Chapter 02

A certain underground agent

Don't ask about school. It's so~ Boring. Honestly, I'm average for ESPer. Even my ability is rare case; I still stuck in level 3. With this level I can reach anything I want. Work at a certain facility and get money but I don't do it.

My role is as Surface agent for Yuuko. That's mean I can't get into deep trouble like what NEET, Hikarisaka-Gumi or The Revolutionist do. I must keep safe and give Yuuko information. But of course I can't do that if Yuuko meal is depend on me. Damn…I'm already attached to her clumsy live.

I walked into Hanamaru Ramen that hidden in between district 6 and 5. No, I don't think its coincidence that Ramen Shop (who also sells an ice cream, it's so delicious than the ramen, by the way) is in there. Either Min-san, the owner has something to do with NEET, Hikarisaka-gumi and the Revolutionist or she can throw her shop into the current location with ease.

No, don't mind my babbling. Anyway, after step into an alley, Hanamaru Ramen Shop banner showed in my eyes. The building where the shop located is three floors with the shop in first floor, Alice room (and another empty room) in second floor and a meeting room in third floor.

Min-san looks at me with glare. Err…did I do something wrong again? My eyes catch a glimpse of hazel colored long hair girl. Oh…Kamijou-san is work here?

"Oi! Hotarou! Why you not help to?" Min-san looks at me while holding a tray of ramen.

"No…No, I said it before, I will work if my money is in dangerous level," I replied.

"Then help me without pay," then Min-san give the tray into me.

This again? I take a deep sigh.

Min-san is a young lady in gray with sleeveless vest. Her hair was tied back in ponytail and you could see white sharashi around her chest. She looked just like laborer. The only sign that she is from shop is black apron with 'Hanamaru Ramen Shop' printed in it.

After give the ramen to someone who I don't even sure order the ramen in my hand, I walked back to kitchen and make my way to help Min-san to make a ramen. I'm better at this.

"Oh…It's you," Kamijou-san pokes me, "who are your name again? I forgot."

"Just call me Hotarou, I don't like called by my family name," I answered lazily.

"Then, call me Misaki," the girl gives a bright smile.

I look at her, she still wear the brown cloak over her petite body. Oh…Yuuko is more petite than her. Anyway, she wears other clothes. Where she get the clothes from? I wonder. But my mind interrupted by karate chop from Min-san.

"If you not do your job properly, get rid from here!"

And with that sentence, I was throwing to the back of building.

"Yo Hotarou!"

"Ah…It's you."

"Long time no see, its like Fujishima presence is replaced by you."

Aah…those three guys. The first one is the big guy called Tatsu-senpai. The second is a man who somewhat thin and have a beautiful shade of pink that belongs to primary school student. He called by name Major, with dark green and coffee-colored camouflaging sports attire, a sturdy looking helmet, and a pair of sunglasses shaped like goggles. Even you can't believe it, he is college student.

The third one is A young man who daringly wearing a brightly colored coat with khaki jeans. The only one NEET here that looks so professional. Goes by name Hiro-san.

"I'm not here as Narumi replacement," I said, "anyway, how is Yuuko?" I asked.

"She has little conversation with Misaki-chan a while ago," Major said, "but it's nothing important, I think."

"More importantly, she order us to keep an eye on Fujishima," Hiro-san said.

"Probably Alice just worried," Tetsu-senpai replied, "Don't worry; he is the first one who can receive my blow. Even Yondaime couldn't beat him."

"But he is level zero, you know," I sit beside Tetsu-senpai.

"So what? Even he is level zero, he is the strongest level zero I ever now," Tetsu-senpai answered cheerfully.

Deep in my heart, I envy this guy. He is supposed to be Yuuko care taker, an Assistant if I use Yuuko words. But I'm her brother, how it can be Fujishima become more important one? Aah…Don't mind it.

"I will meet her," I said.

The three of them glance at me. Oh…I think one of you now what I think.

