Title: You are the world to me

Pairing: Nezumi x Center

Center stared at Nezumi as Nezumi listened to her favorite piece classical music. It had been a year since the two met and a couple of weeks since their last heated argument in the school gym. Ever since that fight the two have been inseparable and their friendship stronger than ever. Center smiled as Nezumi began to bob her head back and front even though it was a classical song.

She's adorable, Center instantly thought and then attempted to push the thought away. Center loved Nezumi in a way more than a friend way. She always had. Since the beginning Center intended to make it clear to Nezumi, but then things got complicated when Nezumi rejected even Center's friendship. Center didn't dare to think something more than friends could happen between them. Center had a hard time getting Nezumi to be her friend. Anything beyond that would be impossible.

Nezumi trusted no one to begin with. But she trusts you only you, a voice in her head whispered, but Center ignored it again. "Let's go home," Nezumi suddenly spoke up. Nezumi's face was only inches away from Center. Center considered what would happen if she kissed her. Nezumi would probably punch her in the face, run or maybe both.

The mouse-like girl would probably never speak to Center again. "Are you okay, Center?" Nezumi asked her voice laced with concern. "Ye…yeah," Center managed to say. Nezumi noticed her friend's embarrassment and decided not ask questions. Nezumi didn't want to bother Center or make her uncomfortable. Especially since Center had already done so much for Nezumi.

Nezumi had been thinking hard about that while she listened to her favorite classical piece. It was Nezumi's favorite because it reminded her of Center. Center pulled Nezumi out to the darkness. Center was her light. Nezumi felt her hand getting closer to Center's hand as they walked home, but she pulled it away. Nezumi didn't deserve someone like Center especially after all she put her through.

It was getting dark. They usually left school earlier, but they felt lazy that afternoon and decided to stay in their favorite spot, the rooftop, a little longer. Center shivered as the cold fall wind began to blow. She had forgotten her favorite cardigan after she left home in a hurry in the morning. Nezumi took off her sweater and tossed it to Center without thinking.

"Nezumi…" Center gasped her eyes wide with shock. Nezumi never took off her hoodie. The only time Center had even seen her without it was that time they fought in the gym and she pulled it off. She was in shock when Nezumi tossed her sweater to her and then again when she stole a glance of her. Nezumi look beautiful without that hoodie covering her face. Her long black hair was dazzling and her complexion was flawless. She was really cute.

"You're cold right? Stop staring at me and put it on!" Nezumi hissed the embarrassment evident in her face. Her face turned bright red as she saw Center's wide goofy smile. "Thanks," Center said and put it on. It was warm and comfy. Not to mention it had Nezumi's sweet scent. Center immediately understood why her mouse-like crush loved them so much. Nezumi laughed when she took a look of Center. Center, her usually cool looking friend, looked extremely silly, but adorable in her hoodie.

"What's so funny? You wear this every day!" Center exclaimed and began to blush. Do I really look that silly? Center wondered. "It's just it doesn't suit your personality at all," Nezumi giggled. Suddenly the lightness of the situation was ruined when four dark figures immerge from the darkness. Instantly Center got in front of Nezumi. "Ah, if it isn't Majijo students," a girl said. The four figures revealed themselves. The girls were Yabakune students. The girls were holding bats. To make matters worse their grudge was as strong as ever since their new president lost to Center a couple of weeks ago.

"Get lost!" Center snarled. Nezumi tugged Center's sleeve nervously. Center was the top of Majisuka Gakuen, and was really good at fighting, but Yabakune had been using knives lately and Center scared for Nezumi, who hated fighting in the first place. "Go home, Nezumi," Center ordered. Nezumi refused to leave responding with a look that said you really think I would leave you alone? Then again the old Nezumi would have done that, but she has changed since then.

The four girls surrounded them and began to walk in circles around them. Nezumi and Center got in their fighting position. "Bring it!" Nezumi hissed. It was unlike her, but she wanted to prove to Center she could fight and she would fight with her. Never again would she leave Center alone. The girls came at them, but Nezumi and Center were skilled dodging their hits and retaliating with twice the power. Center exchange a smile with Nezumi. They were winning. It had been a while since Nezumi fought alongside Center and Center was enjoying it.

Until one girl pulled out a knife, Center's initial fear at in the beginning of the fight. Nezumi didn't see the danger that was heading for her. Without thinking Center got between Nezumi and the girl and got cut in her arm. Blood began to drip from her arm. It wasn't too deep, but it was enough to weaken Center who was lying in the floor with agonizing pain and leaving Nezumi in shock. "Center!" Nezumi screamed and grabbed Center.

"Run…" Center whispered. Nezumi looked up at the four girls who were laughing with eyes full of hate. How dare they touch her only true friend? Her beloved. Nezumi rose, but the girls ignored her. She didn't since like a threat to them. "I going to make you pay back with twice the pain!" Nezumi screamed angrily. Nezumi kicked the knife out of the girl's hand. One by one she finished them with her deathly punches and kicks leaving Center awestruck. She never seen Nezumi get into a fight that much.

"Are you okay?!" Nezumi asked losing her usually calm demeanor. "It isn't too deep. It didn't even penetrate," Center reassured Nezumi not wanting to worry her. "What were you thinking getting between someone with a knife? You could of got yourself killed you idiot!" Nezumi yelled. Nezumi was upset Center had acted so careless. If something worst had happened to her, Nezumi wouldn't be able to live with herself. "So what you wanted me to let them stab you?" Center countered. "Better me than you!" Nezumi responded. Center was silent. Nezumi's devoted words shocked her.

"Nezumi…" was all Center manage to say, but she pulled Nezumi into a hug. "I couldn't possibly live without you. I love you!" Center declared with tears in her eyes. Her body began shaking. Nezumi probably thought she meant it in a friendship way as usual. That's probably how Nezumi felt anyways. Nezumi probably saw her like a sister. Center had so much feelings locked inside, but she couldn't say a thing.

Why couldn't Center tell her? Why couldn't Center love her? Nezumi began to feel Center's tears and began to worry. Why was Center crying? Did Nezumi say something wrong? Nezumi pulled away from the hug and faced Center. "Does it hurt? Why are you crying?" Nezumi asked with worry in her usually distant eyes. "Because I… Forget it, you wouldn't understand if I told you. You would hate me!" Center yelled and got up to leave, but Nezumi grabbed her arm.

"Don't you dare run away from me! Do you not trust me? How could you possibly claim you love me if you don't trust me? I love you too you know, so I worry! Why won't you understand that? Why don't you understand you're the only person I have in the world?" Nezumi yelled back her grip tight on Center. Center suddenly pulled her into a kiss. Nezumi's was shock her eyes wide open the entire time and her body frozen. Center was kissing her. It wasn't a dream it was reality. The kiss only last seconds much to Nezumi's disappointment. Center pulled away and looked down full of shame. She had just stolen Nezumi's first kiss. Nezumi would hate her.

"Sorry. You probably hate me now." Center said and began to walk away, but Nezumi shocked her by pulling her into another kiss. Nezumi was on fire this time her arms around Center's waist pulling her closer. Center couldn't believe it, but Nezumi was kissing her with a passion she never imagined. Her lips soft as cotton candy and inviting with such a warmth Center never imagine from Nezumi. Center felt as if a jolt of electricity was running to her body. They pulled away out of breath. "Wow," was all Center said.