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Somethings In Life Are Priceless

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Eliot walked into the bathroom and saw Brad sprawled out naked on the floor.

"What is wrong, Brad?" Eliot asked him in a slightly worried voice.

"I fell down." Brad answered him.

"Can you get up?" Eliot asked and the older man stared up at him from the foor.

"The room is spinning round and round. I'll just fall down again." Brad stated calmly and yawned. Eliot dropped a large white towel onto Brad's hips.

"Cover up."

"Jealous of my size?" Brad asked teasingly while smirking.

"Shut up." Eliot snapped at him.

"I don't feel like moving. I'm air drying." Brad stated calmly, he yawned, and rolled over onto his stomach. "And I'm taking a nap."

"Just get up and out. I need to use the toliet."

"You can go outside."


"I'm comfortable here."

"I need the toliet, Brad."

"Then use it. I don't care, Eliot."

"I care...so get out."

"I was here first so no."

"Then you have forced my hand, Brad. I will do the number one way to make someone move along with causing a brawl." Eliot said firmly and he swiftly groped Brad's bare bottom. Brad rolled his eyes, he thought for a moment, and mentally smirked for this will take Eliot a lesson.

"Oh, Eliot! That feels so good." Brad moaned lewdly, he raised his hips up, and heard Eliot gasp in shock. Brad rolled onto his back and laughed at him.

"Your expression is priceless, kid. I'll give you credit for being bold for not a lot of guys would grope another man's bare ass." Brad commented while looking into Eliot's blue eyes.

"I-I-I" Eliot was stuttering. He did his best to look the older man in the eyes, but he noticed the way Brad's legs were spread out and now the older man is standing up. He noticed that Brad didn't seem to be embrassed at all, that man is shameless at times, and it is impossible to make him feel uncomfortable.

"I shall leave you to the toliet." Brad said calmly while putting on his clothing. "By the way I have been told by some people that I have a nice ass."

"Oh and Eliot your hands were warm." Brad commented, a grin on his face, and Eliot refuses to look at him. "Later, Eliot."

Eliot groaned, his cheeks burning, and he heard the door close. The blond haired male locked the door, washed his hands, and then he used the toliet.

"So annoying." Eliot muttered to himself and he groaned to himself. "Does that just to make me feel embrassed."

Eliot would never say this to anyone or anything, but Brad does have a nice ass and not to mention having a nice moan. No way will he ever tell anyone that he felt turned on by the moan Brad had made to make him feel embrasssed.

"What's wrong, Eliot?"

"You are so annoying, Brad."

"Because I have such a nice ass." Brad stated calmly and he has a grin on his lips. "You are jealous of it."

"Shut up." Eliot snapped at him. Brad stretched his arms, hips briefly swayed, and shirt went up on a little bit.

"Anyway, I'm going to bed." Brad informed the blond and walked away with his body moving from side to side. Eliot silently cursed himself for watching the older man's backside along with cursing his damn hormones.

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