AN: So, I have recently had a huge urge to write poems with my Dave muse. I sorta have this head cannon that when the beta and alfa kids beat the game and get earth back that Dave is sorta broken. He writes sad poetry (that are actually events from doomed timelines that were stuffed in his head) to forget the sad events in the game. He also has a thing were he wants no one to see them because he's a little embarrassed that ha has to vent in the form of poetry.

My background for this story is that his friends find all his poems and decide to post them here on . You are going to get an intro to each poem from one of the kids and maybe even some trolls. I hope you like this...

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John looked at Jade and Rose before knocking on the Strider apartment door. A thud and soft footsteps were heard before the door opened to reveal a familiar face. Dirk raised an eyebrow and then opened the door wider so that he trio could get in. Once they entered he turned around and put a finger to his lips before tiptoeing past the sofa that cradled a snoring Dave.

John, Jade and Rose quietly followed the Heart player to Dave's room and sat down on the surprisingly clean floor. Once everyone was inside the room, Dirk closed the bedroom door and also sat down. John cleared his throat then spoke.

"How has he been?" The question sounded caring and concerned.

Dirk sighed, "He's gotten worse. He just fell asleep for the first time in about two days."

"Those alternate timelines hit him pretty hard didn't they," Jade asked with the usual enthusiasm missing from her voice.

Rose nodded and didn't say a word; she instead seemed to be calculating every inch of the room.

"What do you think we should do?" John asked Dirk. The older brother of their Time Player shrugged.

The silence that had settled was broken by the only blonde girl in the room. Ignoring her friends' questioning stares, the Light Player slowly walked over to the bed and kneeled to peer under it. Her eyes soon lit up with amusement as she reached under her depressed friend's bed, and when she rose, revealed a stack of papers which had Dave's handwriting on them. Bringing them back, she placed them on the ground in the middle of all her friends.

John picked one up and started to read...


Their souls are all dead.

Three are left sad.

Hearts hurting and broken,

Their lives seemingly gone,

They feel alone.

As they remember waterfalls of trickling blood.

Sitting in the mailbox waiting for blood,

Waiting for payers to end up dead,

Thousands played whether together or alone.

They watched very sad.

Earth was gone.

It was broken.

The game was almost broken.

It would have if it weren't for blood.

She was gone.

She was dead.

She woke up glad she wasn't alone.

He was alone.

Hiding behind shades while broken,

Watching time flow while trying not to look sad,

Seeing his bro's blood,

And seeing him lie dead,

Wishing hope wasn't gone.

She was already gone.

Before it even started she was alone.

Her dream self dead,

She was broken.

As she saw many colors of blood,

It was pretty yet sad.

He couldn't be sad.

He couldn't be gone.

He also saw blood,

But he knew he wasn't alone.

He couldn't be broken.

He had to give a goofy smile even though they seemed dead.

He could not be sad as he tried to help his friends feel not alone.

He smiled and tried to cheer them up even though they were gone and felt broken.

He still was there for them even after seeing the blood of the dead."

After John was done the kids looked at each other.

"They're doomed timelines," Rose simply stated.

"And they're poems," Jade added in a small voice.

Dirk and John both nodded softly in understanding. The exchange was silent but the four teens knew exactly what they were all going to do.

Jade looked at the stack and picked up another one...

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