A yellow-haired boy came in wounded in the left foot, that he can't even move a single inch.

"IEEEKK!" Cube shouted as he saw Arc lying on the floor.

"A-a corpse!"

"W-wait Arc?" he added as he looked closer.

"Miss! Miss Yuushi!" Cube cried for help.

Yuushi rushed to Cube and saw Arc unconscious. "A-ARC!?"

They carried Arc to Yuushi's room. Several hours, later. Arc woke up.

"Arc! You're awake!" Cube said, in surprise.
"W-wait! Who in he** took of my clothes?" Arc asked.
"I-it's me!" Cube said with an ashamed voice.
"Ugh, I was hoping for Yuushi-Wait, where's Yuushi?"
"She's cooking something for you."
"Bring her to me."
"B-but—miss sai—"
"If not…" Arc grabbed Cube down to the bed and added, "I might do something to you."
"H-hai, master..I mean, uh..I'll bring her to you..L-let me go." Cube said as he skipped a beat.

As Cube rushed to Yuushi, Arc saw a box of pocky and smirks evilly.

"Miss Yuushi!" Cube called out

As Yuushi looked at Cube, he suddenly pushed Yuushi away from the kitchen, "I'll take care of this, Arc needs you."

In Yuushi's room, Arc was sitting on the bed, just waiting for her.

"W-why did you called me and with that look?" Yuushi said while she was rosy-red.(remember Arc is shirtless..)

"Hmmm.." Arc glanced at her putting a pocky stick in his mouth, convincing her to bite the other end. "Come on."

Yuushi blushed while she bites the other end. So, both of them soon took small bites. When only an inch was left, Arc took a huge bite resulting them in kissing.

Yuushi blushed as she tried to get the sweet that's in Arc's mouth. Arc also tried to get the sweets in Yuushi's mouth.

At last they finished, now Arc suggested, "How about we'll do it without the pocky." He said as he winked.

"Close your eyes if you're willing to,'

Yuushi was rosy-red, so she just closed her eyes. SUDDENLY, Arc kissed Yuushi's forehead and said, "HUGE FOREHEAD," and giggled.

After that incident, "Stay away from me about 1 meter!" Yuushi never want Arc to go near her.