"Hold it!" Major stop me, "Lieutenant Hotarou, I will said it. Alice is not in good mood today."

"If I'm not wrong, it happens once a week. When she will throw anything to anyone," Hiro-san replied.

Isn't that obvious? She is in her period. Damn this NEET guy! I'm ignored them and make my way to second floor. When I reach Yuuko door my envy began to reach my heart. Those NEET guy are true, for Yuuko, I'm just scapegoat for Narumi absent. Even I'm her brother, I know she hate me like I hate our family.


Misaki appears behind my back.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, did Yuuko call you?" I asked.

"Oh…yes, she calls you too," Misaki replied.

Then I opened the door. As usual, cold breeze welcomed our arrival. I take a deep sigh and look at Yuuko cute pouting face.

"How slow!" Yuuko shout, "Houtarou! I have a task for you!" she pointed into my face.


Thus, began my first task today. It's still noon and the hot one even not summer. Misaki-san walked beside me cautiously like she is targeted by someone. She wears a cap from Yuuko and tied her long hair in ponytail.

Where we go?

There are five underground powers in Academy City, Yuuko said to Misaki, Hikarizaka-gumi, and NEET Main force, The Revolutionist, the Controller and the Windowless Building. The two later is opposite from the three earlier.

That was rough explanation from her. Honestly, that's not the case. Board Director has hidden agent in entire city that doesn't belong to those five factions. But I don't know who, where or what are they. But the most important thing today is…

"Is that the place?" Misaki pointed towards a certain school building.

Currently we are in district 21. Believe it or not, the only thing you see in this district is overly big dam, Mountain and jungle. But deep in the jungle, there is old school building beside the dam. Maybe it was remnant of Academy City founder. This old school is called 'The unseen Rebellions Building' and always changes according to the leader mood.

One of sniper in third floor waving his hand to me. Even I wouldn't admit it, but because Yuuko connection, my name is as famous as Narumi Fujishima who become hero in certain accident. I give the sniper my thumb and then he shouts my name.

The front door opened slowly. I grab Misaki hand and slip into school gate. What welcomes us is Last Order-san. A hazel colored hair girl with lab coat over her body and a white blouse and jeans. She is the leader of revolutionist. When I look at Last Order-san and Misaki, I found it was quite annoying to look them has similar feature. Like mother, eh?

Misaki who stand beside me is speechless.

"Probably you recognize Misaka face, said Misaka and Misaka with cheerful tone."

Last Order said. How she talks is another unique feature that apparently she had since born. I look at my surrounding and found 5 of her 'sister' stand and pointed gun at me. Did I look suspicious? I asked my self.

"So, who are you?" Misaki ask, "You must now about my father, right?"

"Slowly, Misaki-chan, said Misaka and Misaka as she grab Misaki-chan hand. We will have a cup of tea while this young man goes to another task."

"So I become delivery man again, eh?" I look at Last Order.

Always like this. Because The Revolutionist, Hikarizaka-gumi and NEET main force doesn't believe each other, they send a message through me to guarantee the message is real and had no bad intention.

"No, right now you will go on mission," another voice come.

She was a thin framed girl with tall stature but not as tall as me. Her hair is jet black and she brings two or three flashlight in her belt. Who is her name again…err…

"Yo, Shadow Caster~" I refer to her ability.

But she throws the cute pouting face. Aah…I feel like melting.

"Yozora Hikari, not shadow caster!" that girl corrected but I has no will to remember it.

"So, my mission is…" when I ask, Last Order-san has disappeared.

I make a deep sigh. This going to be long day.


"How is Onee-sama?"

Misaki face stiffened. She remembers now, a clone that created from her mother. There is ten thousand or so and they have a wide range network called Misaka Network.

"Don't be so stiff, said Misaka and Misaka while give a cup of tea to Misaki-chan."

"Uhh…" Misaki always weak with tea and cake and now, it seems her mother just sharing her secret to entire Misaka Network.

