Chapter 12,

Caius's POV,

My Mate told me I had to help Jasper in saving Chelsea and her mate, so I did. But leaving her there in that Castle with my brother who is trying to kill everyone he can to be in power was the hardest decision I have ever made.

We were on our way to Canada right now, and all I could do was worry about my mate, she said she would phone when she could and I have no doubt she will. But leaving her a period of time is killing me. Since we have mated we have never been apart even for an hour, as is the pull for newly mated couples.

I knew she had her job to do back in Voltera with Aro and helping the guard understand what was going on, with Chelsea being so far away her power would have diminished completely even the lasting affect would of gone by now.

I was bought out of my thoughts by Jasper calling to me,

"Master Caius if you don't stop with the emotional onslaught we are not going to make it to Canada by night fall. Bella will phone you when she can, stop worrying about her she is safe for the time being. I also think that while we are out of the castle we need to go to Washington to ask the mutts for help to"

I knew he was right of course my mate is an exceptional newborn, she has tremendous control, and the guard love her without Chelsea's power influencing them in that area. He was also right about the mutts this wouldn't only be our problem but there's to if Aro got into a lot of power. I looked over to Chelsea

"How much further is it Chelsea? We are at the border of Canada now"

She looked over to me, stopped her running and looked up to where we were, she was holding on tightly to her mate and I knew she would not be letting go anytime soon,

"About another five minutes Master Caius then we will be there."

"Excellent my dear but you are no longer part of the guard you do not have to address me with such a title, here it is Caius"

She shook her head at me and smiled softly

"I have always addressed as Master because I respect you as such, even more so now that you have Isabella with you. You are an amazing man Caius and you were never allowed to show it because Aro deemed all the power. But even now in this moment you deserve the title of Master"

Never in all my years has someone spoken to me with such respect were I have not had to use strength and force to bring it forth. But Chelsea saying that to me has given me the strength needed to stand alongside my mate in the heat of battle and demand the same respect from Aro.

"Thank you Chelsea. Now let us carry on I want to be with your friends by the time my mate rings me."

With that we carried on running, through the wild past many tree's and animals, and five minutes later we were all running up to the house were we would be staying for the time being. Chelsea's friends were standing on the porch waiting for us, I looked over to Jasper who seemed to be in shock.

I stopped in front of him to see if he was ok.

"Jasper, what seems to be the problem?"

He couldn't seem to form any words at this time, So I looked over to Chelsea and her friends for some answers, thankful the blonde male answered for me.

"He seems to be in shock Master Caius, and I can't say I blame him. Major I never expected to see you running with the Master and his guard"

I looked to Jasper to see he had finally snapped out of his daze and smiled at the couple before us.

"Peter I should of known that you would be Chelsea's friends. Char hows it going?"

"Well Major pain in the ass we've missed you thats what! Finally got rid of the demented little pixie have ya?"

I heard a soft growl come from Jasper but he was smiling so I knew all was well.

"Is someone going to explain what is going on here?"

Jasper looked over to me with surprise on his face.

"Of course, Master Caius. This is Peter and Char they are mates and they fought with me in the vampire wars. I changed both of them and they have been my friends ever since"

I nodded my head to that, very good to know.

"So they will be loyal to us? And will allow us to stay here?"

Before Jasper could talk Peter beat him to it.

"Of course you can all stay here, and yes we are loyal to you and the Major. I have a gift if you will, were I just know shit. It's not like the pixie's future seeing shit but I get voices in my head telling me things, comes in handy sometimes. So we already know about the fuckery with Aro and we know that you had to leave your mate to come here. And before any of you ask or say otherwise we will be fighting with you against the threat. We already think of the Queen as our baby sis anyway."

I don't think I have ever been so shocked in my life, these people have never met my mate yet they are so willing to stand with us and protect her against my brother who has lost his damn mind.

My mate has the most amazing lure to any creature, she can make anyone fall in love with her and lay down their life's for her. I looked over to the vampires I have just met, with shock written all over my face.

"You would lay down your life's for someone you have never met?"

It was Charlotte who spoke and she spoke with so much conviction you couldn't help but believe every word that came out of her mouth.

"We don't need to meet her to know she is an amazing person, to have captured your heart and Jasper while she was still human is enough. But hearing about her from Jasper and knowing that he believes she is his sister really did it. And the fact that she faced the Volturi to save her vampire boyfriend the girl knows no limits to her love. And that is why we willingly fight for her"

I nodded my head to that, I knew what she was talking about, Bella is the most selfless person I have ever met in my life.

