that right when you left me alone in the damn woods. Now take your damn hand off my arm."

He looked shocked and slowly let me go. I walked away from him and walked to Caius who was waiting for me with arms wide open. I stepped into his arms and he wrapped them tightly around me. I guess it was a surprise to a lot of them since I heard several gasps.

Aro then stepped forward.

"Young one, it seems that no crime has been made and Bella has finally found what she has been looking for, now it's time for you to leave and join your family."

"I'm not leaving Bella here with you monsters."

"Edward that is not your choice it is mine. Now Aro has asked you to leave and I wish you to go. I am where I'm supposed to be, I no longer what you in my life. "

He looked up at me with so much pain in his eyes but I was unwilling to even feel guilty for him, he made his bed now he needs to lie in it.

I just looked away and paid my attention to Caius, who at this time was nuzzling my neck.

I saw Edward give me one more parting look then left. This is the start of the beginning of my new life. I can feel that I am going to be so happy here. This is not an end but a beginning.