She was the tattoo he couldn't erase no matter what.

The metallic scent of blood is so strong and filling up her nostrils to the point that she can barely breathe because the air is so thick with the smell. She drags the body into the garage, the smell of metal, rubber and oil mixing with the scent of blood and she sucks it up and continues to drag the body to the nearest car she can find, her inhumanly sensitive ears hearing the gravel crush beneath the carcass.

Reaching one of the already open cars, she drops the body and opens the car's hood reaching in for something, her gloved hands resurfacing with a pair of jumper cables connected to the car. She leans down by the body, reaching down and ripping his shirt off, revealing a bloodied torso, scratches all over and blood still oozing from the marks.

She inhales deeply then takes the cables, pressing them down to the bloody and pale skin of the body below her, the body jerks with a start and the electric current runs through it for barely even a second and the garage comes alive, the lights coming on and sparks revealing Isaac's cold, banged up, bloody and hardly breathing body.

His eyes open, his inner wolf emerging and his eyes glowing alight with the yellow glow. Above him, he sees her, her head inclined downwards looking at him, her brown locks framing her face and her electric blue eyes watching him. At first, she's spinning and there's two of her but the longer Isaac stares, the more his eyes fall into focus and he sees the mysterious brunette all dressed in leather, her face an emotionless mask, staring down at him.

She bends down and her face comes closer to his but he doesn't move an inch and he lets her grab him by the arms, pulling him up and standing him on his feet, holding on to him as he wobbles, desperately trying to stand and failing. She continues to hold on to him and says nothing while Isaac is overwhelmed by everything; the strong scent of blood, the smell of dirt, metal and rubber building in his nose with a soft underlying smell of lilacs, the blinding light above him, the spinning and moving surroundings and the feeling of disorientation and having forgotten something important tugging at his chest.

When he can't seem to get himself upright and the darkness seems to be closing in on him once again, he lets it because he's too tired to think and there's too much pain all over to rationalize. So he dips forward, his weight falling unto her while she catches and holds his semi-conscious form up with no trouble at all.

The world spins and blurs moving incoherently as they start to move and the only thing anchoring him to consciousness is the pain and sound of her soft, commanding but warm voice, "Stay with me, we're almost there." But he can hardly hold on to the sound and the pain on his neck is so excruciating that he wants to just pass out.

"My neck…" He murmurs disjointed by the pain, as they move through what Isaac suspects to be the woods because he can no longer smell the metal or rubber but now, it smells of grass, grovel, bark and plants and he hears the crushing of leaves beneath their feet as he stumbles, barely walking and being dragged through the undergrowth.

She looks down at him, his head dipped forward as he barely manages to walk and she sees a pair of deep puncture wounds and her suspicions are revealed but she remains calm or at least her tone remains calm because when she speaks her words are still in the same soft, warm, authoritative voice, "From their claws," she says matter-of-factly as they reach what Isaac suspects is a road because the smell of the forest is faint and the ground is harder beneath his feet but he can't be sure because at this point, his eyes are already closed.

"That's how they share memories," She says hoping to keep him awake with conversation because they were so already so close.

"But I don't remember anything." He tells her, his voice a mumble of hardly audible words that she wouldn't have heard if she didn't have ultra-sensitive hearing. She already knows that he's lost his memories but she keeps talking hoping that it keeps him talking and conscious.

"Also how they steal them." She says, subtly revealing to Isaac what's happened to him while walking and dragging him a little faster because they're already here, she's managed to keep him awake until now and she knows he can't take much more.

Reaching the dark house, she stops when they arrive at the steps but Isaac can't make out what she screams out, names? He doesn't know because at this point, he lets go and sinks into the sea of unconsciousness, the last thing he hears is her voice, calm and relieved sounding as she says, "We're here."

