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Chapter I

The Influence of Gaia

3rd person

I laughed grimly. ((I'm a freak of nature, Rachel. Any day I stay alive is a good day for me.))- Tobias 13 The Change.

A young boy of fourteen silently traveled down the road. His eyes traveled to his wrist, which had a watch.

A cold wind blew through the teen's dirty blonde hair. The boy drew his jacket closer to his body, as he involuntary whispered the words he heard in his dream.

"Send half-bloods shall answer the call. To storm or fire the world must fall. An oath to keep with a final breath. To foe bear arms to the doors of death."

The words seemed as cold as ice. He couldn't help, but shiver.

The boy pulled the feather from his pocket. The woman's voice filled his head. "Your road will be tough my child. But you must stay strong, or Nice will die."

The teen studied the feather. It had come from a male peacock. The feather is important. The blue was the same color as a war prince's fur.

The night before the child has so many dreams, and nightmares.

The sleeping woman, Elfangor, but the one image that scared him the most was of the dark boy.

With his pale skin, dark hair, and eye he looked feverish. But the thing that haunted the boy the most was what the boy said before he was attacked.

"A demigod of both Hera, and Juno would be able to destroy Olympus. If Gaia finds hi…"

The boy stopped in front of a white building. The Sharing building. Then the boy's eyes widened.

His mouth gaped open sharp short breathes escaped his lips. His body felt a burning cold. HE tried to hold it in, but he couldn't His mouth opened. He let out an ear splitting scream.

No one heard or saw the boy though. For the moment he fell to the ground, dead. His body shimmered, and disappeared.

Oh that reminds me. For all of you who haven't looked. Elfangor and Loren/Hera/Juno (as she will forever be called) will be having godly children. And I can't think of the last one. If no one votes by the time the last book is made I'll decide. But I would like your opinion.