The hazel colored hair girl walk silently as she step in 'Science Gate', Academy City. the gate guardian has been defeated without difficult by the girl.

"Tadaima," the girl whisper.

a spark in her forehad clearly can be seen even from afar. it was merely three or four step of the girl, suddenly she stopped by a man. a man in black outfit with formal-looking appaerance.

"It seem you have through the gate as harsh as usual," the man said in confidence voice, "like mother, like daughter," he add.

The girl pull his right sleeve and show a rather strange tatto in her right hand. various symbol and magic logo has been draw in her hand permanently. it is a seal that stripped down a power in her right hand.

"Did because i have this seal, you thought i'm magician?" the girl tapped her hand, "You know i'm ESPer too, just with seal in my right hand," she add.

"Hybrid," the man said, "If you are an ESPer, you wont defeated those guys with magic, right?"

"Aah...You are so annoying, the girl then reach her pocket and show a coin with English Seal and Necesarrius Seal in each side.

"Railgun? it's already outdated you know," the man tapped her head and a barier surrounding his Body.

"It's not Railgun," the girl said.

she aimed her coin and with electricity in her left hand, the coin launched in high speed. its suddenly divided in three direction, the one is turn left and attack the barier from left side, the second turn reight nad piercing the right side the last one piercing the center said. it seems that attack alone is noe enough. it's untill the tree divided part of coin chanelled high voltage electricity in the barier and eventually break it. the man inside it obviously get shocked by the electricty and colapsed.

the girl confidently step again, the Academy City has been penetrated. but after five step, the girl suddenly look at under her foot. a magical seal appear and stripped some of the tatto in her hand quickly. the girl jump but something invisible prevent it. the girl colapsed after receive magical blow from the seal. the remaining Tatto in her right hand is 10 percent of before.

The man try to stand up and look proudly at her victim.

"Kamijou Misaki," he said slowly, "Roman Chaolic church has inform us that your magic is based on the tatto. while its difficult in ANglican to strip it and diasrm your magic, its possible in Roman."

the man take out a handcuff but suddenly a kick from the girl make the man fall in his butt. the girl running as fast as possible. though her body is still hurt and she cant use magic again, she still have enough power as human and ESPer to make an effort.

"I must find daddy," she whisper.

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