"Why don't we take this in the house? I do believe Caius that your mate will be calling in ten seconds"

I nodded my head and followed everyone into the house, and just as we got seated on the sofa my phone started ringing, I look to you by Whitney Houston, I knew it was my mate calling me, and I knew when I got back to her she would be in trouble for messing with my phone again.

I look to you.
I look to you.
After all my strength is gone,
In you I can be strong
I look to you.
I look to you.
And when melodies are gone,
In you I hear a song.
I look to you.

I heard Jasper and Peter laughing and I saw Char with a smile on her face and love in her eyes, Jasper was the first to speak,

"Bella been messing with your phone again?"

I growled at him and answered my phone, I have missed my mate so much and it has only been a day.

"Beautiful, I have been waiting for your call, is all well?"

"My little monster I told you not to worry about me. All is good, Aro is pissed off that you have left the castle without permission. He is also pissed off because I couldn't or wouldn't show him what powers I have, I blames it on being a newborn and not being able to control them at this point!"

I chuckled at that, yes no doubt Aro would be very pissed, he would see it as disrespecting him and dishonouring the Volturi but at this point I could care less.

"Yes I thought he would be pissed about me leaving. How are the guard now that Chelsea is away?"

"They've sworn themselves to protect me! Aro is going to be left blind and defenceless. But it's going to be a good fight, You and Jasper need to stay away until Monday"

Ok, Monday was in six days, I could do that right? Stay away from my mate for six days? I didn't think I could but knew I would for her, because Bella is my everything and if she thinks it's bad for me and Jasper to be there then it must be.

"We are in Canada right now, Chelsea has friends here who are putting us up, then we are going to run to Washington and ask the mutts for help. That was Jasper's idea by the way"

I wanted her to know that I would follow any plan to keep her safe even if it meant asking for help from out natural enemies.

"And it's a good one. It will work out better that way. Renanta has gone, she ran with her mate when I cornered her and told her what was going on."

"Even better my love. So how are you able to talk to me so freely without Aro hearing?"

This has been bugging me since she rang me, has she left the castle? Is she safe? All these thoughts were going round in my head while I was waiting for her answer.

"Oh, I'm not in the castle anymore, I am just outside Rome now!"

I hissed at this, and was growling down the phone, she has left the safety of the castle and the guards? How can she be so silly? What if Aro had people outside the castle waiting for people who were trying to escape?

"My love why have you left the safety of the guards and castle?"

"I am safe, I have Felix and Demetri with me. We have come to hunt before they teach me how to fight. Felix saw I needed to hunt but knew I had never fed without you present so offered to take me with Demetri"

Ok maybe she should have started with this, rather then worrying me to death when I am miles away from her to damn well protect her. I chuckled down the phone in relief that she was safe.

"Ok maybe next time you should start with that rather than just saying you're not in the castle anymore"

I heard her giggle on her end and laughing from Felix and Demetri, that made me feel so much better knowing that they were there protecting her when I couldn't.

"Ok, Caius I have to go. There is a lot to be done in the next week, I need a lot of training to kill Aro and you need to stay on the down low and wait for my calls. Do not ring me"

Yea this was going to be a tough couple of days, not being able to ring her and wait for her to ring me. Not knowing if she was safe or hurt in any given moment would be plan torture.

"Ok my love, have a good hunt. Felix, Demetri her life is in your hands protect her or face me."

I heard them both answer at the same time,

"Yes Master Caius"

"I love you Caius."

"I love you Bella forever!"

She hung up the phone and I was left with the Swan clan as I am going to now call them.

I looked around the room waiting for someone to speak or for something to do, knowing that we were here until at least Monday or sooner if my mate rings. I was bought out of my wondering by Peter.

"You have a fierce mate their Caius, protect with everything you have. She is going to be the making of you and the Volturi never stop loving her of go against her, she is going to be the best thing that has ever happened to the vampire world."

"Thank you Peter, I will protect her with everything I am even if it means giving my own life for hers"

"I don't think you have anything to worry about their Caius, you're mate is doing everything she can to be strong enough to survive what is coming, so I think we need to do the same. Maybe go to Washington a lot sooner and get things under way with the mutt's than find any nomads we can and ask them to stand with us"

Peter has a point, there is no point sitting here for a week waiting for my mate to call and wondering, it is time to be proactive with the time I have away from the castle. My mate s being trained by the second best fighters in the world, Of course it would be better if she could be trained by me but sometimes that just can't happen and I taught Felix and Demetri everything they know.

