DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Any character that is not a famous historical figure is fictional and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Depictions of historical figures may not completely match their real-life counterparts.

It was another bright day in the Great Forest. As usual, the air was clean, the water was good to drink, the wildlife was thriving and everything was peaceful. That is, until a loud buzzing noise came along. To the untrained ear, it would've sounded like a horde of angry wasps at first. However, that's not what was causing all the ruckus. Actually, it was Sonic the Hedgehog, riding a 1978 Yamaha YZ400 motocross bike.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a dude who needs little introduction. Ordinarily, being that this blue hedgehog had the power of super speed, he would have little use for a vehicle. However, Sonic was also a hedgehog with attitude, and this motorbike fit the bill. He zoomed into Knothole Village and slid to a stop next to Rotor's hut.

Rotor Walrus was part of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, a group dedicated to the liberation of Mobius from the iron reign of Dr. Robotnik. Rotor was a gray walrus with a yellow baseball cap who served as one of the team's mechanics. He was working on a new breakthrough device for the team when Sonic came in.

"Yo Rote, what's happenin'?" asked Sonic.

"Not much," replied Rotor, "just working on this new device."

"Hey, you got a minute? I got somethin' I wanna show ya!"

"Sure, just let me finish this assembly here…" Rotor took another few seconds to finish up another part of the machine he was working on. When he did, he went to see what Sonic wanted to show him, namely, the YZ400. When the two came back out, Sonic's friend Tails was already checking out the bike. Like Sonic, Tails needs little introduction. Born Miles Prower, this orange two-tailed fox really looked up to Sonic and had joined him for many adventures.

"Hey, that's pretty neat," said Rotor. "I didn't think you were into motorcycles!"

"Oh hey, Sonic!" said Tails. "This is a cool bike! Can I ride it?"

"Maybe later," replied Sonic. "Besides, it's not truly ready yet!"

"Sonic, what's going on here?" asked Sally Acorn, who was passing by. This brunette squirrel used to be Princess of Mobius until the monarchy had been ousted by Dr. Robotnik. Nowadays, she was one of the leaders of the Freedom Fighters. Sonic was the other.

Sally took a look at Sonic's new bike and said, with disdain: "Oh, so that's what was making that awful noise."

"Noise?" snapped Sonic. "Sal, you just don't get it! There's nothin' like the sweet song of a two-stroke engine!"

"Sonic, I've known you to do some stupid things before, but this is really pushing it!"

"Come on! This isn't stupid! It's awesome!"

"Awesome!? It's noisy, it's dirty, and it's just a pointless little toy! Besides, you're the fastest person I know. Why do you need a motorcycle?"

"Listen, Sal, I know I'm the Fastest Thing Alive, but let me tell ya, there's just somethin' special about a motorcycle! It's not a toy! It's got attitude!"

"Ugh…of course. I should have figured. Well…enjoy your bike, Sonic. In the meantime, I've got more serious things to do."

"OK, have fun, Sal!"

Sally left to do whatever it was that she had to do. Meanwhile, Sonic asked Rotor & Tails: "Now, would either of you guys be interested in upgrading this machine here?"

"I don't know; I'm pretty busy," replied Rotor.

"I'll do it!" replied Tails.

"All right! Good goin', little buddy!" exclaimed Sonic, who was about to go somewhere else when Rotor stopped him.

"Hey Sonic, before you go anywhere…" said Rotor.

"Yeah, Rote?" said Sonic.

"I need you to help me with this device I've been working on,"

"Whaddaya need? And what is that thing, anyways?"

"It's an anti-aircraft laser cannon. I'm building it to defend against any aircraft that attempt to snoop for Knothole. My only real problem is power. I need you to find me something that has enough power for the laser to fire a few shots!"

"And where am I goin' to find somethin' like that?"

"Try searching the junkyards near Eggopolis. If Dr. Robotnik's left any of his wrecked machines there, odds are that one of them's still got a power pack in it."

"Thanks for the tip, Rote! It's gonna get pretty tricky goin' over there, but 'tricky' is my middle name!"

"Better hurry, Sonic! No telling when Dr. Robotnik or somebody else is going to need a spare power pack!"

"Ain't no thang, my man! 'Hurry' is also my middle name! Juice time!" With that, Sonic headed for the urban blight of Eggopolis, formerly known as Emerald City.