"Don't worry, Misaka network knows about your food preference, said Misaka and Misaka as she tries to reassure Misaki-chan."

But even that doesn't make Misaki let her guard down.

"How you know it?" Misaki ask it with low voice.

"Once, before Touma-san caught by The Controller, he tell us about his family in England. Answered Misaka and Misaka while drink her tea."

So it's her father, eh? Misaki relaxed a bit. It always makes Misaki feel comfortable when she know her father still care to her. Though the case now is different. Misaki then grab a cake and eat it quickly.

"Slowly, lady said Misaka and Misaka in English."

Then both of them laugh. It's almost like both of them has know longer than 15 minutes. Is it because last order is her aunt biologically? Misaki though.

"So you know my father too?" Misaki then asked.

"We will reach that topic soon, said Misaka and Misaka as she bite her cake,"

Last Order use disturbed face. It's almost like discussion inside her head is in heating now. But Misaki can't read Last Order mind. Or if she can she just will noise from more than 10.000 sisters. Misaki then glance her eyes into this old class. There are so many weapons and something that look like ….

"Is one of you magician?" Misaki asked.

"Hm…yes, why asked? Ask Misaka and Misaka curiously."

"I want to ask something from magic side, if that's possible," Misaki said.

"Um...but Shinobu-chan is not in any side of magic, said Misaka and Misaka as she confuse herself to explain, ah…you must meet her yourself, said misaka and misaka happily."


Meanwhile, in district 11. It is district where goods being imported and exported. The security here so tight but because yondaime break the pact with the controller, Hikarizaka-gumi stock for six months was confiscated.

"So, who are again the stupid people who punch one of controller member?" I gave an insinuation towards the wolf face guy beside me.

All of Hikarizaka-gumi member is holding a Desert Eagle Modification gun. It was the cheapest gun in black market. The wolf face guys beside me punch me in the back with grin in his face.

"It's because I can't stand anyone who insult Alice," he said.

"It's great you can beat him before he uses her ability," I said, "The third ability useless anyway if he doesn't touch any electronically device," I added.

"So, will you help me or not?" the wolf face guy said angry.

"Hahaha~ since Last Order has sent me and this shadow caster…"

"Hikari!" the shadow caster interrupted.

"Yes, that's," I ignored her, "We will work, just remember to pay Alice after this."

"It's already paid," the wolf face guys show me a PDA with Soichiro name.

Ah…I forgot to mention, this wolf face guy here is the leader of Hikarizaka-gumi, Yondaime. I look at the shadow caster briefly. She holds her flashlight in both hands. I make a deep sigh.

"I already said it, you can use my light in case you can't cast a shadow," I pat her head and her face is blushing. It's so cute, I thought.

"In three…" Yondaime said, "THREE!" he shouts.

Running through the boxes in the warehouse. Three member of Hikarizaka-gumi that hold big shotgun, Yondaime who held newest edition of GT 103 double barrel, me who held compressed light and the shadow caster who held big scythe from shadow.

Our enemy is just cyborg anyway. I gave a smile and then throw my compressed lights that now become arrow to stab any cyborg on our way. It seems it will be long day before I meet Yuuko.


A girl called Arrearage Shinobu is thirteen years old girl with blonde hair and white pale skin. She has cute fang but her aura is the darkest one. Misaki who live in both Magic and ESPer facility terrified by her presence.

"So you are Kamijou Misaki-san, right?" the girl said while silently holding a photo album in her hand.

"I heard you are magician, so I think I might ask your help," Misaki said.

"You are rare case you know, I don't what should I do for you," Shinobu then stand, she is shorter than Misaki but her glare is quiet different from human standard. It's fear and blood, misaki thought.

"Aah…I can guide you, but because I'm an ESPer, I can't do the procedure without harm my internal organ," Misaki said with quick voice.

She remembers everything that Aunt index told to her. Tattoo in her right hand is negating damage from magic she uses. Even Misaki doesn't depend on Magic too much but she feels uncomfortable without it. So, she hopefully wants Shinobu to help.