He's in a field of grass that stands above, past his knees and in the grass, he's sure he can see eyes, yellow glowing eyes like that of a wolf's but he's sure that it isn't a wolf in the distance because it's the eyes of a person- a person who he feels as though he should know but he doesn't; he can't remember.

Suddenly, the figure hiding in the grass stands swiftly, lithe, graceful and so fast that when it rises, it's a blur of golden blond fur. When it rises, the scent hits him like cold water to the face, so familiar and so strong as if it was instinct to know the smell and he could find it anywhere no matter what. The scent of lilies, rust, leather and a perfume that he could only remember as the scent of someone but couldn't quite put his finger on what or who it was.

The golden wolf- what Isaac assumes is a golden wolf- runs, at first around him, never revealing it's face and only the back of its head revealed in tiny glimpses, too fast for the eyes to catch anything but its back until it stops a few feet away from him and stands upright and he realizes, it isn't a wolf. It's a person.

The scent is still strong in the air but when the wind comes strong, the long golden blond mess of curly locks dancing with the breeze, the smell almost knocks him off his feet and sends him into a moment of confusion just enough for the girl to run a few more feet farther from him, in long lithe sprints on all four of her limbs.

When she giggles as she moves away from him, the sound tugs at his heart. It's a sound that feels so familiar as if it was part of him and yet, lost to him. The sound was ringing in his ears as he moved forward in a sprint as well, hoping to catch the girl but it seemed that no matter how far he stretched, no matter how wide the stretch of his legs went, no matter how far his arms reached, he couldn't quite catch her, his hands only getting the tips of her hair; the soft golden curls slipping from his fingers the moment he touches them.

She was like a shadow. She was always next to him and near him yet, he couldn't touch her, couldn't see anything but the shape of her silhouette and her back. And he doesn't know why he so desperately wants to touch her, to see her to wrap his arms around her but he does but his attempts are futile and every time he feels so close, she slips away and the part of his chest where his heart is aches.

He yearned for her and yet he didn't even know who or what she was.

"Isaac," her voice echoes throughout the field, ringing so loudly in his ears as if she was right next to him.

He closes his eyes, cherishing the sound of his name rolling off of her tongue as he tries so desperately to remember who she is yet to no avail, his forehead scrunches up in frustration when suddenly, and he feels a pair of hands wrap around his torso. These hands are so familiar and the feeling is something he knows and is so accustomed to so, he doesn't move an inch and he just feels. He feels her hands travel his chest, her front press to his back ever so lightly and her lips on the nape of his neck.

"Isaac," She whispers, her breath tickling his neck and her lips fluttering, leaving butterfly kisses on his ear and down to his neck. He shivers and relishes the feeling at the same time and his hands move to hers on his chest, intertwining their fingers, her hands digging into the fabric of his shirt and skin beneath it.

"Isaac," Her voice is softer now and the playfulness in it has faded away and she sounds sad and worried, making Isaac's brow furrow in confusion. He wants to know why she sounds so sad and so hurt but the words don't leave his lips and his mouth is dry.

"Don't forget," She whispers, the words leaving her tongue like velvet. Never had Isaac heard such sadness in only two words, gone was the feline power and bounce she had just a moment ago, replaced with a fear, a pain, a longing for warmth; a need for him.

"Don't forget?" he asks and he feels her arms tighten around him and her body press harder to his back, her cheek resting flat on the nape of his neck.

"Don't forget," She repeats and he hears her sniffle and he holds on tighter to her hands as if she might disappear from his grasp any moment, "Don't."

Before he can protest, her body detaches itself from his and her hands slip out effortlessly from his hold. He tries to take her hands back but like her, they're fast and he opens his eyes to turn and look for her but before he can, her lips meet the nape of his neck where a burning sensation starts and he falls to his knees from the pain.

"Come back to me, Isaac…" Her voice is but a whisper, fading in the wind until the sound is gone and so is she.

Even when he didn't- couldn't remember her, she was there, like a tattoo in his heart that he couldn't erase no matter what.