I'm deleting a part of this chapter, just the part where Hera enters.

Chapter Four

See ya, Aldren 5084!

Jake's POV

((Then what are you doing?!)) I roared, suddenly, not so calm. ((What are you doing hurting Tobias?))

((Hurting him? Oh, he's dead, in case you were wondering.)) David said. ((Defiantly dead.))- Jake and David. The Threat

My name is Jake, but of course you know that. But there are some things you don't know. Things you can now know. Things you have been wondering, and now you're going to know. And I'm going to tell you them.

We can tell you everything, because if a Yeerk tries to read this it'll be Peter Pan.

My last name, and my Cousin Rachel's last name is Berenson. Marco's last name is Peters. Cassie's last name is ZuRick. And Tobias' last name is Collen.

We live in San Francisco, California. My house is the closest to Mnt. Diablo.

Rachel is the eldest of us Animorphs. Her birthday is February 1st. Cassie was born March 10th. I was born June 19th. Marco was born August 5th. Ax we found out was born September 8th. Aristha was November 21st. And the youngest of us was Tobias. He was born December 31st.

Another thing you do not know. I'm adopted. I know I was shocked too! But it's true. The day I found out I was adopted was the day I found out that Tobias was dead. And that I was a half-blood, as was Tom. And the best thing ever happened that day. Well next to Cassie, and my first kiss. That was a special day.

I was sitting on the couch. Cassie was going to come over at 11:20. It was 11:19. One more minute until Cassie should come. I don't know if she'll be a little early, or a little late. I hope early. The longer I spend with her the better. In case you were wondering I like, like Cassie.

When the clock turned 11:20 exactly the doorbell rang.

"I'LL GET IT" I shouted pushing Homer off my lap, as I hurried to the door. I yanked it open, and Cassie came in.

"Hey Jake, I called Rachel but she wasn't home. Do you know where she could have gone?" I shrugged running a hand through my brown hair.

"She's probably out with Tobias."

"Probably, have you seen him after he left for the reading of his dad's will?" I shook my head.

"Wait, do you think?" Cassie shrugged. Last night I called Rachel, and she said Tobias hadn't stopped by like he promised. She's sort of angry. I nodded.

"Seems legit."

"I talked to Ax too, he said Tobias didn't stop by. Aristha confirmed it. What if…" Cassie looked around then whispered. "It's David?"

"That's impossible." I said.

"I don't know. I think I should have said this, but… Jake. Yesterday when we were with the Hork-Bajir. I'm pretty sure I saw him." My eyes widened, and my vision blurred, I fell to the ground.

"That's, that's not possible." I looked up at Cassie as my vision became clear. "Do you…"

"All I'm saying is that you are a bloodthirsty GIT!" A woman's voice shouted. "And dumb. You stop by her house, and find out she was gone?! You should've known! She's your daughter!"

"So what if I don't know where my daughter is. At least she wasn't born from THOUGHTS!

Ding dong.



"Should I?"

"Yeah Cassie you should." Cassie pulled the door open to see two people there. A wise looking woman, and a mean looking man.

"Jake" the woman said kindly, and sternly.

"Cassie" the man said roughly.

"May we come in?" Cassie, and I looked at each other. Her eyes said it all.

"I'll be ready to morph."

"Yeah" I said to the man and woman. "Even though I have no clue who you are, and you know my name, and Cassie's. You can come in. We'll just go grab our swords."

"You don't have swords." The man grunted, pushing past. "But you can turn into any animal you touch. Good weapon to have. Better than any weapon I have. Expect my own morphing power. Of course."

"Ares" the woman scolded. "Aldren."

"Ha" Ares said. "I don't fear Yeerks. YEERKS FEAR ME THE MIGHTY ARES SON OF ZEUS AND HERA! Who doesn't hate any of my kids."

"When will you let it go? Annabeth didn't do anything wrong!"

"Umm, what's going on?" Cassie, and I turned around from looking at them. Wondering if we should call a mental hospital, to see Tom.

"FEAR ME YOU PUNY YEERK!" Ares shouted raising his… wait… WHEN DID HE GET A SWORD?!

"Excuse me?" Tom asked. "What's a…"


"What's a Visser?" Cassie asked with fake innocence. "Or a Yeerk?" she batted her eyelashes.

"CASSIE ZURICK!" Ares shouted. "MY DAUGHTER THE GREAT YEERK KILLER! THE LONE WOLF! THE HOWLER OF THE ANIMORPHS!" I saw Tom reach into his bag, and I saw it. A dracon beam!

"We're dead." I whispered.

"Be gone Aldren 5084." The woman said waving her hand. Tom froze the dracon beam dropped out of his hand, and then. Something grey started to ooze out of his ear.

"Jake?" Cassie whispered. I just store as the Yeerk dropped from Tom, and landed with a plop. Tom stood there swaying for a moment. His eyes unfocused, when all the sudden he raised his hands to his face. His eyes showed amazement, and then with a cracked voice he said:

"I'mb fee." He looked at us, joyful giddiness sparkled in his eyes. "Tank you." He coughed, clearing his throat. "Thank you!"

"Tom" I whispered then stumbled forward. "Is it?"

"Yes Jake." Tom said. "It's me."

"Ugh" Ares said. "This is making me gag. I feel like I should announce one of the things we came here to do. Which didn't include freeing him."

"I had to." The woman said.

"Shut it Athena."

"What did you come here to announce?" Cassie asked. Athena glared at Ares. Then she sighed.

"Jake, it wasn't your fault. I want you to know that. It was none of your faults. Tobias, Rachel, Marco, Ax, Aristha, you, and Cassie. This wasn't your fault."

"What wasn't?" Cassie asked.

"Tobias," Athena said.

"Is dead." Ares finished. "Finished. Killed. Murdered." Just like with David I froze. While I said it in my head, Cassie said it outloud.

"No." she said. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Does, Rachel?"

"Yes" Athena said. "She was told this morning. That's why you couldn't contact her."

"Wait" Tom said. "Tobias, do you mean that kid who ran away? The one Visser 3's planning on infesting? Elfangor's son."

"WHAT?" I shouted staring at my brother. "What did you say about Elfangor, and Tobias?"

"Maybe it's a different one, but Visser 3 found the will of Elfangor. So he morphed into a girl, and planned on tricking a kid named Tobias. Maybe it's a…"

"No" I said. "That's our friend alright. And he's?" Athena nodded.

"How did this happen?" Cassie asked. Athena shrugged.

"Zeus banned us from telling you, or... Hera, and…" Athena looked embarrassed.

"Cassie I am your father." Ares shouted, and then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Idiot." The woman muttered. Then she looked at us, we backed away. The woman opened her mouth to say something, but then closed it.

"What's going on?" We all turned to see Mom rush into the room.

"To tell the truth." I said. "I have no clue. I feel like my head's about to explode." The woman smiled, and started to speak.

"Jake," she said. "You're adopted. Tom, your father is actually Hypnos. Cassie that crazed man is right. He is your father. You all need to go to Camp Half-Blood. Tom you have to go there, permanently. There are no Yeerks there. You'll be safe. Cassie, and Jake you just need to go. We've contacted them. As Apollo said the next prophecy is about the Animorphs, and Grover. I have to go now. You have to be driven. Go to Camp Half-Blood hill in Long Island, New York."