"It such a pity for Imagine Breaker for receive this kind of spell," Shinobu suddenly touch Misaki right hand. Misaki tremble but Shinobu give her smile, "Last order-sama, I would like to have private talk with Misaki-san," she look at Last Order who just stand in front of door and watching silently.

"Keep your time, said Misaka and Misaka. In case you are in dangerous, Misaka 11444 is in window targeting one of your head, warn Misaka and Misaka while leave the room."

It somehow sounded pretty dangerous from last Order who has pretty face. Then Shinobu look at Misaki's face again.

"I will give you one condition," she said in serious tone.


"You skill-out! Stand back!" I shout as I compressed big ball of light in both of my hand. It's not as handful as it seems, "Light in the hole!"

Suddenly, shadow caster behind me blow the compressed light with her shadow scythe. When the lights explode, the effect in the cyborg is blind and stabbed. It's pretty useful weapon, but as I thought, it's tired me.

One of Hikarizaka-gumi member keep my stand in left side while the shadow caster in my right side.

"You never used that technique when battle me," the shadow caster said.

"It's wouldn't be fair for you, right?" I give her smile.

Now, my body is so weak, I sit in corner of store room that we take over successfully. Two trucks with Hikarizaka-gumi symbol began their operation. I just sleep there for a moment and suddenly have a bad dream.

It was me in 11 years old body, with Yuuko in her 7 years old. Both of us sit in the chair while adult surrounding us.

Aaah…what a pity

I thought they will live happily

Let's take the young one; we can make her a capable ojou's

What about the boy?

She can be pretty good director in future.

They will become Shionji successor.

"SHUT UP!" I Shout.

Adult and their insolent dream towards children. I hate it. Then someone grabs Yuuko hand and takes her from me. I reach her as far as I can but couldn't get her back. I shout her name and…

"Hoi! Houtaro!" someone pinch my cheek.

I wake up with sweat in entire my face. What happen? Shadow caster face is precisely in front of my face. We silent for a few second and suddenly the girl blushing. I just give her smile. I look at my surrounding. We still in warehouse and I sleep in Shadow caster thigh. What a good pillow, I thought.

"Could you wake up now?" the girl said slowly.

"Sure," after I wake up, suddenly we heard explode sound.

Both of us stand and running out from warehouse and what we found is in messed. One of Hikarizaka-gumi truck has been exploding while a boy that we both know standing there. The sound wave shooter, the seventh. I glared into him angry.



It's messed, right? I know it. There are so many things that don't appear in first draft. Like Hotarou is Alice brother, Misaki characters that have two sides face, Araragi Shinobu who obviously taken from Bakemonogatari. Anyway, is the opening of war is good enough?

Now, any suggestion about Imagine Breaker negating magic damage in ESPer body? I should say it again. I'm not sure by the logic but will keep writing until someone correct me. I'm weak in the logic. Anyway, any grammar mistake will be repaired soon. I promise!


The twin looks at the Academy City from the tallest building in district 7. Their school is as busy as usual but they were not bothered by school. Not now when they almost finish their mission. With binoculars, they look at ground.

The older twin is girls with black hair reach her shoulder and the younger one is boy with blonde hair. They are probably still 16 years old, but the boy holding a gun in both of his hand. After they check a backpack in their back, the girl looks at the ground again.

"Target found!" the girl said, "It's long time we not see father."

"Tch…I hate this city," the boy replied, "When we can take back father, we will leave this city or destroy it."

"Don't be so rush," the girl said, "Hamazura Family is a strategist. You can't rush for anything."

"Hai…hai!" the boy said.

"In three?"

"In three!"

After look at each other, the girl began to manipulate wind that surrounding them. It's not difficult task but since she just receive this ability recently, it's actually quite hard. When it's enough, the girl and the boy jump together, pull the string in their backpack and paragliding down.

"Fatheeeer!" both of them shout.

And then…