A teenage girl walks into a dark room. All that is visible are a few couches, a TV, and the girl herself. Her name is Phantom, and she's ready to get started.

"Where are they?" she asked herself. She sat down on one of the couches and pulled out her iPhone. As Britt Nicole blared through her headphones, she noticed a bright white light. Inside was someone she had wanted to meet for a long time now.

"Binx!" she said, turning her music off, "Glad you could come!"

"How could I not?" he asked, "Tis a chance to see my friends and for the Sanderson sisters to be tormented!"

"Yeah, I know! I'm so excited!"

"When shall they be here?" he asked. Phantom shrugged. Just then, two teenagers and a young girl walked in.

"BINX!" cried the girl, running to him. They hugged.

"I missed you so much." He smiled.

"I missed thee too."

"Hey, Binx, what's up?" Max asked, "How's the afterlife treating ya?"

"Rather well, thank you. And how have you been?"

"Pretty good. Wouldn't you say so, Allison?"

"Yeah, I would," said his girlfriend.

"Alright, we only need three more people to be here before we get started!" Phantom said, clapping her hands together, "In the meantime, who wants cocoa?" Dani raised her hand, so the girls went off to make some cocoa. When they came back, a bolt of lightning came. When it disappeared, the Sanderson sisters were there!

"Care to sit down?" Phantom asked politely.

"Don't mind if we do," Mary said. They sat down at one couch. Allison sprinkled salt around it.

"WHAT? THAT TIS UNFAIR!" Winifred screeched. Phantom shrugged.

"Sorry, I didn't want anyone to die. If you get a dare that involves moving, I'll let you out."


"Alright, everybody, sit down!" came the voice of the cameraman, David, "Lights, cameras, ACTION!"

Phantom put on her best showbiz smile.

"HEY, YOU GUYS! I'm here with the one and only characters of the film Hocus Pocus! And guess what? We're gonna be playing a game of truth or dare! We'll need your help, though! Send anything you want included by review, and I'll make it possible! Here are the rules: no having sex, no dying, and no bores! If I missed anybody you want to have here, tell me, and I'll bring 'em round! That's all for now, folks! I hope to see some reviews so that we can get this party started! Ciao!"