I looked over to Jasper, with a raised eyebrow wondering what he has to say on the matter he looked over to me in pure concentration and I knew his mind was doing what it does best. Planning the best way to come out of this alive.

"I think he has a point Caius, we can't sit around here for a week doing nothing and wondering when Bella will ring or if she's ok. We need to get things moving this end as well. We need a map of Voltera so we can find a place that's big and has nothing to do with Aro and the Volturi so when we have our soldiers and they are ready we have somewhere to take them so they can hide."

I nodded my head to this, I was in agreement with them. We had to do something but I also knew that we couldn't just leave, not yet we had to wait at least a day get some training in before we do anything.

I had to learnt the fighting skill of Jasper, Peter and Charlotte and they had to learn mine and Chelsea's I knew her mate couldn't fight so he would be no good for this.

"Ok, Jasper can you ring the mutts and tell them what's going on, see if they can come here instead because I have a feeling that leaving now would be a mistake. Right now we need to learn each others fighting ability. All of us, need to train now."

I looked over to Chelsea who was looking at her mate with a frown on her face, I would make sure to tell her that she had a choice in whether she wanted to fight or not, I wouldn't make her go through that if she didn't want to. Jasper then spoke up

"It shouldn't be a problem all I have to do is mention Bella's name and they will be willing to help us. She was once their family to."

I nodded to this, then looked to Peter I knew he was thinking about what I had just said.

"I think you're right Caius my knower has changed tactics and is saying stay and get the mutts here instead."

Good we were all on the same point which is a great place to start, I looked to Chelsea and waited for her to look into my eyes so she knew I was being honest.

"Chelsea, you and your mate have the choice to run and not fight. I would never force you to do something you don't want to do."

"I will fight with you but my mate wont, he has no fighting ability and I don't want him in that situation it's not in his nature."

"Very good, Ok Chelsea you and Char are going to train together learn as much about each others fighting skill as you can. Jasper, me you and Peter are going to train together and do the same, we need to familiarise ourselves with each others ability"

They nodded her head, and the training began. (Just imagine them training here, because I am really not good at writing training scenes.)

Me, Jasper and Peter were out in the garden training with each other keeping the skills fresh in our minds, and making sure we know each other's ability. I wanted to be as prepared as I can be for this because nobody knows what Aro really has under his sleeve.

I was sparring with Jasper while Peter was shouting commands out to us, when suddenly there was this pain in my heart, it was like knives going deep into my skin, it was like burning alive.

I knew this was not my pain but Bella's, I was suddenly anxious and angry why would my mate be in pain? Who would want to hurt her? Who would her hurt knowing they would have to deal with me?

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to Jasper, that was when I realised I was on my knee's

"Caius are you ok?"

I shook my head with my hand placed firmly on my heart, I choked out,

"Bella she's in pain!"

"I'll phone her see what's going on!"

Jasper pulled out his cell phone and dialled her number, when she didn't answer her tried again, four times and still no answer. Now he was getting anxious, I told him to ring Demetri and see what was going on, he picked up on the third ring.

"I was waiting for your call"

"Is Bella ok? Caius can feel her pain, his on his knee's what's going on?"

"We got back from hunting and Aro was waiting for us, he said some things that Bella responded to. He didn't like what she was saying so he hit her and she flew through the air and landed on the other side of the forecourt, Me and Felix stood in front of her to protect her because he was advancing on her, he tried ordering us away and that's when he realised that Chelsea was no longer in the castle that's when he realised he couldn't order us anymore. Felix checked Bella's face and saw that he had cracked her skin open, that's when we saw that Aro has found weapons to use against his own kind. He had a chain wrapped around his hand with vampire teeth in it.

Felix had to use his own venom to heal the wound but she is going to have a scar, right now we're sitting in Caius's chambers with her she didn't answer her phone because she is stuck in vision's at the moment. She's trying to see if she can get you and Caius to come back early.

I'm worried that now Aro knows about Chelsea he may move up his plans. Me and Felix will be with Bella every step of the way until you and Caius get back"

When I heard Demetri say that Aro had actually harmed my mate, I couldn't hold in my growl. How dare that mother fucker hurt my mate, who the fuck does he think he is? He is beyond any reason right now. He has become so power hungry that I do not even recognise my brother anymore.

