The Doctor's footsteps echoed eerily across the walls, mingling with the sound of the water droplets falling from the ceiling as a result of the tempest raging above ground. The Time Lord stopped, his breath short, but his hearts pounding nontheless, at the sight awaiting him. He stepped forward into a beam of light shining through a crack in the cave ceiling, blinking gratefully at the refreshing spray of water that accompanied it.

The only one left stood before him.

The elegant wings raising up so high that they brushed the ceiling, and an array of weeds and mosses covering the stone that was cracked to the near point of intricate carving. Her expressionless face was uncovered.

"I'm sorry." whispered the Doctor, squinting as the light from the beam hit his eyes. He felt a rush of adrenaline as he shut his eyes, when he opened them finding himself in the same place.

But she had moved. Her face was calmer, and her mouth was even ever so slightly curved in a sad smile. One of her hands was held aloft.

The Doctor half-smiled, feeling something nag at the back of his mind. It was a voice.

"It is okay."

"Never thought I could have something in common with a Weeping Angel," the Doctor said softly. "But I needed to see for myself. Before..."

Less hesitantly, he blinked again. This time the angel was looking down, her eyes of pure white nearly closed in what appeared to be an expression of acceptance. Her hand was held higher, pointing to the ceiling. There was dust falling from the old rocks.

"I know." the Doctor said sadly. "It's only a matter of minutes now."

Blink. The angel was looking straight at the Doctor's face. Not a trace of hostility, only what you would expect from a creature of its name. Wisdom. Ancience.


The Doctor nodded, as the dust raining on the ground became more intense. The Doctor started to head back to the TARDIS, not taking his eyes of the statue as he went. Just as he reached the door; blink. The angel was covering her face once more.

As the TARDIS doors closed the hostile planet above finally won over the rocks, as they caved in.

The last Weeping Angel never moved again.