I spoke up than, knowing that they could hear the anger in my voice

"Demetri keep me posted, tell Bella to ring me as soon as she can"

"Yes Master"

Jasper than hung up and I knew he was angry, I could see it in his eyes this was after all his little sister. I looked at him and nodded my head to the unspoken question in his eyes, when the time came I would allow him to finish Aro with me.

Aro was going to receive the most painful death I could come up with, nobody hurts my mate and gets away with it.

I just hope that Bella can come up with something soon, because I need her in my arms to know she is safe. I wonder what Marcus thinks of all this, since Dydme he has been quiet a loner so to speak. I could not imagine that pain he was going through losing his mate.

If I lost Bella I would not live I would finish myself off by walking into the fire with her.

Aro really has lost his damn mind, killing his own sister and hitting my mate all for some damn powers. I hope that he finds his mate before this fight so he knows how it feels to have one, and than how it feels to have said mate ripped away from you.

Bella I will be with you soon my love, I love you forever.

Peter bought me out of all my thoughts swirling in my mind,

"Is your mate ok?"

"She will be for the time being. She will be better when I am by her side"

"Of course. Shall we finish training?"

I nodded my head to that and went back to sparring with Jasper, hoping to take my mind off my mate for a while.

Bella's POV,

I have been sat here on my bed for three hours just going over vision's making decisions and changing them and shit to see what would happen and what our best path of action was.

I had, had many visions but most of them ended up with me dead trying to protect Alec from Aro, the only option we have is if Jasper and Caius can come back with the wolves and as many nomads as they can.

We need to have to element of surprise on our side, Aro needs to think we are submitting to him, which means I have to apologise to him, but I would have to get on my knee's to do it.

This was going to be hard, because I absolutely hate him with every fibre of my being, and if I was being honest with myself, I was even scared of what he might do to me.

I looked over to Demetri and Felix who haven't left my side since Aro hit me, I heard Demetri on the phone to Jasper earlier while I was in a vision. I had hoped to keep this from Caius until he got back but apparently that wasn't meant to be.

I didn't realise that he would feel my pain, but he had. If he can feel mine does that mean I can feel his?

I would have to think on that some more later, now was not the time

"Felix I need my phone?"

He nodded his head and passed me my phone, I automatically dialled Caius's number.

"Hello my love are you well?"

"I am fine baby, please don't fret yourself with this at the moment. I have come up with a new plan"

"My love Aro hit you, you should never hit someone else's mate. Demetri said you will have a scar?"

I looked over to Demetri scowling at him, we didn't have time to worry about this. He looked down at me with a smile on his face, I knew he was saying that Caius had a right to know.

I just nodded my head.

"My little monster please we don't have time for that right now. You and Jasper need to gather the wolves and as many nomads as you can and be here in three days. Because every vision I had, I end up dead before you arrive. You need to get here by Thursday at the latest."

"Baby we can do it. We had already discussed this anyway. We have Peter and Charlotte with us who are Chelsea's friends and they also happen to be Jasper's friends to they are going to stand with us. And Chelsea is going to stand with us to, but her mate will not."

"That is good Caius. I need you to get here as soon as you can, because I need you by my side, I cant do this any other way."

"I will be there my love, I love you"

"I love you."

With that I hung up the phone, I looked over to the two guards that were still with me, and knew that no matter what, they would always be with me protecting me and keeping me alive.

I knew I had found family in these two and I was so happy about that. They hadn't had the best start in this life but they were trying to prove themselves to me, and their ability to protect me to Caius.

This fight coming was going to be a big one, but we would be ready and we are not going to lose. We have something on our side that Aro doesn't, we have love, loyalty and trust.

Aro has nothing but manipulation, anger and forcing people to do his bidding.

Aro better watch his back!

Aro's POV,

That stupid foolish girl is going to pay for taking Chelsea away from me, how dare she? Who the fuck does she think she is? I am the only one with the power in this coven and I should be respected as such.

When she is lest expecting it I am going to destroy her like I did Dydme, I tried to be nice to her and pretend to be her brother, but she threw it away.

With all her power she could of stood at my side and we could of ruled and been the most powerful vampires in existence, but no she had to go and be all good and try to stop me.

Well she hasn't stopped nothing, she has just made me change a few plans and bring a few forward!

Isabella better watch her back!